What Not To Give as a Gift

It makes it unique when you choose a suitable and individually chosen gift for that certain person you wanna give a gift. This gift you present to a family, friend or an acquaintance is well likely chosen exclusively for that person.

But, there are items or things that are not supposed to give. You, mind you will not approve it, too.

Let us start…

# 1 Never recycle your gift. Never re-gift it.

Doing this is an expression of not being appreciative or not acknowledging the goodness of the gift-giver. It is understandable that you may have this item already or you just hated it. Remember, the gift that was handed to you was specifically picked for you.

Thinking about it is impolite to re-gift.

I once received a re-gift item and I felt that the gift-giver is just doing it because she/he has to. You do not need to give gifts if you are obligated. People give gifts because they want to and they desired to give.

# 2 Never give gifts when you are having ambivalent emotions. 

Hold on, hesitant to hand out a gift because of the known or unknown reason is a moment that you will regret after.

Though at times,  gifting is done through reciprocity. 

Find peace in your inner self. Then, determine what the best gift to give to that person you are planning to or not to hand a gift.

Understanding many reasons for your momentarily gift ideas will lead you to the right decision.

# 3 Never hand a damaged good or a gift that requires obvious fix/repair.

Gifting goods that obviously need repair can be damaging as well to your reputation. May it be known by yourself or not has the same outcome.

Including a gift receipt with the gift item is excellent. The receiver can always go back to the store/shop to have an exchange or switch to other goods.

# 4 Never hand a used item, goods or gift unless that item has a sentimental value for that person.

Yes, some people do this. The giver gifts a family or close friend something that is old but carries a meaningful and memorable event to the life of that certain person.

Though gifting is an act of giving, love or sharing, put yourself as a receiver & how will you feel to have handed a used gift.

Used gifts are not gifts at all. The giver is branded as being thrifty or whatever you call it.

# 5 It is called an unwanted gift. 

These are gifts that the receiver does not need or does not want it ever.

The receiver may put it in the garbage, donate to charity, give it away and some may re-gift it (no, no, no).

Regifting is # 1 not to give as a gift.

In Conclusion

Gifts are willingly given to someone without expecting a payment or return. A gift is given to provide happiness, excitement or a smile to that person. Though at times, a gift is reciprocated.

Gifting is done to because you enjoy to give, share your wealth, spread love, establish friendship and, it is a tradition or custom.

You, the giver have the intent of giving.

Any ideas to add? Or any experiences that you want to share? Drop me a line to the comment section and I will gladly share it. Thank you.



9 Replies to “What Not To Give as a Gift”

  1. Great ideas! Very informative advice. Needs some editing, though! Would suggest subtopic titles to attract the reader.

    1. Hi Mr. Windy,

      Thank you for your patience reading my blog about what not to give as gifts. I took your advice so I did have some editing done and subtitle has been added.

      Your cool ideas are appreciated. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hi Jocelyn! I totally agree with those ideas you have shared. In giving, the giver should not expect an exchange..as they say, “it’s better to give than to receive”..in the end, more blessing will come??

  3. I’m 60 and grew up during a time when many women were taught social etiquette which included the rules of gift giving and receiving. As a man, I missed that education.

    Thank goodness I found your website. You have saved me from much embarrassment.

    1. Hi Gary,
      This is the goal of this website; to offer gift ideas to the readers so it may help them in one way or the other.
      Thank you, for you have found it and that may as well had given your thoughts about gift ideas.

  4. During occasions, it’s really hard to know what our family, friends, and co-worker really want/need or like a their gifts. There are lots of things to re-think and should consider before giving a gift. Coming through this website is very helpful. Like no. 3, you mentioned about in gift giving; gift received is excellent and I totally agree with that. As a receiver, you can exchange if received in a bad shape and there will no hassles.

    1. I definitely feel and predict where you’re going 🙂 You can always go back to the store for an exchange,
      Thank you Jhoy for leaving a comment.

  5. I totally agree with no.3, I love receiving gifts with a gift certificate on it. Especially, if you received a present that come with sizes it will be easy to exchange.

    1. Hello Jhoy, Thanks for coming back and reading my blogs once again. A gift receipt is relevant to include when gifting especially for children as they grow and their sizes changes. As you’ve said, you can always go back to the store to make exchanges with the right size.
      Happy Reading,

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