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Little Tikes 7-Feet Trampoline



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Did You know?

It is one of Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank:

  • #13,180 in Toys & Games
  • #6 in Toys & Games > Outdoor Play > Trampolines
  • #15 in Sports & Outdoors > Exercise & Fitness > Accessories > Fitness Trampolines
  • #32 in Sports & Outdoors > Leisure Sports & Game Room > Trampolines

Product Overview:

It’s important for our children to stay active! This Little Tikes 7-Feet trampoline is both sturdy and durable. It is padded  for protection that includes safety enclosure net. It’s the perfect outdoor play for providing hours of jumping and bouncing fun safely! A great first trampoline for children.

Product Specifications:

  • It is a 7-Feet trampoline.
  • Jumping area is 7.69 ft. in diameter.
  • From ground to jump area measures 17 ft.
  • It is sturdy and durable and has a high-quality pad protector that covers the safety springs to prevent injury when children are jumping and bouncing .
  • The frame is made of durable blow-molded plastic and a high-quality of steel.
  • Supported by heavy-duty steel poles that is enclosed by safety netting all around.
  • Ideally for outdoor active play.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Weight Limit: 105 lbs.
  • Maximum number of children: 1
  • Recommended for Outdoor Use Only!

Some Features and Others

  • Easy installation ( if alone, will take minimum of 2 hours and depends on your movement; with 2 or more help, it will take minimum an hour or less)
  • Very sturdy and hard plastic frame and steel poles hat are padded for safety. These keeps the trampoline sturdy when children are jumping and bouncing.
  • Has a mesh shoes compartment and for other things for organizing.
  • Instructions are fine & easy to follow.
  • Trampoline has its own enclosure net for safety. It will prevent children from falling on the ground.
  • Recommended for ages 3 to 10 years old to bounce and jump on the trampoline BUT with a weight limit of 105 lbs only because it might tear the netting or destroy the trampoline.
  • Some springs are challenging putting in place.
  • Assembly requires 2 or more people.
  • Adjustable zip to close the door for the children to get in and out and that would keep children inside the trampoline and not to bounced out and fall.


The Manufacturer Little Tikes provides a warranty to the purchaser for the frame in materials or workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase and all other parts for 90 days from the date of purchase. Dated sales receipt is required for proof of purchase.

Outside U.S.A. and Canada, please contact place of purchase for warranty service.

What Customers are Saying About Little Tikes 7 Ft Trampoline

Customers who purchased Little Tikes 7-Ft Trampoline has a lot of positive feedback. First, SAFETY. *The enclosure nets, padded poles and sides provides big assurance for children’s safety. Second, *durability and quality of product, one customers commented “built to last”. Third, is pleasure. *This trampoline is appealing to the little ones that their smile or happiness seen are inexplicable. Lastly, exercise and good use of energy.

*Some customers mentioned about the zip issues that can’t be done but overall are satisfied with product. *Others mentioned that after 2 summers of use that padding starts to disintegrate.

*These views are represented by existing customers.


Customers may visit the little tikes website (www.littletikes.com) f or the following:

  • Hardware Bolt
  • Galvanized Spring
  • Trampoline Mat (A) (Includes Spring Covering)
  • Horizontal Plastic Leg (C) (Sold Individually 3 on Unit)
  • Vertical Orange Plastic Leg (D) (Sold Individually 6 on Unit)

Healthy And Fit: Bounce Children!

Bounce Children! Saves the bed (LOL); I remember when I was little that I used to actively do this as well. And of course, my children do endless bouncing, jumping on the bed if not being prevented. With bad weather, the little ones needs to do something otherwise the bed will suffer, watch TV, play their Nintendo or feel bored. When at the peak of energy, to bounce and jump will be one of the channels to do.

According to study, jumping or bouncing actually is beneficial to children. Its stimulates the brain and helps for the development of sensory and motor skills and many more. ( See my other post 🙂  Benefits of Trampoline Jumping).

In Conclusion

Little Tikes 7-Feet Trampoline provides a lot of benefits to our little ones. May it be your best cool gift idea or yet the best decision for a gift.








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