Top 8 Best Souvenir Ideas

Souvenirs are items or things bought from where you have traveled and brought it back home to give away to friends,
relatives or acquaintances.

These are tokens from the place you traveled or went to visit that reminds you the beauty of that place.

Also, these are items from a location or a part of your life that has a special touch of it.

The Best Souvenir Idea #1


Most commonly bought and brought home are the local’s antique’s products that have their name city, country or anything about that item written on it.

That items represent that place where you have traveled and visited. It reminds or has always a story about it that you could relate to it. Souvenir From Rome Just like the picture here, it is a souvenir from Rome.

My daughter got one like this image above for me when she went to visit her cousins in Italy then they visited Rome.

 The Best Souvenir Idea #2


This is one of the popular items to bring home with you and let your family taste the good food from that place you just visited.

And how the people have prepared and their local ingredients added that makes it unique and tasty.

There are many specialty foods, teas or desserts sold on the local market and it is intended for visitors or tourists. The locals also have special packaging for it so it won’t get spoiled.

Bringing foods home or on a place, you are traveling as a souvenir or a treat is absolutely astounding. Believe me, they will love it and will ask for more.

The Best Souvenir Idea # 3


It is not what you are thinking! These accessories are inexpensive that has at least a connection with the place that you have traveled.

These are one of the best souvenir ideas that you can ever think of it as well.

The advantage of this is easy to pack or just tucked it in your luggage, no big deal of space. You will not even know that you are carrying it.

Mind you, the ladies and children will love these souvenirs you are bringing to them.

The Best Souvenir Idea # 4


If you have little nieces or baby sisters, this is a hit!

I remember when I was a little girl that even with my short hair I still like to have a colorful hair clip or a head/hair band to put on my black hair. These are small items but it brings a priceless happiness for the children who receive it.

Hair ties are also a must for little girls with long hairs. This has a versatile use, not only for little ones but for adults as well.

From the past, I received and gave these as souvenirs for my sisters, nieces, and children of my relatives and was really cool.

I can still visualize the children’s infectious smile in my mind.
These hair accessories are also affordable, simple and easy to tuck in your luggage as well.

I always select and go with the small items since it is convenient and not creating hassles on my luggage and safe to bring.

The Best souvenir Idea # 5



These souvenir items are popular for the gentlemen.

Sunglasses is a must for protection from the rays of the sun or used for a fashion or an accessory.
Caps are really useful, either to protect them from the sun or to hide something that is missing or something else. 🙂 Sorry guys:(

But I do know you have to have at least two or more caps in your lifetime.

The belt would be also a knockout, I mean they’d love it! Most men use belt casually and formally, whether in the office or there is a celebration and in any time.

This one souvenir the guys love to have one. Even they own more than 2 or 3 they want one more to add to their collection.


I am thinking of the same items- SUNGLASSES and BELTS (except for the cap), SCARF or PURSE

Well, well, well. This is interesting!

As you can see or picture the images in your mind, these items are simple but elegantly beautiful.

You could always buy one or more and keep one for yourself. Right? 🙂 I will do that because 🙂 I wanted to own one of these items as well.

It would be a good memory coming from the unforgettable place I visited.

These are my favorites (since I really love these accessories); the purse and scarf!
It is one of the best and popular souvenir ideas for teenagers, adults and for our mothers or friends.

Next time of your travels, your family will be eagerly waiting for your return for the reason that YOU have interesting souvenirs for them and of course many stories and adventures to share.

The Best Souvenir Idea # 6


Bringing these personalized items for your family, friends or acquaintances refreshes each memory every time it is worn by the person you have given.
Also, it is has a nice feeling of seeing them using it.

It brings back memories and it contemplates the good travels and journey to that place.

Perhaps, one day you might plan to go back and visit the place once again. You are a good travel planner so you have all the ability to make it happen.

Personalized items are one of the best to have and to give as souvenirs. I personally happen to really like this, too.

The Best Souvenir Idea # 7


Stuff toys are also nice and good as souvenirs. My personal choice is the soft and medium sizes. Before, I know that the popular ones are teddy bears or animal kinds of stuff.

These days, the popular and favorites ones are the one in the Disney characters shows or movies. They are sooo cute. It’s the most lovable stuff toys ever.

I am sure this will be the lovely softest souvenir, especially for your dearest one.

As a remembrance, this is also a long-lasting souvenir, a nice toy or a display.

The Best Souvenir Idea # 8



What would you wish to have as a souvenir for yourself?

I would leave that to you to think about those beautiful items and things you have seen at the shop or places during your travels, visits and your adventures in your life.

You decide!

Finally, these are best souvenir ideas that I can think of. I would love to hear your souvenir ideas as well.

Kindly leave your ideas in the comment box. Thank You!



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4 Replies to “Top 8 Best Souvenir Ideas”

  1. Hi Jocelyn,
    Those souvenirs you mentioned are great giveaways to friends and family. I remember when I travel to Asia, like Japan, I pick up some boxes of green tea and candies. Also, when I went to Europe in 1999 and bought a letter opener from St. Peters, I was held up in the airport and they went through my carry on luggage ( that was nerve-racking). I thought, what did I put in my luggage that prompted them to go through it? Anyway, just an advice, do not bring or buy any souvenir that is pointed and liquid that exceeds 3.5 ounces in your carry on luggage (especially nowadays). They are pretty strict. Thank you, Jocelyn, for sharing those great ideas. Appreciate it.

    1. Hello Hazel,
      Yes, Let’s be cautious of what we brought especially if we are traveling from a different country. Airport personnels are strictly following the rules. I agree with you, let’s avoid the sharp souvenirs.
      Bringing gift or souvenirs are already a custom all over the world. People are fond of it and generally, our love and care is the root cause that is why people tend to bring anything for it.

      Thank you for taking time to read my post.


  2. These are some real souvenir ideas I never thought about before. I love to travel all the time and never really took back any souvenirs with me. Maybe I just didn’t what type of gifts to give, I usually got a snow globe or license plate and called it a day. Now I’ma consider bringing back more antiques and food.

    1. Hello Silvano,

      I am glad you have came to my website and had some fun going through it.  But beware of not bringing  souvenirs or gifts that are sharp because nowadays airport personnel are very strict. I forgot to mention that.

      Thank you.


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