Top 7 Electronic Gift Ideas of 2018

Presenting the Top 2018 Electronic Gift Ideas that will help you guys to come up with a surprise for your loved ones, friends, comrades or for yourself. The ranking of number is of your own choosing that you feel it is what you are for IT!

1. Wireless Headphone or Earphones

This is one of the basic and simplest best gift ideas for all ages except children ( parents can decide if their children are ready to use this kind of electronics). It has been improved and modified over the years to deliver the best quality product that you can enjoy thus still one of the best.

A wireless headphone is usually used when you don’t want any wire or cable hassles. One reason, for me, is Ido not want to disturbed somebody with the theatrically sound of what I am watching. It is easy to do the setup and to put on those headphones.

You can use your headphone or earphone when someone is sleeping & do not want to wake and disturbed that person with the loud music or sound. Also, when you are listening to a “secret” or confidential matters, you may use headphones. Doing any household chores, writing, or whatever you are doing, you use it to listen to your favorite music while you do your routine tasks.

Earphones: I like these, too. My son who’s 10 loves to put on this. He thinks it’s cool. I allow him to use so he could also listen to the music the likes. But, before that, I need to do what other parents do to find out first what he’s up to.

Both of these are simple gift ideas that are adorable and super easy to find. You can easily find in the store or just have to order online.

2. Dash Camera

Dash camera is made for our safety but not a luxury. I find this as one of the best gift ideas as it has its practical use and purpose. For the driver, this acts as a second pair of their eyes to prevent from accidents and definitely for safety issues.

Vehicles nowadays are most equipped with all of these new gadgets. You can self-install in your car if you do not have one that is built in or if it is defective, you can let somebody who knows will install it for you.

I think and feel that dash cameras will be a must-have to all vehicle one day in the coming future.

Keep in mind that these small gadgets but beautiful are one of the best gift electronic ideas.

3. Blue Tooth Beanie

Wow, I have not heard this until my son interrupted and suggested to me this gadget. He says “How about a Bluetooth beanie?”. I wonder & asked myself what could this be? It turns out to be the most super cool best gift ideas. Bluetooth beanie, I will get one for myself.

This is one of the coolest gift ideas that is simple but elegant. You will never suspect that it has a tiny electronics embedded in it. Finding the item might be a challenge but there is always a way! It is one of the gadgets you, adults, teenagers and for the seniors to definitely try.

You know, when the weather is blue, you could be entertained and kept solidly warm by wearing it. It has a double purpose. I am certainly getting this as a gift to one of my family this Christmas or birthdays.

Blue tooth beanie has also different styles, has removable parts so you could launder if it smells of sweat and something more.

4. Hair Blower/Dryer

This is one of the most popular best gift ideas to both man and women. I actually like to receive one of these and still have my 16 years old hair blower working, can still do the job it supposed to do. I may need a replacement for my hair blower anytime soon.

Dyson hair bower is a durable hair blower that is worth giving as a gift.

The other day, I was listening to a local radio. He just reported that a “young adult cooked a crispy chicken with the use of her Dyson hair blower”. I don’t know if this is true but honestly, this hair blower is a beauty and power.

Using this blower may speed up the time to hair blow and style your hair. Manual must be read and directions are to be followed for the safety of the user.

5. Bank Charger or portable power bank charger.

You need to keenly look for what is compatible with the gadgets you have. These are excellent best gift ideas for its use. It is light, sleek and easy to pack, you can bring it anywhere you travel. This is one of the must-haves if you travel frequently or if someone is forgetful to charge their own mobile or electronic gadgets.

It is perfect to use when your small gadgets are out of power. Having a spare to use is sometimes a lifesaver or I must say IT is a lifesaver. But before packing it, you must have to check if it is charged. That is why it is called power bank.

Having it with you means that you have a reserved power at all times. And that is one less worry.

6. Vacuum Robot

This is like having extra hands or a house helper to do all the vacuuming in your house. There is a timer to set and off it goes to do the sucking of the dust. It needs charging though before doing all the vacuuming task around your living room.

A remarkable housemaid we have in town at present that does not complain and easy to manipulate:). It does not talk back either.

I know for sure, one of the best and coolest gift ideas to a mother, wife, girlfriend or to yourself. There are many types of robot vacuums in the market that you can choose from and of course, the prices vary as well.

This has been long enough to the market but much improved now with extra features and much safer to use.

7. Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless camera is a darling, it is light, smaller and has a better photo takes or images taken compared to a standard camera.

The best gift idea to a person who is fond of taking photographs as a hobby, family use & others.

One of my top wishes is to own one of this mirrorless camera. My daughter bought this camera and loves it. It is her gift to herself from her first job wage she had. She brings her camera everywhere and takes beautiful fine photos.

8. Other

Your choice!

Wireless Electronic Cellphone Charger. Isn’t it great? You don’ t need to plug your phone, you can just put it on top of the charger. Life is getting better, and people are very innovative. New ideas are popping out everywhere. It is really exciting for people to try it out. One of the best gift ideas I have in mind.

Cat Eye Stainless Road Stud. These are stainless road stud to use at night. Neon lights are charged naturally by sunlight. Soon as dark hits, the neon lights automatically light up each night up to 10 hours.

This is designed for safety when you are out of the road. These can be used also on a wall or fence that will reflect or lights up at night so vehicles or people will be cautioned. This is a unique gift idea.

Perhaps, I have mentioned this already from my previous blogs, Nintendo Switch.

This is perfect for growing boys or girls. It can accommodate one or two players and can switch to a larger screen (example TV screen). This has been a hit to teenagers but generally for all ages.

Here’s the Top 7 Electronic Gift Ideas This 2018.

It is all up to you what is your best bet to give to the celebrant. That’s all up to you… I have just laid options, cost wise vs trending vs needs vs quality.

Please leave your thoughts and I will get back to you!


Thank you


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  1. Hi Jocelyn, your idea on electronic is a grate one. And me too I’d like to gave one of this cool gifts as a presents ,especially with my nephews and nieces when its their birthday.

    1. Hello Snow White,
      First of all, thank you very much for reading my blog and liked the gift ideas I have just suggested.
      Try it and see how your nephews and nieces react. I think they will super like it. Happy reading and hope you will come back to my post to read more.

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