Top 10 Best Gift Surprises To Mothers

“God could not be everywhere so He created mothers” Jewish Proverb.

A quote from Mother Theresa, ” Some people comes in your life as blessings. Some come in your life as lessons”.

Best Gift Surprise #1: YOU!

YOU, and you and you!

Have you seen your mother lately? or if you are living near her, have you told her that you love and miss her?

Your mother will be awestruck upon learning that you are going to see and visit her.

Or better, surprised her:)! Just bring the basics, a bunch of her favorite flowers, a bottle of wine for you and her to share, and perhaps a date to you memorable restaurant.
Cake! my son blurted out a “cake”. Yes, she needs that sweet deliciously & freshly baked cake to celebrate. Also, to have you and her is a surreal grateful feeling and a blessing.

Best Surprise # 2: Plant

Plant. It is a live plant, you know her preference and favorite plant or flowers. Something for her to nurture and care every day is perfect. She won’t get bored.

A mother put her children’s interest first before hers, it rarely happens the reverse. Mother is always a mother!

Gifting her a plant is one perfect idea.

Best Surprise # 3: Purse/Bag

Purse/Bag. Accessories are very important to women at all times. It is one of the greatest inventions of mankind that benefits all of us, men, women, and LGBT. Without purse or bag, it ends up in the pocket or none…lost!
Perhaps, a designer purse for your mom is an excellent idea and if your budget allows it. If not, a beautiful wallet or a coin purse will be one of the gift ideas. Couple it with you made up simple surprises like preparing and serving her favorite breakfast/ meal. She will love that simple but surprisingly sweet gesture from you.

Best Surprise # 4: Jewelry

Jewelry. This is one of the most popular Mother’s gift. I am thinking of not including on my list but my other side of me says to write it on, so here it is.

Mothers are always grateful for whatever you gave to her. Also, to personalize the jewelry you are giving is even more exciting. Let say, engraved her children’s name or grandchildren name, birthstone or initials, favorite mother’s quotes, and/or a simple “heart shape”.

Best Surprise # 5: Cellphone

Cellphone with a case. All over the world, this is the most popular gadget used. A cell phone is an almost must-have for people but a must have to our mothers. I know that your mom has one or two but an outdated version. Why not update her cellphone :)?

Yes, update it to a newer version. You can show her and catch up with this fast-paced generation of technology.

Also, it is good to connect and get in touch with her often. If you are living a fair distance away from her, you both can use a video call using her cell phone.

Best Surprise # 6: Travel

Book her to travel or send her to a gate away short vacation. You already know what I mean!

She will grab her stuff any minute to travel. That’s what I am feeling right now seeing this view! There are travel agencies who can assist you to get the best deal packages for you dear mother.

Best Surprise # 7: Camera

Camera. I always thought of these small gadgets for this is a basic need for traveling. It is easy to pack, to keep (just takes a small space in her table or closet). Not only for traveling, but for any time used to capture memorable moments.

A video cam might be also a good idea for a surprise gift for her, why not. This is not so popular as cellphone has its own camera and videos as well.

Best Surprise # 8: Book

One of the best mother’s day gift is her favorite book. You may find you mother in good mood for her favorite author or a bestseller book of her interest.

An e-book is also a surprise gift idea.

Best Surprise # 9: Laptop or a Tablet

Laptop or a Tablet. This is one unique gift for a mother on Mother’s day. She’ll be thrilled and euphoric when she opens and sees her gift. She could bring it with her wherever she goes.

I have a hand me down laptop that I am using at present and I have to run the cleaner so it will smoothly work better and faster. So, just a heads up, make sure you install a cleaner that will automatically clean the laptop whenever it is scheduled.

Here comes one of my favorites!

Best Surprise # 10: Ticket to a Live Concert/Opera

Ticket to a Live Concert/Opera. The Best mother’s gift also is to purchase a concert/ opera ticket to watch. Bring your mom to watch live a concert of her favorite band or singer! Mother always has their own specials, you may never know, but still, she has at least one hobby.

As a mother myself, I like good surprises. The simplest one always gets me emotional. Myself, I do not expect big or something fancy. But I do have my dreams that are left hanging or I put it aside for the reason that I have my obligation and my children’s needs as the priority. I believe most mothers feel that too.

Children to surprise their mother to watch her favorite band or singer perform live is a unique gift for a mother in a lifetime. It is a memorable enjoyment of her life. Perhaps, one check off from her bucket list.

Mothers are Created and Not Made!

What can you say? Leave your thoughts. Thanks.


4 Replies to “Top 10 Best Gift Surprises To Mothers”

  1. Jocelyn, what a lovely article and great gift ideas. I myself as a mother just loved all of them, especially the gift of an experience such as a live concert or opera. I would prefer sharing an experience most of all with my son above anything else. Great idea and I just love, love, love the jewish proverb opening your article. I may just leave this article lying around for me son to see!

    I’m sure this article will be a helpful resource for many children out there.

    1. Hello Fleur,

      You picked the best gift idea! I am sure one of theses days, your son will take you to your favorite band to watch live. Thank you so much for your time to read my posts. Indeed, sharing quality time with your child is an unforgettable experience.


  2. Jocelyn your best gifts are really awesome suggestions for me. I love traveling and as a son I want to take and gave her the best experience that she will ever have. Mothers day is approaching and every child is thinking a gift to gave and so I think this is one of the best.

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