Top 10 Best Gift Ideas & Souvenirs to Former High School Friends

High school life is somehow one of the most memorable in a student life. You had your crushes, your childhood sweetheart, close friends, best friends and some classmates that you just feel simply as classmates.

It’s full of life, the laughter you shared, a lot of jokes that are funny to you but somehow annoying to your classmates, a lot of excitement and fun! Though high school subjects/courses are quite challenging. Congratulate yourself you have managed to achieved your dream and finished till the end and now successful career-wise and family wise.

High school is where it starts. You develop, discovers your likes, and even know something more about yourself, and know better about yourself!

Being a teen and in high school is quite a life, yes it is and it is all in 4 years time!

Both my husband and I have the same high school Alma mater but graduated in different years.

My inspiration to write about this blog was our recent high school’s alumni homecoming event in our hometown Kapangan, in the Philippines. It is such an inspiration and motivation to see those videos, images or photos that are posted on Facebook, IG by high school friends who have attended.

Going further, this sweet emotional high school memory has to have something to talk about when meeting each other. Wherever, whatever and whenever you are; is indeed a good recollection of our past life.

So here it is;

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 10


Personalized items such as T-shirts, key chains, mugs, can openers and other small items. These are at least small items and easily tucked into your luggage or in your backpack. It is also affordable if it is bought on sale or take a couple of it at a discounted price. These T-shirts are perfect and lovely to hand to former high school friends as souvenirs or gifts.

Don’t you agree?

CAPS/HATS. This has been an old timer gift ideas for both the ladies and gentlemen. Has much usage whether it is to shade, for therapeutic use or plainly just an accessory.

Caps/Hats are a light, small and stylish outfit that creates a different calming aura when used.

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 9

For the Girlfriends: MAKE-UP KIT, LIP GLOSS or LIPSTICK

It is an excellent gift and souvenir ideas for your girlfriends. Must be a delightful present; it is a must-have accessory for the ladies as we know it. When choosing a makeup kit, be mindful of skin sensitivities. You need to choose the non-sensitive, neutral color or bright colors that suit their skin tone or perhaps their preference. If you are familiar with them, that is so easy to pick.

If not, you may pick the neutral colors that are simple but elegantly beautiful if it’s put on. When having trouble and doubting what to picked, take and grab a red lipstick or lip gloss. 🙂 Your trouble is solved! Most women love to wear or apply red lipstick or red lip gloss.

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 8


This is one of the best gift or souvenir idea for your former high school buddies. This is also a must-have for the boys for their daily grooming unless they go to the parlor every 4-6 weeks for their hair and mustache/beard. 🙂

I think hair gel is a must with the boys as the same with the lips gloss for the ladies, right? Hair gel is a must for my husband’s hair, he thinks!

These are small items that are just simple ways to let your friends feel that they’re a part of your growing up and who you are today.

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 7

GOODIES/ TREATS. Like chocolates, special biscuits or cookies or a signature food from the place or area you came from or you have traveled, stayed or visited.

This is also one of the best gift ideas to gift your friends. With chocolates, this is the most popular treats to hand to friends. You can buy it in bulk and will save you a bit.

Looks like that most of us have a sweet tooth. It is so rare to meet someone who does not care about sweets or chocolates.

Therefore, I think, this is supposed to be the # 1  best gift idea or souvenir to hand to your former HS friends. But, it is my number 7 as the best gift idea. ‘Cause it is for me. Read on and you will know…

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 6

COFFEE is the best “tool” for communication with friends to start with. It is a universal language when meeting up friends, families or acquaintances. Coffee or something to drink would go along way for a conversation.

It may sound simple nevertheless it meant a lot to someone to share a cup with!

Coffee ground or instant coffee in containers are the type of coffees that I know of. Wait, pod coffees, however, this type is not that I suggest of because you need to have a coffee machine brewer that has the size & type that fits of the coffee pods. Let’s just keep it simple!

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 5

A BOTTLE OF WINE TO SHARE. Yes, a bottle of red wine or a signature wine/something special to share with your old friends. Just to forget work or stressful day, it is beneficial to talk and unwind. Thinking about your high school memories, your escapades, and naughtiness. 🙂 It is super awesome to look back & fun to talk about.

The spirit of alcohol might create pleasant feelings, thoughts or not what you have expected. So, a bit of “holding your horses” when somethings’ come up is necessary.

A wine opener is one best souvenir idea to give to friends, too. There are personalized wine openers that can be purchased perfectly for gifts.

FLOWERS/ROSES. For old time sake, a bunch of flowers to your girlfriends are sufficient. Well, I know it is very common of bringing in some of this fresh flowers but, if you are in a hurry, this is an excellent acceptable present, of course!

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 4

SCARFS for the Ladies or TIES for the Men. I choose a scarf that is sort of like thin/light and long to give to the ladies considering its versatile use. You may use as a warmer, of course, could also use as a head covering, an accessory to your daily costume to work, office or when attending a party. And, it can be a belt or to hold onto your pants/dress when you need one.

Ties for men is a lasting souvenir to your friends. Ties can be fancy yet a small accessory for a good purpose. In some countries, ties are not worn or not a part of a costume. Nowadays, it is becoming a universal part of a formal costume.

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 3

EMOLLIENTS, PERFUMES OR COLOGNE. These are also one of the best and straightforward souvenir ideas.

These beauty products have pretty, cute, and small bottles or containers perfected for gifting.

Bringing it with you is another story. If you are flying, ensure that it is inside your luggage and it is sealed properly to prevent spillage. And, check out the rules and regulations of the country you are taking these items, just to be safe.

The best ideas to gift are perfumes, too. Some people are sensitively allergic to strong perfumes or smell thus knowing whom to give or present is easy than doubting if your gift is possible or not.

Here’s The Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 1 & 2

BOOK A SPECIAL DINNER AT A RESTAURANT OR BAR. This is it! YOURSELF to meet and greet your old high school buddies/friends face to face. Reminiscing your past happy memorable high school days, having dinner with each other is a big deal of happiness.

Sharing your past and present life is a bond between you as friends for life.
This is truly an amazing high school reunion!

Don’t you think?


I wish to hear your high school memories or if you ever attended one of your high school reunions. Please leave it in the comment section to share.

Thank You,



2 Replies to “Top 10 Best Gift Ideas & Souvenirs to Former High School Friends”

  1. All of your ideas are really helpful cause I know there are lots of people like me who wonder and wonder what will be a great reunion souvenir. But now I have lots of ideas to choose from!
    I particularly love the scarf and tie idea. I would have never thought of that. I also like the idea of personalized gifts and the coffee too. Maybe a small coffee/tea gift bag with a personalized mug? Hmm, I’m really liking these ideas 🙂

    1. Hello Yemi, Thanks for taking the time to read my blog about gift ideas. Yes, these simple things are oftentimes forgotten. I am glad this will help you in preparation for your reunion.



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