Random Ideas That May be a Hit!

Millions of ideas are shared and unique thoughts for the celebrants are important. Deciding on something special or memorable are more challenging. I just did some researching and I want to share with you, my friends.

Random Finds One to consider is HEALTH.

How to incorporate healthy nutrients required by our body for someone who is really picky? I came across of a small kitchen gadget, the food processor, this will do the work and finish the messy job in seconds. Yes, seconds! It will be your best friend in the heart of your house, your kitchen!

Babies or children are often the picky eaters. Often the not, it is veggies that are not the most appealing to their eyes. Might just walk out from the table.

But, but the most effective way is pureeing and juicing for our picky eaters to eat, drink and gain the essential nutrients necessary for growth and development. It contains all the rich nutrients.

The little mouths would just be slurping without you noticing it because it is not what they see but what they taste.

My sister’s sons, 4 and 5 years old hated vegetables. She steams, cooks or tried shaping with different animal shapes and tried to even bribe these two but unsuccessful. Then, she mushed them and mixed with their favorite food or snacks and it was a hit! From then on, my sister started using a food processor that does the job for seconds saving her more time to spend with them. She can also prepare food in advance and freeze it and can just get and use it anytime or give it as snacks as well.

For sure, parents and caregivers always hope to have the essential nutrients for our body to be healthy and fit.

TWO is FITNESS or Exercise

Let them loose, play, jump, climb and run! Of course, with parents supervision at all times to ensure their safety and proper guidance. As per research and study, jumping and playing on the trampoline stimulates the brain’s cognitive skill and behavior of growing children.

THE BRAIN. The brain’s ability to assess risk and manage emotion are key factors that shape human’s behaviors and for decision making.

Trampoline jumping and other forms of physical or active play can help children understand their limits physically. Children are less likely to engage in dangerous physical behaviors at school and on the playground.


The jumper has to manage multiple tasks simultaneously when jumping on the trampoline such as balancing, bouncing, maintaining an upright position and to anticipate the next move.

There is a mental multi-tasking involved which is the effective way to practice the skill of concentration. This is essential to problem-solving and working efficiently and will result in a top mark on their tests and exams.

Trampoline jumping is an effective workout because as we know that during exercise or physical fitness this action causes blood to circulate to the heart then circulates oxygenated blood to the brain. Helps circulate oxygen throughout the body to increase energy. Regular jumping on the trampoline energies your body and increases its resistance.

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Thank You for Reading,  Jocelyn

3 Replies to “Random Ideas That May be a Hit!”

  1. Exactly what my wife and I are doing, with our kids that are picky eaters especially with our first one, we have to make sure that they’re getting nutritious foods and by this we pureed the vegetables, and then mix on their rice and noodles. Well, it really works. Thanks bullet!

  2. Hi Jocelyn, I really like these gift ideas for children. In order for little ones to be encouraged, in eating, we, parents really need to do a trial and error method. Last option, is the help of a food processor. Wherein, we are making sure that our kids are really getting enough nutrients.

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