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Just So You KnowChild’s Development & Stages To Help With Gift Ideas


Giving gifts to a child depends on their age. Children of different ages develop their own personalities, learning abilities and of course have different needs. It’s the first 5 years of the children’s life development are the most critical stage; physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. The following age development will just give you some insights into what gift ideas you will give as a present and the best decision that assures you have the best gift ever.


1-2 MONTHS OLD: Babies can support her/his head; more so awake in every hour or so. Drinks milk often, cat-nap sleep mostly, likes to be warm all the time- not happy if feeling cold. She/He loves hugs and kisses. The more she/he is engaged the more she/felt secured and TRUST starts to develop.

3-4 MONTHS OLD: She/He starts to laugh and communicates with soft murmuring sound (Coo) to parents, sibling and/or caregiver. Her/His extremities (hands and feet) mesmerizes his/her attention. Loves to listen when you are talking and read to her/him. Baby needs milk and food are slowly introduced. Loves music (IE lullabies) and when you sing for her/him. Likes something to pull on, soothing animal sound or something comforting and a toy or something to bite on.  

5-8 MONTHS OLD: At this age, babies start to roll over to their side, crawls and sits with support. Reaches to toys (will try many times until successful) handed and holds or grasps tightly. Loves to see her/his image in a mirror. Finishes most of the food given. Babbles to communicate, enjoys being tickle, dance to and fascinated by the surroundings.

9-11 MONTHS OLD: Busy Buddy! Explores everything. Crawls, sits and pulls on to furniture, eats anything (edible or non-edible) that interest her/him. Locks to medicine cabinets, household cleaners and other unsafe things around the house is needed; sharp objects may it be small or big is kept for baby’s safety. Social interaction is essential with other babies, responds well when other babies are happy or sad. Educational toys appropriate for this age stage.

12 MONTHS OLD: Pulls self up and can sidestep around furniture; starts walking. Curious and interested in a lot of things, I mean anything. Touches everything; it is important to have a safe area to move around. Reading, singing or music always captivates his/her attention and enjoys it a lot.

These insights are just to provide some cool and best gift ideas ever to readers for the little ones. Surely, I’d be writing and posting the next stages but for now, THIS IS IT, FRIENDS.!

If you have some questions, insights, and suggestions please leave your sincere comments below.




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