Gifts For Non Occasions

Depending on occasions, we always have at least few ideas for that particular special person. For non-occasions, gift ideas seemed to be skeptical for what to bring or give. Giving gifts for non-occasions is from us being so thoughtful with or without reasons. This non-occasion gift turns out are always the best.

What an Amazing Feeling to Receive Unexpectedly!

Out of the blue in an ordinary day, a package or a gift just landed on your doorstep or your hands, wow! and it is unexpected.

Or a friend came by and brought you a present. As a caring and thoughtful friend a decision to surprise that special person to bring a present that will astonish and start or finish his/her day brightly. What blessed day!

I ‘d call it “humble treasures”. Personalized accessories, fun printed t-shirts, mugs, books, fresh flowers and/or chocolates or sweets are few ways to express our appreciation, love and for just being simply here or simply you.

Personalized Gift Ideas for Non Occasions

These personalized few gift ideas are fun, brings back memories, creates inspiration or motivation, opens up new opportunities, mends and maintains relationships. And, of course, it is so unique that is only designed particularly for that special person.


A book of knowledge! A book of their interest, let’s say a book about health, life, investments, inspirational books, romance, how to curb your appetite – health books and tips how-to and any trending magazine or reading materials.

My Cool Unique Gift for a Non Occasion

It was a thin booklet! It is about daily inspirational quotes and thoughts to ponder. I am working overseas without my family, alone in a foreign country. Many distractions and challenges that I encounter every day and these tiny booklets appear bigger than any other gift I received in my life. It became my motivation and inspiration. I learned to become tenaciously stronger and my focus is set on my goals.

After All,

The expression of appreciation and thoughtfulness is expressed through gift giving and many more to mention. It is to the receiver’s and/or from giver’s cheerfulness, generous heart and of course the care and love of one’s relationship. These open up and further friendship or relationship.


I Love to Hear Your Thoughts!



4 Replies to “Gifts For Non Occasions”

  1. Giving for non occasions is a great idea and totally surprising to the receiver. I bet you are doing more than you think by giving for no reason. I also love personalized gifts, I think they bring the most thoughtfulness and people love things that are customized to them. 🙂

    Thanks for your ideas here,

    1. Hello Grace,

      Thank you for taking time to read and leave your truthful thoughts. And, personalized gifts are more onto the personality of the celebrant.

      Again, thank you,

  2. Jocelyn, your insights about gift ideas are excellent. It’s truly a gift is not just given to someone on Christmas or a birthday, it’s given year round for any special occasion when someone does something special. Being a mom who just had a newborn baby, I have received various gifts for my baby that is very special. It’s a way that my family and friends’ way of congratulating me. As you said, what an amazing feeling to receive unexpectedly. I believe there are certain gifts that are more appreciative as well; like the act of kindness. I think that’s the most special gift I recently received. When I just had my baby this kind of gift overflows in my household. Indeed, a gift that I always treasure is the gift of my family and friends.

    1. Hello Jhoy, Thank you for your comments. Hope you will continue to read my blogs for best gift ideas to assist people who cannot decide the appropriate gift for their loved ones.

      Cheers, keep reading!

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