Cool Gifts and Souvenirs Ideas

Celebration! Celebrating one’s life achievement, milestones, anniversaries, birthdays and/or any kind of what you can think of in the world to celebrate or be happy about for our loved ones, friends and acquaintances matters in each of us.

THOUGHTFULNESS is the word! I want to share some Cool ideas for gifts and souvenirs for celebrants, and to those who are still in doubt or thinking about what makes them smile or love it!

For The Celebrants!

The person celebrating is the main character, the special one, the king, queen, princess, or the “ONE”.

The celebrant/s gets all this attention because it is their day and we are helping them to make their big day special and memorable for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes, the celebrants are too busy or engrossed with someone or something else that you may think that the celebrant did not even care or noticed about.

But, believe me; the celebrant has always ways to notice everything. Of course, they value what you have presented or sent to them.

Your gift and/or souvenir means a million words for them.

 Cool Ideas for the Gentlemen/ Boys: “Johns”

First of all, know something about the celebrant/s; about his habits and likes. I am sure you know something familiar. And it can be based on that then you can always pick something special for him.

Trust your pick because he will love it and be useful for him. I have some ideas that may able help you to and I will consider the following:

  • Hobbies and Interest:

There are gazillions of ideas, small and big.

Does he play indoor or outdoor sports? I will be thinking of handy tools/kit that comes in handy when something is broken or used on an emergency basis.

Or it could be, sports equipment IE bag, an organizer; towel, cap with personal printed words on or something you share in common etc.

These items, water bottles that are light, durable. You can even personalize it with his name on it.

Ask him, does he like to cook?

In that way, I’d think a set of knives, a cool funny apron with chef hat; a shirt printed with his favorite line; and a good mighty pen with a squared notebook to used to scribble his thought of menus/ recipes.:):)

Think about his job; it is something that is small but it reminds him of you (the giver). For instance, a picture frame to put on his the desk or office.

A  tie, a pen, a personalized calendar would go a long way for him to use or put on his desk.

Consider a grooming kit for his hair (hair is a big deal for them), this is an excellent idea to give. I know shaver is already on your mind, that could be too.

I personally like to think and get some ideas from head to toe. We know very well that in every part of our body sometimes requires accessorizing. Right?

Gift ideas and gift giving may be small but leave a big memory.  It could be something of a blast that will last forever!

  • Wish List/Bucket List:

Well, at a certain point, you have a conversation or connection with the celebrant.

We sometimes remember and keep at the back of our mind something he personally mentioned about what he likes or wants and dreaming of.

You may want to fulfill his dream or go all the way to check off that wish list or bucket list of his.

That would be awesome! You might have made his day or your day by just giving.

  • Other:

Sometimes, it is overwhelming for these ideas we have in mind. Considering the time spent going around, browsing and looking for that particular gift item; it’s like time is not on your side.

So, my best gift idea will be to presenting him gift card/s or vouchers to his special or favorite store.  Nowadays, ordering from an online store for his gift that could be delivered in time is one of the best gift ideas.

Ask his favorite resto or place to hang out. A reservation to a restaurant or on a special activity that he may enjoy in his own time or for both of you and other friends to join the fun.

If he is interested in fitness or exercise. A paid lessons of his interest might be also considered as one of the best gift ideas.

So, these are gift ideas for the GENTLEMEN. There are numerous unique ideas to mention but these are just a few gift ideas to read on to start for you to think of what’s the best gift for him.


Cool Ideas for Ladies or Girls: “Janes”

As I have mentioned above, the celebrant is the STAR.

  • The same with the lady celebrants, I will consider their hobbies, interest, special activities and other related-special about her.

As one that belongs to this species, I describe girls are sophisticated and full of creativity. Sometimes, they are so complicatedly positive and beautiful inside and out.

Ideas for gift and souvenirs for the ladies are not that so challenging to choose and look for the ideal gift, I think so, too.

  • First things first, the ladies usually think of how they look, their appearance is a must-be attended to.

Why? Because….if I look on my face in the mirror and noticed a single dry spot or wrinkle, I need to find a way to eliminate or cover that spot. I do not like that my face has a dry area and noticeable by people. It sometimes affects confidence. Because that’s what I feel.

Oh, Lalala! Looking nice, fresh and beautiful boost confidence and can do all the way. So, one gift idea is a beauty kit, makeup set/kit or beauty cream. It is something that defines your smooth skin and it enhances the beauty of a pretty face or body.

  • Next is accessories. Remember, most of the ladies and girls are fond of “bling-bling”.

Jewelry. These beautify and accessorized ladies in high regard. Pieces of jewelry like earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklace,  wrist watch or anything that glitters etc.

Seeing a woman wearing a piece of jewelry makes a woman more sophisticated and beautiful physically. This may also add self-esteem and confidence.

  • Kitchen Small Appliances. She might like this as well for her kitchen. This is used every day to prepare food and it is really essential. Kitchen small appliance is versatile. A single person, family or have a partner; it is one the best gift idea for her. As the saying goes, “the way to one’s man’s heart is through his stomach”.

Cooking for the man in your life or for her family is a big job, but with love, the jobs come easy.

  • Kitchen gadgets, utensils or handheld small appliances to use in her own kitchen to prepare a sumptuous meal is, of course, one of the simplest and best gift ideas.


  • Personalized mugs, sports equipment or agenda book. A personal touch as a gift is a personal reach that is so unique to her.  Having it personalized for her, so far, is the best gift idea for her.

These are only a few simple gift ideas that I have shared. Take note, simplicity is a beauty. The least you expect are the things that are important.

Remember, ladies are expert to multi-tasks :)).

Cool Ideas for Gift and souvenirs for the Little Ones

Children are precious when they show those little teeth and pure smile, it is so adorable and priceless!

The first one that always comes to mind are toys, clothes or cash.

But to give these Little One’s cool gift and souvenirs will be something worth on their part of growing or interaction into the world of reality.

  • Handheld Gadgets

So, handheld gadgets that are interactive and educational. These are small. Parents can always have a parental guidance when children are playing these gadgets. Parents can set or program it to a certain time of when the little ones will play.

  • Games.

Popular family puzzles or games with easy directions and something to play with the whole family or friends to have a quality time.

Having a quality time or hanging out with your family creates the best bonding for our children that they will treasure until their adult life.

Snack Containers. There are quite a lot, nowadays,  of special snack containers, IE snack helmets, water bottles or backpacks. These are fun made for the children to encourage them to eat healthy snacks.

  • Books. There are books that can be personalized and I like this idea as well. You can add their name and character to the story in the book which is awesome.

The children will certainly love this and are feeling really cool that they are a part and included in the story. Actually, they can also keep this forever as a keepsake or as a memorabilia during their childhood.

Little ones are very imaginative, direct and detailed of what they like, naturally. They will let you know what they wish and want, they are straightforward so you could always have a choice.

Some children are insistent and forthright about what they expect. Some children request gift beyond and inappropriately for their age.

Parent or adults are their role models. We are to guide our children for their safety and to the righteous path for a brighter tomorrow.

Of Course, Wise Seniors

Let us not forget our Elders,  “I drank a lot of water than you have” as I heard a conversation when a young adult verbally arguing and having a discussion with an elderly when I was passing by them. The young adult has just been mummed; looking straight to the elderly just listening.

Well, that’s how wise and experienced they are, I think.

  • A note or a card is a good gift idea to hand them. A thoughtful note means a lot to our elders. They regard this to have more value and something special. Just a tip, make sure to write your thoughtful words first before attaching the actual gift.
  • With modern technologies, handheld gadgets like tablets, mobile phone or accessories for their communications IE USB, portable chargers and, earphones.

Seniors are slow because of their age but others are determined to learn about the modern technologies we are enjoying now. Being persistence and determined is no hindrance to learning. It is always a good way of communicating with our elderly as well.

  • A gift certificate for manicure or pedicure is an exciting gift idea for them (I had worked with seniors so this is kind of valuable). Getting their toenails and fingernails done is a must.

I got enough in my mind but will post it in my upcoming post,  I am kind of stuck.

How about you? do you have any gift ideas to suggest that may help our readers? Your cool ideas of giving gifts and souvenirs can help people to create or come up with gift ideas for their loved ones or friends.

Millions of ideas in different ways of giving gifts and souvenirs in this modern world nowadays that excites every celebrant. They usually expect big ones nor small ones. Either way, it is the best gift idea that is fit for them!

If you thought of cool ideas to share & to contribute, please leave them in the comment box below. Your gift ideas may help someone!

Thank you



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