Most Celebrated Occasions Around The World

Occasions to celebrate around the globe by people that are usually important in our life. Celebrating different occasions marks a milestone in an individual’s life.
I have listed here on the most popular occasions around the world. It is not mentioned by ranking but rather randomly.


Humans are born on a certain date, hour, minute, place and whatever you call it. We are born equally without clothes. We certainly have a birthdate to celebrate in our life. Even you just picked your date of birth, you still have one.


WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: Couples who got married marks the day of the wedding day. The day that they are officially together and the day they said their “I DO’S, for better or for worse, for richer and for poor, ’til death do us part”.

DEATH ANNIVERSARY: It is when someone we loved dearly or someone closed to us have passed and in the afterlife. Some people celebrate the day of passing. It is to celebrate the past good life of the beloved or someone special in life.

OPTIONAL ANNIVERSARY: Nowadays, people celebrate any day that marks a special memorable date or moment for them. Some people call it a week-sary (if they are celebrating weekly), month-sary (if they are celebrating monthly) or whatever you call it.  It is a life full of celebration. 🙂

JOB ANNIVERSARY: It is a nice feeling to celebrate when you got a new job or when you have just got a promotion. It is a blessing of gratefulness. Perhaps, high fives or a wine to toast with to celebrate that you have come this far.


Baby Shower is a planned or a surprise celebration to an expectant mother in preparation for the upcoming birth of her baby. Foods, themed games, and other things are prepared for the enjoyment of the mother-to-be and her friends, families, and visitors. This is one of the most celebrated occasions in the world.

This celebration marks a woman’s transformation to a mother.

Gifts include diapers, baby clothes, soothers, baby baths, baby trolley and/or anything that the baby needs & will definitely benefit when he/she is born.


Also, this is a celebration for the bride-to-be before her actual wedding takes place. It is a gift-giving to the future wife. This is most popular here in Canada and United States of America. Other countries celebrate this in their own traditional way.


This is fondly called as a Stag Party or Buck’s night. This is a celebration for the groom-to-be who is going to enter marriage soon. It is a planned or a surprise to the future husband.

Nowadays, bachelor’s party involves a getaway with some company of topless waitresses or exotic dancers.


A celebration of the couple’s recent engagement and for the upcoming wedding. It is usually hosted by the bride’s family. Today, the couple hosts their own party to announce the soon-to-be wedding date. Plans for the wedding starts.

Basically, no one knows about the engagement of the couple not until the announcement at that moment. No gift-giving but plainly an occasion to celebrate with the bride-to-be and groom-to-be with both of the families and friends. It is not obligated to bring a gift.

It has changed a great deal these days, modern days as we say. The couple announces the engagement, there will be toasting and speeches are done. And, interestingly, the wedding plans start at this moment.


Not most of us celebrate when we are promoted, has a new job or indulge in a new career but this is a good way to start your new beginning. Celebrate and be thankful for this opportunity.

A simple gathering or a toast with family closed friends or just by yourself to mark your new achievement in your life. Your success begins now.


To welcome new employee(s) party usually takes place in the work site. There will be teas, cookies and other foods prepared and served for the celebration of the incoming employee.

This is for employees who are joining the company for the first time. You can make a difference and uplift your career to a new start. Congratulations!


Wow! retirement is what I am waiting for and dreaming of. Working non-stop is sometimes endless and retirement is the hope that keeps us going. Some people feel it is a bitter-sweet moment.

A retirement party is when someone had been in this profession for a number of years or had reached the age of mandatory retirement. Whether the company or co-employees planned for the designated party for the retiree.

This is a glorious day for the retirees, they do whatever they wanna do and go wherever they wanna go. So, nice to retire with fat pocket and never to work again:)
A retired employee once said “Goodbye tension, hello pension”! and one said, “Retirement can be a great joy if you can figure out how to spend time without spending money”.

“The funny thing about retirement is it makes you realize the importance of medical insurance” as stated by a retiree.

FAREWELL PARTY, Going Away Party

This is a party send-off a loved one, friend, co-worker or someone you know with good memories. Good wishes and blessings are well thought of that person. It is not always a sad one but also celebrates your best effort and part of your life.

Despedida in Spanish word and I like the sound of it. In my life, I always have attended this party. It is half-sad and half-happy, this is what I always feel about despedida. But I do really like it.

Families, close friends, and acquaintances gather to send you off happily, excitedly and wishing you all the many blessings to come to you or you may find what you are aiming for. It may be the reason is due to financially, job or family.


It is a celebration of some kind of achievement in the family. It is a party when the owners moved to the new residence. This is to celebrate the first house or owning a house and call it home.

Owners host this celebration to present the new home to the other families, friends, neighbors and also a gift-giving to furnish the new house. This fosters new friendship to the new neighborhood or community as well.


Graduation is getting a diploma, an academic degree or a certificate from what you have studying from. It is the beginning and foundation of a career and a bright future ahead of it.

“Graduate” is the student who is having a graduation party. The graduation is called a commencement or invocation. To have this graduation party and celebrate is a step forward to something bigger, careerwise.

This is celebrated when one finishes her education and to welcome another step in a student’s success. An achievement of one’s life to start with or inspires other people that you can accomplish it too.

PASS A BIG EXAM Celebration

Well, this is for yourself or with a close family to be thankful for passing a big exam in your life. You profusely prepared for it, so you deserved a special treat in your accomplishment.


A welcome home celebration for a loved one, family or friend that had gone away for the reason of employment, join another family, illness, traveling or other reasons why that individual needs to be away from the place of origin for a certain period.

Welcoming this person means a lot to them and will cherish the memory of it. This is especially for people who have gone long enough that we miss them so much. It is to show how happy or overjoyed to welcome them back.

Get Well Soon is also a private celebration for the person who is just recovering from some health issues, wishing the individual for a fast recovery. Or, send messages to bring a smile or happiness to the person feeling ill.


It is a celebration of accepting Jesus Christ in his/her life in Christianity. Babies are baptized with the parental decision. Adults are baptized, decided and accepts Christ and the willingness to follow His good deeds and by the guidance of faith in God.

There are denominations and different ways how people are baptized. Different countries and traditions have their own approach to baptism. But, importantly this is a celebration of one’s faith, hope, and spirituality.

Holy Communion; this is the first communion of an individual after baptism. A celebration so that with prayer and faith (the host-bread and wine) becomes a means of experiencing God’s grace in a special way.

Confirmation; an individual receives the gift of Holy Spirit and strengthens the Christian life in a person who has been baptized and had received the holy communion.






This may be a grand opening of a shop, a store, coffee/flower shop or an outlet that customers avail of their daily needs. It is an opening of a new store/ shop or new owners/management.

Refreshments, snacks or other foods available for the community or customers are served to enjoy when they come to visit.

It is also the opportunity to advertise the goods, products and available services that the shop/store is offering.

This is a celebration for the owners of another achievement in the business venture of opening an additional source of income.


Just because is about an act of giving an appreciation to someone you know, a friend, a co-worker or family. It is human feeling to be thoughtful of someone. To think about him/her is special.

“No man is an island” a poem by John Donne; which means that we rely on each other.

By bringing chocolate, flowers, any goodies or sending a card/messages will do. To invite and enjoy a cup of coffee together and chat, lingers good memories is as good as having a good friend with you all the time.  Good memories last.


A Thanksgiving celebration is the most popular I’d say. We even do not know that we are grateful for something big or something small. People are unaware that they are doing the act of appreciation.

Some people will invite the families, friends and other people to celebrate Thanksgiving. Any good things that happened, that was provided, that was removed or answered prayers or those that are unanswered. Celebrate life!

A party with lots of food, drinks or games and so on. It’s a Thank You.


I have just mentioned some of these occasions to celebrate life. While there is life, there is hope. Therefore, peace will reign!

I have a comment section below, drop your lines and I will squeeze my reply for sure. Thank you very much for your time.



Gifts For Non Occasions

Depending on occasions, we always have at least few ideas for that particular special person. For non-occasions, gift ideas seemed to be skeptical for what to bring or give. Giving gifts for non-occasions is from us being so thoughtful with or without reasons. This non-occasion gift turns out are always the best.

What an Amazing Feeling to Receive Unexpectedly!

Out of the blue in an ordinary day, a package or a gift just landed on your doorstep or your hands, wow! and it is unexpected.

Or a friend came by and brought you a present. As a caring and thoughtful friend a decision to surprise that special person to bring a present that will astonish and start or finish his/her day brightly. What blessed day!

I ‘d call it “humble treasures”. Personalized accessories, fun printed t-shirts, mugs, books, fresh flowers and/or chocolates or sweets are few ways to express our appreciation, love and for just being simply here or simply you.

Personalized Gift Ideas for Non Occasions

These personalized few gift ideas are fun, brings back memories, creates inspiration or motivation, opens up new opportunities, mends and maintains relationships. And, of course, it is so unique that is only designed particularly for that special person.


A book of knowledge! A book of their interest, let’s say a book about health, life, investments, inspirational books, romance, how to curb your appetite – health books and tips how-to and any trending magazine or reading materials.

My Cool Unique Gift for a Non Occasion

It was a thin booklet! It is about daily inspirational quotes and thoughts to ponder. I am working overseas without my family, alone in a foreign country. Many distractions and challenges that I encounter every day and these tiny booklets appear bigger than any other gift I received in my life. It became my motivation and inspiration. I learned to become tenaciously stronger and my focus is set on my goals.

After All,

The expression of appreciation and thoughtfulness is expressed through gift giving and many more to mention. It is to the receiver’s and/or from giver’s cheerfulness, generous heart and of course the care and love of one’s relationship. These open up and further friendship or relationship.


I Love to Hear Your Thoughts!



Random Ideas That May be a Hit!

Millions of ideas are shared and unique thoughts for the celebrants are important. Deciding on something special or memorable are more challenging. I just did some researching and I want to share with you, my friends.

Random Finds One to consider is HEALTH.

How to incorporate healthy nutrients required by our body for someone who is really picky? I came across of a small kitchen gadget, the food processor, this will do the work and finish the messy job in seconds. Yes, seconds! It will be your best friend in the heart of your house, your kitchen!

Babies or children are often the picky eaters. Often the not, it is veggies that are not the most appealing to their eyes. Might just walk out from the table.

But, but the most effective way is pureeing and juicing for our picky eaters to eat, drink and gain the essential nutrients necessary for growth and development. It contains all the rich nutrients.

The little mouths would just be slurping without you noticing it because it is not what they see but what they taste.

My sister’s sons, 4 and 5 years old hated vegetables. She steams, cooks or tried shaping with different animal shapes and tried to even bribe these two but unsuccessful. Then, she mushed them and mixed with their favorite food or snacks and it was a hit! From then on, my sister started using a food processor that does the job for seconds saving her more time to spend with them. She can also prepare food in advance and freeze it and can just get and use it anytime or give it as snacks as well.

For sure, parents and caregivers always hope to have the essential nutrients for our body to be healthy and fit.

TWO is FITNESS or Exercise

Let them loose, play, jump, climb and run! Of course, with parents supervision at all times to ensure their safety and proper guidance. As per research and study, jumping and playing on the trampoline stimulates the brain’s cognitive skill and behavior of growing children.

THE BRAIN. The brain’s ability to assess risk and manage emotion are key factors that shape human’s behaviors and for decision making.

Trampoline jumping and other forms of physical or active play can help children understand their limits physically. Children are less likely to engage in dangerous physical behaviors at school and on the playground.


The jumper has to manage multiple tasks simultaneously when jumping on the trampoline such as balancing, bouncing, maintaining an upright position and to anticipate the next move.

There is a mental multi-tasking involved which is the effective way to practice the skill of concentration. This is essential to problem-solving and working efficiently and will result in a top mark on their tests and exams.

Trampoline jumping is an effective workout because as we know that during exercise or physical fitness this action causes blood to circulate to the heart then circulates oxygenated blood to the brain. Helps circulate oxygen throughout the body to increase energy. Regular jumping on the trampoline energies your body and increases its resistance.

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Thank You for Reading,  Jocelyn

What’s in Store For You This 2018?


Looking ahead on your horoscope here that I read an article that I want to share to all of you. This is just for an amusement read and to impart readers the best gift ideas for the celebrants!

Your Horoscope

ARIES ( March 21-April 19)

This year has positive vibes. Perhaps the most significant change will be the end of unexpected events from the past. Your sixth sense leads you in the right direction.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

Have No Fear! You sparkle and full of enthusiasm. This year is a flourishing one.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

Plans changes often. You are in the spotlight in a positive way. You can create many beneficial changes at home and at work. You are an inspiration.

CANCER (June 21- July 22)

Share with others; if you can think it, it can become a reality. Don’t try to conceal your feelings because your strength comes from your true emotions.

LEO( July 23-August 22)

Leo’s can makes errors but somehow everything will work out in your favor. Daily routine feels easier thus happiness is a reward. Anywhere you go, you always make friends easily.

VIRGO ( August 23- September 22)

Remain Flexible. Because of your excellent communication skills, it will expand your social and work life. Enjoy and love life. Live it up! Your smile goes a long way in helping others relax.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

An unexplored talent might be discovered. This talent could be a second source of income for you. Say “YES” to new ideas and be ready to try them.

SCORPIO (October 23- November 21)

Remeber that no matter how out of control life gets, Scorpio lands well. Have confidence in your beauty and charm. This year will be a year to remember!

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)

Your spirit soars this year! daily life is full of excitement. You know in your heart that there is nothing you cannot handle. Take time to chat with a friend.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)

Avoid being too serious. Understand that you are in the process of making a big personal change that will redefine your outlook on life that you will have pleasure. Just stay on course. Listen.

AQUARIUS ( January 20-February 18)

You will learn to let go! A new trait for you. Trust that everything will work out just fine. Be imaginative.

PISCES (February 19, March 20)

The ups and downs you experience this year will be worth it. You also are in the midst of realizing a long-term dream. Ask more questions and you will be thrilled with what you hear. Don’t overdo it!

Libra is my Horoscope!