Top 7 Gift Ideas for Overweight Children

Overweight children are becoming rampant here in the western part of the world. If we do not watch for our children’s diet they will end up obese or so have health problems then ending up with another problem or complications. In other words, it is harder to manage when they gain more weight.

“Prevention is better than cure” a slogan in one of the countries I have been.

As our children grow, parents need to watch and pay more attention to what, when and how children are consuming food. The choice of food, the amount and of course the quality of food eaten by the child.

Most of us are aware that one factor is eating junk foods, this plays a big role in gaining weight. Let me asked you, what’s in your pantry? Foods and other supplies for the whole week. Do you think chips, sodas or juices are a part of the supply to stock? These are just some questions to ask ourselves. To help children who are overweight in our household, our goal is to discourage them not to start eating junk foods but to have a healthy start in life. And it starts with a healthy diet, good habits and does physical exercise.

Choosing gift ideas for overweight children is quite an odd selection of topic. For me, this is the way how I want to inform other parents and make them aware that they are not alone. I wish to emphasize the relevance of keeping an eye to what’s going into your child’s mouth. Their snacks and lunches at school. Having to eat their greens, fruits and hydrating themselves with water but not soda. Children grow and learn new things every day.

I have a son, he is a regular built just last year, I have not been paying attention to what I put in my pantry and there he goes, he just takes and eats it. After 6 months or so, I noticed that he had become plump. After one year, we visited the doctor’s clinic for an annual check. The doctor confirmed that he was overweight and needed to shake off some of that belly fat.

I am shaken and worried. How did I not even tried to stop the bad habit of eating junk foods? He is only 10 years old, I thought to myself that if this continues, he will have health problems and of course a lot of scary thoughts going on in my mind. My son and I have a heart-to-heart talk, and with the whole family to help him. He promised to give up chips, fewer sweets. He is working on eating fewer carbohydrates like bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta.

Gifts for overweight children really requires a good selection. Consider his activities (home and school) whether a passive or an active activity. We do not want gifts that encourage weight gain like; video games or something that is stationary in nature (sitting).

Children have no control of it, so it is left to the adults to remind, educate and give them the appropriate healthy and nutritious foods. Also, reminders to help with the tasks to do household chores, exercise, and walking or doing things that require moving of their body but not stationary.

Let’s start with the Best Gift Ideas:

Gift Idea # 7

Toys or gadgets that are physically interactive or requires moving EI Remote control toy cars, airplane toy remote controlled. Kites, this needs a running movement to make it fly. The child lets him/her run against the wind to fly the kite. That is certainly fun!

The child runs without even knowing but having fun playing the kite. Burning calories unknowingly while doing exercise.:)

Hula hoops! Boys and girls can use these. Body twisting or movement is required to play these toy. I love it.

This hula hoop is not only for children but for adults as well. It is a challenge to use for first timers but you will learn it eventually. It is physically exciting and exhausting to play with but full of fun. Your body twists and keeps rolling that hips, the hips is where is supposed to keep the hula hoop going and going around your body 🙂

The whole family will definitely enjoy playing hula hoop, consider this, as a time well spent with your family.

Gifting these type of toys will also encourage them to enjoy outdoor activities but not only watching or playing video games.

Gift Idea # 6

Bicycles. This is one of the best gift ideas for children who are overweight. Parents are the models of their children. Biking around the neighborhood is a good way to bond with them.

Passing and stopping by the children’s park is one way to use his or her muscle to the monkey bars or the play structure. Your companionship, being with them and seeing them do things that they want to show you, uplifts your child’s confidence and proud of it.

As a parent myself, l support and guide them (sometimes with a fight:(), whew! sometimes it is called tough love!

Riding your bike is an outdoor activity, a helmet is a must-wear for the child’s safety. In some parts of Canada, it is a by-law to wear helmets when riding your bike, roller skates, skiing etc.

Gift Idea # 5

Skating Shoes, Roller skates, Skating boards. These sports wares are either indoors or outdoors. These are also exciting and enjoyable fun sports.

At school, students are encouraged to join any sports they are interested in. And at winter time, children go out during recess time, to take a walk or breathe fresh air.

To lose weight and not being overweight affects their mood, behavior and most especially their self-esteem. To reach and maintain the age weight or appropriate weight for them boosts the child’s confidence and self-esteem improves.

Gift Idea # 4

Shoes with roller wheels called Heelys Shoes

These pair of shoes are popular with those boys and girls who are growing up, it is pretty and cute to look at to be worn by his/her growing feet. It looks comfortable and so simple to walk on with the wheels at the heel part of the shoes.

By having these heelys shoes this encourages the child who is overweight to do some activity outside and not only staying inside playing video games and to watch movies or do passive activities. He may not lose the weight but that will encourage him and strengthens his muscles.

Well, let’s just think of the purpose why we are gifting this kind of gift. You have a double purpose, it is for him to enjoy and have fun while losing weight. So, it is a win-win situation! 🙂

Gift Idea # 3

Enroll him or her in sports or lessons of interest like; Taekwondo, Soccer, Basketball, Gymnastics, and others

Like, Taekwondo, this takes probably 45 minutes -1hour training and 2 to 3 times a week. This is one best gift idea for children to lose weight while enjoying their sports of interest. It is also one best way of utilizing their energy.
Through sports, it promotes positive traits in children. Integrity, loyalty, good behavior, compassion, teamwork/team building, sportsmanship and strong spirit! In sports, the child could also develop and set and/or start their own goals wetware in life or career.

Gift Idea # 2

Wii Sports, Just Dance Videos, Fit Bit Android Watch

Wii videos have been around for a while and I believe you own one or you are planning to get one. Wii has a lot of features as well. Playing this game also requires you as a participant to move or act constantly to be in the game.

This is a physical interactive game which your child plays while having fun. The whole family can pitch in and will certainly have the fun way to the moon!

I included Fit Bit Android Watch because this also allows the child to monitor vital signs and other features like heart rate, pulse, calories count, pedometer and so on. It is one way for the child to be taught the responsibility of taking good care of his health.

Gift Idea # 1


The camera is my number 1 gift idea as this opens up a lot of interesting behavior and characteristics of a child. What I mean is, you may see how your child sees, interacts, interpret or feels towards things and other people.

Owning their own camera gives them a sense of purpose, passion, and self-discipline. Also, when taking photos, the child won’t just be sitting but will move constantly. Taking photos is a good way for the child to walk, explore and be alert at all times to be able to photograph good images or to take your picture!

This is one of the best gift ideas I have compiled for my readers to enjoy and just have some ideas.

In closing, our children’s safety and their health are always our priority. Let’s be sensitive to their needs and pay close attention to what is not good that sways their attention. And, guide them to decide and come up with a better choice.

I do also have a suggestion, look for a book about weight loss for children that may also give us, parents, on how to follow up with children’s progress in a healthier way.

Wise decision or choice leads to lasting positive attitude and good health.

Any thoughts you can share? Leave it in the comment section below.


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*Disclaimer: This post is only the thoughts of the author and her alone. It does not intend any harm. Thank you.

What Not To Give as a Gift

It makes it unique when you choose a suitable and individually chosen gift for that certain person you wanna give a gift. This gift you present to a family, friend or an acquaintance is well likely chosen exclusively for that person.

But, there are items or things that are not supposed to give. You, mind you will not approve it, too.

Let us start…

# 1 Never recycle your gift. Never re-gift it.

Doing this is an expression of not being appreciative or not acknowledging the goodness of the gift-giver. It is understandable that you may have this item already or you just hated it. Remember, the gift that was handed to you was specifically picked for you.

Thinking about it is impolite to re-gift.

I once received a re-gift item and I felt that the gift-giver is just doing it because she/he has to. You do not need to give gifts if you are obligated. People give gifts because they want to and they desired to give.

# 2 Never give gifts when you are having ambivalent emotions. 

Hold on, hesitant to hand out a gift because of the known or unknown reason is a moment that you will regret after.

Though at times,  gifting is done through reciprocity. 

Find peace in your inner self. Then, determine what the best gift to give to that person you are planning to or not to hand a gift.

Understanding many reasons for your momentarily gift ideas will lead you to the right decision.

# 3 Never hand a damaged good or a gift that requires obvious fix/repair.

Gifting goods that obviously need repair can be damaging as well to your reputation. May it be known by yourself or not has the same outcome.

Including a gift receipt with the gift item is excellent. The receiver can always go back to the store/shop to have an exchange or switch to other goods.

# 4 Never hand a used item, goods or gift unless that item has a sentimental value for that person.

Yes, some people do this. The giver gifts a family or close friend something that is old but carries a meaningful and memorable event to the life of that certain person.

Though gifting is an act of giving, love or sharing, put yourself as a receiver & how will you feel to have handed a used gift.

Used gifts are not gifts at all. The giver is branded as being thrifty or whatever you call it.

# 5 It is called an unwanted gift. 

These are gifts that the receiver does not need or does not want it ever.

The receiver may put it in the garbage, donate to charity, give it away and some may re-gift it (no, no, no).

Regifting is # 1 not to give as a gift.

In Conclusion

Gifts are willingly given to someone without expecting a payment or return. A gift is given to provide happiness, excitement or a smile to that person. Though at times, a gift is reciprocated.

Gifting is done to because you enjoy to give, share your wealth, spread love, establish friendship and, it is a tradition or custom.

You, the giver have the intent of giving.

Any ideas to add? Or any experiences that you want to share? Drop me a line to the comment section and I will gladly share it. Thank you.



Just So You Know!

Child’s Development & Stages To Help With Gift Ideas


Giving gifts to a child depends on their age. Children of different ages develop their own personalities, learning abilities and of course have different needs. It’s the first 5 years of the children’s life development are the most critical stage; physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. The following age development will just give you some insights into what gift ideas you will give as a present and the best decision that assures you have the best gift ever.


1-2 MONTHS OLD: Babies can support her/his head; more so awake in every hour or so. Drinks milk often, cat-nap sleep mostly, likes to be warm all the time- not happy if feeling cold. She/He loves hugs and kisses. The more she/he is engaged the more she/felt secured and TRUST starts to develop.

3-4 MONTHS OLD: She/He starts to laugh and communicates with soft murmuring sound (Coo) to parents, sibling and/or caregiver. Her/His extremities (hands and feet) mesmerizes his/her attention. Loves to listen when you are talking and read to her/him. Baby needs milk and food are slowly introduced. Loves music (IE lullabies) and when you sing for her/him. Likes something to pull on, soothing animal sound or something comforting and a toy or something to bite on.  

5-8 MONTHS OLD: At this age, babies start to roll over to their side, crawls and sits with support. Reaches to toys (will try many times until successful) handed and holds or grasps tightly. Loves to see her/his image in a mirror. Finishes most of the food given. Babbles to communicate, enjoys being tickle, dance to and fascinated by the surroundings.

9-11 MONTHS OLD: Busy Buddy! Explores everything. Crawls, sits and pulls on to furniture, eats anything (edible or non-edible) that interest her/him. Locks to medicine cabinets, household cleaners and other unsafe things around the house is needed; sharp objects may it be small or big is kept for baby’s safety. Social interaction is essential with other babies, responds well when other babies are happy or sad. Educational toys appropriate for this age stage.

12 MONTHS OLD: Pulls self up and can sidestep around furniture; starts walking. Curious and interested in a lot of things, I mean anything. Touches everything; it is important to have a safe area to move around. Reading, singing or music always captivates his/her attention and enjoys it a lot.

These insights are just to provide some cool and best gift ideas ever to readers for the little ones. Surely, I’d be writing and posting the next stages but for now, THIS IS IT, FRIENDS!

If you have some questions, insights, and suggestions please leave your sincere comments below.