Best Sellers in Children’s Toys & Games June 2018

1. VTech Turn and Learn Driver

Children learn fun to drive with this Turn & Learn Driver toy by VTech. That little hands will have fun pretending to drive using this toy’s steering wheel that will move the dog character back and forth. By pressing the 5 buttons with different colors will have this toy introduced different animals and vehicles.

The toy car has also had three different modes to play.  Your child learns animals, driving & music. It does need AA batteries. This toy is intended for ages 6 months to 3 years old.


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: APPROX 8.9 X 10.8 X 4.3 inches

Weight: 1.9 lbs.

MODEL NUMBER: 80-166600


  • # 1 in Toys & Games-Electronic Learning Toys & Systems
  • #1 in Toys & Games- Cars, Trucks, Boats & Planes
  • #70 Top 100 in Toys & Games
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars


The shapes & sharing picnic basket are a great learning process for the little ones to explore. The shapes & colors are fun and exciting. This also develops early good manners, courtesy, giving and sharing. There are 30 audio responses that encourage pretend play. This also helps develops & builds their motor skills. Intended for children ages 6- 36 months.


PRODUCT DIMENSION: APPROX 7.8 X 13.7 X 8.5 inches


MODEL #: 80-1917E


  • #2 in Toys & Games-Learning
  • #2 in Toys & Games_ Electronic Learning Products/ Toys
  • #148 in Toys & Games-Top 100 in Toys & Games
  • Has 4.8 out of 5 stars


Lumistick Glow Sticks- Illuminates, celebrates & captivates. it is the best brand in the market. It has 100 Lumistick brand luminescent light bracelets that each tube contains a mix of 5 colors. You will be having also a 100 connectors so you could connect each end and can make a bracelet or necklace or whatever shape you want to create of your own. The glow will last between 8-10 hours, then it will start to fade but will still emit light up to 36 hours as per manufacturer.

The glow sticks are not radioactive, non-toxic and not flammable. They have a shelf life of two years if you have not used them all, so can still keep and use the remaining on other occasions.


Best Seller Rank:

  • #2 in Toys and Games>Light-up toys
  • #5in Toys and Games>Electronics for Kids
  • Has 4.1 stars out of 5 stars

4. Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle Target Toss Game With Four Self-Stick Bean Bags 

This kid’s toys promotes motor skills, interpersonal skills, counting skill and hand to eye coordination. This functions on the floor, wall or freestanding and it works both indoors and outdoors.

This ideal for team play, great for parties or individual play. It is easy to keep for a storage, just fold and store. You can also bring on your camping, or any location you want your kids to be entertained.

Has a sturdy non-wobbling stand and 4 color-coded self-stick bags.  Your child or children will find a sense of satisfaction and excitement by merely tossing their bean bag to there target. Aiming to the specific number will also add more enthusiasm and appreciates numbers.



WEIGHT: 1.35-1.37 LBS




  • #1 in Toys and Games>Learning & Education>Early developmental Toys
  • #4 in Sports & Outdoors>Sports & Fitness>Outdoor Games & Activities
  • #11 in Toys & Games>Baby & Toddler Toys

5. Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

It is a junior chemist introduction & exploration to the world of science to your child or children. It is a Do-it-yourself Science kit but with adult supervision. No expertise required to do this small experiments.

This is a 20-piece kit that allows your child or children to explore their basic curiosity on Science, from chemical reactions to basic science tools.

Represents STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principles.

Chemicals included in the kit are Red cabbage powder, citric acid, baking soda, 3 color tablets, vegetable oil, cornstarch and crosslinked polyacrylate copolymer.

These Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing kit supplies include 2 cotton swabs, 3 test tubes with stands, 3 plastic cups, pipette, 2 sticks, 2 measuring scoops, and activity guide.

Recommended for children 6 years old and above with adult supervision.

The kit is equipped with almost everything you need to create in a mind-blowing exciting & colorful experiment.






  • #1 in Toys & Games >Learning & education>Science
  • #88 in Toys & Games (Top 100 in Toys & Games)
  • Has 4.5 stars out of 5 stars


These toy dinosaurs bring fun & excitement to toddlers and older kids.  It starts to develop their motor skills through play. These toys are built to last!

You can bring these toys for your child/children to anywhere you go, bring with you when you travel, camping or even beside his/her bed. It is safe for the children and environment. It is BPA free, lead-free.

It is a great gift for boys & girls. It comes with different cool and exciting colors that easily attracts the little one to eagerly play with it. It has NO sharp edges so it is safe for the little hands to play with.

It is durable and can be kept for the younger siblings to enjoy as well.




RECOMMENDED AGE: 24 months & up


  • #1 in Toys & Games>Learning & Education>Science
  • #135 in Toys & Games>Preschool
  • #278  in Toys & Games(Top 100 in Toys & Games)
  • 4.8 stars out of 5 stars


This Stomp Rocket JR glow-in-the-dark so it will be seen through the dark night when stomped. It is totally kid-powered. Children run, jumps and stomps on it to launch this rocket up in the air.

It is an all-foam rocket that is great for the kids; ages 3 & up or a solo play game. It glows in the dark and it is fun on the day. It is strong and durable, it is also great & active outdoor play.

In the package, it includes a stomp launcher and 4 glow stomp rockets. You do not need batteries to operate the toy. It is easy to assemble.

This is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) toy. it is a core subject that develops your children’s interest in robotics, computers, and science.

Stomp Rocket has received many awards which include the “The Creative  Child and Top Toy of the Year Award for 2017”.


  • #1 Toys & Games>Hobbies>Rockets>Model Rockets
  • #2 Toys & Games>Sports & Outdoor Play>Blasters & Outdoor Play
  • #1 Toys & Games>Learning>Education>Science
  • 4.3 stars out of 5 stars
  • Recommended to 8 years old and up

MODEL #: 20005

DIMENSIONS: 1 X 1 X 10 in




This is a 2-in-1 basketball hoop and soccer net for toddlers to play. Two way to play for your toddler. Presence of animated LED lights up the scoreboard when your toddler or your child makes a score. It scores to 10.

It has different colors and music that also encourages the child to keep on playing or continue. This develops your child’s motor skills, interpersonal skills, and positive behavior.

It has different colors, shape buttons, 50+ songs, sounds, and phrases for your child to discover and explore. It includes basketball to use for shooting and a soccer ball for your child to kick to enjoy.


PRODUCT DIMENSION: 16.5 X 22.8 X 24 in

WEIGHT: 1.28 oz

MODEL #: 80-156300

RECOMMENDED AGE: 12 months- 3 years old


  • #1 Toys & Games>Preschool>Counting in Math
  • #1 Toys & Games>Systems & Accessories
  • # 1 Toys & Games> Preschool>Toddler Toys>Learning>Hand & Eye Coordination.
  • #94 Toys & Games (Top 100 Toys & Games)
  • 4.5 stars out of 5 stars
  • Requires 3AA batteries


There are electrical parts with hands-on experience designing and building models of working electrical circuits for your child. This just snaps together and does not require tools to play and ensure right connections.

This includes 30 parts and instructions for over 100 projects. It includes how to build working models of a photosensor, flashing light, and adjustable siren sound or volume.

Has received an award from The National Parenting Center-Seal Approval, Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products,  Dr. Toy Best Educational Products.

This is where your child/ children learn while having fun, bring out their creativity by designing their own electronic circuits.  It helps develops their motor skills,  brings out ideas and encourages more learning.

Recommended for 8 years and up



WEIGHT: 1.55 lbs



  • #1 Toys & Games>Learnining & Education>Science>Electronics
  • 4.8 stars out of 5 stars
  • AA Battery required


Your child discovers crystals treasure when breaking these rocks to find breathtaking crystals inside. It has a colorful variety of hand-selected geodes for the experiment.

Geodes are 100% natural. The sizes vary, that may fit perfectly well for your child to keep his/her hands on.

Learning Guidelines is included inside the box for your child to learn how geodes are formed and found in nature.

This inspires your child to be the next scientist, but one of the greatest in the future.  It is fun for the whole family to do and an educational treasure game as discovering crystal treasure enthusiasts.

As one parent reviews, use caution with eye protectors as they have used a hammer to break it open. Nevertheless, other people believed they are real gems!

This is a National Geographic Toys provides 100%  satisfaction guarantee, which inspires people to love & care for the planet.

NOT recommended for children under 3 years old.

Manufacturer recommended age: 6 to 15 years old



WEIGHT: 2.9 lbs



  • #1 Toys & Games >Nature & Exploration Toys
  • #1 Industrial & Scientific>Science Education>Specimens
  • #2 Toys & Games>Learning & education>Geology & Earth Sciences
  • 4.3 stars out of 5 stars

Top 10 Best Gift Ideas & Souvenirs to Former High School Friends

High school life is somehow one of the most memorable in a student life. You had your crushes, your childhood sweetheart, close friends, best friends and some classmates that you just feel simply as classmates.

It’s full of life, the laughter you shared, a lot of jokes that are funny to you but somehow annoying to your classmates, a lot of excitement and fun! Though high school subjects/courses are quite challenging. Congratulate yourself you have managed to achieved your dream and finished till the end and now successful career-wise and family wise.

High school is where it starts. You develop, discovers your likes, and even know something more about yourself, and know better about yourself!

Being a teen and in high school is quite a life, yes it is and it is all in 4 years time!

Both my husband and I have the same high school Alma mater but graduated in different years.

My inspiration to write about this blog was our recent high school’s alumni homecoming event in our hometown Kapangan, in the Philippines. It is such an inspiration and motivation to see those videos, images or photos that are posted on Facebook, IG by high school friends who have attended.

Going further, this sweet emotional high school memory has to have something to talk about when meeting each other. Wherever, whatever and whenever you are; is indeed a good recollection of our past life.

So here it is;

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 10


Personalized items such as T-shirts, key chains, mugs, can openers and other small items. These are at least small items and easily tucked into your luggage or in your backpack. It is also affordable if it is bought on sale or take a couple of it at a discounted price. These T-shirts are perfect and lovely to hand to former high school friends as souvenirs or gifts.

Don’t you agree?

CAPS/HATS. This has been an old timer gift ideas for both the ladies and gentlemen. Has much usage whether it is to shade, for therapeutic use or plainly just an accessory.

Caps/Hats are a light, small and stylish outfit that creates a different calming aura when used.

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 9

For the Girlfriends: MAKE-UP KIT, LIP GLOSS or LIPSTICK

It is an excellent gift and souvenir ideas for your girlfriends. Must be a delightful present; it is a must-have accessory for the ladies as we know it. When choosing a makeup kit, be mindful of skin sensitivities. You need to choose the non-sensitive, neutral color or bright colors that suit their skin tone or perhaps their preference. If you are familiar with them, that is so easy to pick.

If not, you may pick the neutral colors that are simple but elegantly beautiful if it’s put on. When having trouble and doubting what to picked, take and grab a red lipstick or lip gloss. 🙂 Your trouble is solved! Most women love to wear or apply red lipstick or red lip gloss.

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 8


This is one of the best gift or souvenir idea for your former high school buddies. This is also a must-have for the boys for their daily grooming unless they go to the parlor every 4-6 weeks for their hair and mustache/beard. 🙂

I think hair gel is a must with the boys as the same with the lips gloss for the ladies, right? Hair gel is a must for my husband’s hair, he thinks!

These are small items that are just simple ways to let your friends feel that they’re a part of your growing up and who you are today.

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 7

GOODIES/ TREATS. Like chocolates, special biscuits or cookies or a signature food from the place or area you came from or you have traveled, stayed or visited.

This is also one of the best gift ideas to gift your friends. With chocolates, this is the most popular treats to hand to friends. You can buy it in bulk and will save you a bit.

Looks like that most of us have a sweet tooth. It is so rare to meet someone who does not care about sweets or chocolates.

Therefore, I think, this is supposed to be the # 1  best gift idea or souvenir to hand to your former HS friends. But, it is my number 7 as the best gift idea. ‘Cause it is for me. Read on and you will know…

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 6

COFFEE is the best “tool” for communication with friends to start with. It is a universal language when meeting up friends, families or acquaintances. Coffee or something to drink would go along way for a conversation.

It may sound simple nevertheless it meant a lot to someone to share a cup with!

Coffee ground or instant coffee in containers are the type of coffees that I know of. Wait, pod coffees, however, this type is not that I suggest of because you need to have a coffee machine brewer that has the size & type that fits of the coffee pods. Let’s just keep it simple!

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 5

A BOTTLE OF WINE TO SHARE. Yes, a bottle of red wine or a signature wine/something special to share with your old friends. Just to forget work or stressful day, it is beneficial to talk and unwind. Thinking about your high school memories, your escapades, and naughtiness. 🙂 It is super awesome to look back & fun to talk about.

The spirit of alcohol might create pleasant feelings, thoughts or not what you have expected. So, a bit of “holding your horses” when somethings’ come up is necessary.

A wine opener is one best souvenir idea to give to friends, too. There are personalized wine openers that can be purchased perfectly for gifts.

FLOWERS/ROSES. For old time sake, a bunch of flowers to your girlfriends are sufficient. Well, I know it is very common of bringing in some of this fresh flowers but, if you are in a hurry, this is an excellent acceptable present, of course!

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 4

SCARFS for the Ladies or TIES for the Men. I choose a scarf that is sort of like thin/light and long to give to the ladies considering its versatile use. You may use as a warmer, of course, could also use as a head covering, an accessory to your daily costume to work, office or when attending a party. And, it can be a belt or to hold onto your pants/dress when you need one.

Ties for men is a lasting souvenir to your friends. Ties can be fancy yet a small accessory for a good purpose. In some countries, ties are not worn or not a part of a costume. Nowadays, it is becoming a universal part of a formal costume.

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 3

EMOLLIENTS, PERFUMES OR COLOGNE. These are also one of the best and straightforward souvenir ideas.

These beauty products have pretty, cute, and small bottles or containers perfected for gifting.

Bringing it with you is another story. If you are flying, ensure that it is inside your luggage and it is sealed properly to prevent spillage. And, check out the rules and regulations of the country you are taking these items, just to be safe.

The best ideas to gift are perfumes, too. Some people are sensitively allergic to strong perfumes or smell thus knowing whom to give or present is easy than doubting if your gift is possible or not.

Here’s The Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 1 & 2

BOOK A SPECIAL DINNER AT A RESTAURANT OR BAR. This is it! YOURSELF to meet and greet your old high school buddies/friends face to face. Reminiscing your past happy memorable high school days, having dinner with each other is a big deal of happiness.

Sharing your past and present life is a bond between you as friends for life.
This is truly an amazing high school reunion!

Don’t you think?


I wish to hear your high school memories or if you ever attended one of your high school reunions. Please leave it in the comment section to share.

Thank You,



Top 10 Best Gift Surprises To Mothers

“God could not be everywhere so He created mothers” Jewish Proverb.

A quote from Mother Theresa, ” Some people comes in your life as blessings. Some come in your life as lessons”.

Best Gift Surprise #1: YOU!

YOU, and you and you!

Have you seen your mother lately? or if you are living near her, have you told her that you love and miss her?

Your mother will be awestruck upon learning that you are going to see and visit her.

Or better, surprised her:)! Just bring the basics, a bunch of her favorite flowers, a bottle of wine for you and her to share, and perhaps a date to you memorable restaurant.
Cake! my son blurted out a “cake”. Yes, she needs that sweet deliciously & freshly baked cake to celebrate. Also, to have you and her is a surreal grateful feeling and a blessing.

Best Surprise # 2: Plant

Plant. It is a live plant, you know her preference and favorite plant or flowers. Something for her to nurture and care every day is perfect. She won’t get bored.

A mother put her children’s interest first before hers, it rarely happens the reverse. Mother is always a mother!

Gifting her a plant is one perfect idea.

Best Surprise # 3: Purse/Bag

Purse/Bag. Accessories are very important to women at all times. It is one of the greatest inventions of mankind that benefits all of us, men, women, and LGBT. Without purse or bag, it ends up in the pocket or none…lost!
Perhaps, a designer purse for your mom is an excellent idea and if your budget allows it. If not, a beautiful wallet or a coin purse will be one of the gift ideas. Couple it with you made up simple surprises like preparing and serving her favorite breakfast/ meal. She will love that simple but surprisingly sweet gesture from you.

Best Surprise # 4: Jewelry

Jewelry. This is one of the most popular Mother’s gift. I am thinking of not including on my list but my other side of me says to write it on, so here it is.

Mothers are always grateful for whatever you gave to her. Also, to personalize the jewelry you are giving is even more exciting. Let say, engraved her children’s name or grandchildren name, birthstone or initials, favorite mother’s quotes, and/or a simple “heart shape”.

Best Surprise # 5: Cellphone

Cellphone with a case. All over the world, this is the most popular gadget used. A cell phone is an almost must-have for people but a must have to our mothers. I know that your mom has one or two but an outdated version. Why not update her cellphone :)?

Yes, update it to a newer version. You can show her and catch up with this fast-paced generation of technology.

Also, it is good to connect and get in touch with her often. If you are living a fair distance away from her, you both can use a video call using her cell phone.

Best Surprise # 6: Travel

Book her to travel or send her to a gate away short vacation. You already know what I mean!

She will grab her stuff any minute to travel. That’s what I am feeling right now seeing this view! There are travel agencies who can assist you to get the best deal packages for you dear mother.

Best Surprise # 7: Camera

Camera. I always thought of these small gadgets for this is a basic need for traveling. It is easy to pack, to keep (just takes a small space in her table or closet). Not only for traveling, but for any time used to capture memorable moments.

A video cam might be also a good idea for a surprise gift for her, why not. This is not so popular as cellphone has its own camera and videos as well.

Best Surprise # 8: Book

One of the best mother’s day gift is her favorite book. You may find you mother in good mood for her favorite author or a bestseller book of her interest.

An e-book is also a surprise gift idea.

Best Surprise # 9: Laptop or a Tablet

Laptop or a Tablet. This is one unique gift for a mother on Mother’s day. She’ll be thrilled and euphoric when she opens and sees her gift. She could bring it with her wherever she goes.

I have a hand me down laptop that I am using at present and I have to run the cleaner so it will smoothly work better and faster. So, just a heads up, make sure you install a cleaner that will automatically clean the laptop whenever it is scheduled.

Here comes one of my favorites!

Best Surprise # 10: Ticket to a Live Concert/Opera

Ticket to a Live Concert/Opera. The Best mother’s gift also is to purchase a concert/ opera ticket to watch. Bring your mom to watch live a concert of her favorite band or singer! Mother always has their own specials, you may never know, but still, she has at least one hobby.

As a mother myself, I like good surprises. The simplest one always gets me emotional. Myself, I do not expect big or something fancy. But I do have my dreams that are left hanging or I put it aside for the reason that I have my obligation and my children’s needs as the priority. I believe most mothers feel that too.

Children to surprise their mother to watch her favorite band or singer perform live is a unique gift for a mother in a lifetime. It is a memorable enjoyment of her life. Perhaps, one check off from her bucket list.

Mothers are Created and Not Made!

What can you say? Leave your thoughts. Thanks.


Top 7 Electronic Gift Ideas of 2018

Presenting the Top 2018 Electronic Gift Ideas that will help you guys to come up with a surprise for your loved ones, friends, comrades or for yourself. The ranking of number is of your own choosing that you feel it is what you are for IT!

1. Wireless Headphone or Earphones

This is one of the basic and simplest best gift ideas for all ages except children ( parents can decide if their children are ready to use this kind of electronics). It has been improved and modified over the years to deliver the best quality product that you can enjoy thus still one of the best.

A wireless headphone is usually used when you don’t want any wire or cable hassles. One reason, for me, is Ido not want to disturbed somebody with the theatrically sound of what I am watching. It is easy to do the setup and to put on those headphones.

You can use your headphone or earphone when someone is sleeping & do not want to wake and disturbed that person with the loud music or sound. Also, when you are listening to a “secret” or confidential matters, you may use headphones. Doing any household chores, writing, or whatever you are doing, you use it to listen to your favorite music while you do your routine tasks.

Earphones: I like these, too. My son who’s 10 loves to put on this. He thinks it’s cool. I allow him to use so he could also listen to the music the likes. But, before that, I need to do what other parents do to find out first what he’s up to.

Both of these are simple gift ideas that are adorable and super easy to find. You can easily find in the store or just have to order online.

2. Dash Camera

Dash camera is made for our safety but not a luxury. I find this as one of the best gift ideas as it has its practical use and purpose. For the driver, this acts as a second pair of their eyes to prevent from accidents and definitely for safety issues.

Vehicles nowadays are most equipped with all of these new gadgets. You can self-install in your car if you do not have one that is built in or if it is defective, you can let somebody who knows will install it for you.

I think and feel that dash cameras will be a must-have to all vehicle one day in the coming future.

Keep in mind that these small gadgets but beautiful are one of the best gift electronic ideas.

3. Blue Tooth Beanie

Wow, I have not heard this until my son interrupted and suggested to me this gadget. He says “How about a Bluetooth beanie?”. I wonder & asked myself what could this be? It turns out to be the most super cool best gift ideas. Bluetooth beanie, I will get one for myself.

This is one of the coolest gift ideas that is simple but elegant. You will never suspect that it has a tiny electronics embedded in it. Finding the item might be a challenge but there is always a way! It is one of the gadgets you, adults, teenagers and for the seniors to definitely try.

You know, when the weather is blue, you could be entertained and kept solidly warm by wearing it. It has a double purpose. I am certainly getting this as a gift to one of my family this Christmas or birthdays.

Blue tooth beanie has also different styles, has removable parts so you could launder if it smells of sweat and something more.

4. Hair Blower/Dryer

This is one of the most popular best gift ideas to both man and women. I actually like to receive one of these and still have my 16 years old hair blower working, can still do the job it supposed to do. I may need a replacement for my hair blower anytime soon.

Dyson hair bower is a durable hair blower that is worth giving as a gift.

The other day, I was listening to a local radio. He just reported that a “young adult cooked a crispy chicken with the use of her Dyson hair blower”. I don’t know if this is true but honestly, this hair blower is a beauty and power.

Using this blower may speed up the time to hair blow and style your hair. Manual must be read and directions are to be followed for the safety of the user.

5. Bank Charger or portable power bank charger.

You need to keenly look for what is compatible with the gadgets you have. These are excellent best gift ideas for its use. It is light, sleek and easy to pack, you can bring it anywhere you travel. This is one of the must-haves if you travel frequently or if someone is forgetful to charge their own mobile or electronic gadgets.

It is perfect to use when your small gadgets are out of power. Having a spare to use is sometimes a lifesaver or I must say IT is a lifesaver. But before packing it, you must have to check if it is charged. That is why it is called power bank.

Having it with you means that you have a reserved power at all times. And that is one less worry.

6. Vacuum Robot

This is like having extra hands or a house helper to do all the vacuuming in your house. There is a timer to set and off it goes to do the sucking of the dust. It needs charging though before doing all the vacuuming task around your living room.

A remarkable housemaid we have in town at present that does not complain and easy to manipulate:). It does not talk back either.

I know for sure, one of the best and coolest gift ideas to a mother, wife, girlfriend or to yourself. There are many types of robot vacuums in the market that you can choose from and of course, the prices vary as well.

This has been long enough to the market but much improved now with extra features and much safer to use.

7. Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless camera is a darling, it is light, smaller and has a better photo takes or images taken compared to a standard camera.

The best gift idea to a person who is fond of taking photographs as a hobby, family use & others.

One of my top wishes is to own one of this mirrorless camera. My daughter bought this camera and loves it. It is her gift to herself from her first job wage she had. She brings her camera everywhere and takes beautiful fine photos.

8. Other

Your choice!

Wireless Electronic Cellphone Charger. Isn’t it great? You don’ t need to plug your phone, you can just put it on top of the charger. Life is getting better, and people are very innovative. New ideas are popping out everywhere. It is really exciting for people to try it out. One of the best gift ideas I have in mind.

Cat Eye Stainless Road Stud. These are stainless road stud to use at night. Neon lights are charged naturally by sunlight. Soon as dark hits, the neon lights automatically light up each night up to 10 hours.

This is designed for safety when you are out of the road. These can be used also on a wall or fence that will reflect or lights up at night so vehicles or people will be cautioned. This is a unique gift idea.

Perhaps, I have mentioned this already from my previous blogs, Nintendo Switch.

This is perfect for growing boys or girls. It can accommodate one or two players and can switch to a larger screen (example TV screen). This has been a hit to teenagers but generally for all ages.

Here’s the Top 7 Electronic Gift Ideas This 2018.

It is all up to you what is your best bet to give to the celebrant. That’s all up to you… I have just laid options, cost wise vs trending vs needs vs quality.

Please leave your thoughts and I will get back to you!


Thank you


Top 8 Best Souvenir Ideas

Souvenirs are items or things bought from where you have traveled and brought it back home to give away to friends,
relatives or acquaintances.

These are tokens from the place you traveled or went to visit that reminds you the beauty of that place.

Also, these are items from a location or a part of your life that has a special touch of it.

The Best Souvenir Idea #1


Most commonly bought and brought home are the local’s antique’s products that have their name city, country or anything about that item written on it.

That items represent that place where you have traveled and visited. It reminds or has always a story about it that you could relate to it. Souvenir From Rome Just like the picture here, it is a souvenir from Rome.

My daughter got one like this image above for me when she went to visit her cousins in Italy then they visited Rome.

 The Best Souvenir Idea #2


This is one of the popular items to bring home with you and let your family taste the good food from that place you just visited.

And how the people have prepared and their local ingredients added that makes it unique and tasty.

There are many specialty foods, teas or desserts sold on the local market and it is intended for visitors or tourists. The locals also have special packaging for it so it won’t get spoiled.

Bringing foods home or on a place, you are traveling as a souvenir or a treat is absolutely astounding. Believe me, they will love it and will ask for more.

The Best Souvenir Idea # 3


It is not what you are thinking! These accessories are inexpensive that has at least a connection with the place that you have traveled.

These are one of the best souvenir ideas that you can ever think of it as well.

The advantage of this is easy to pack or just tucked it in your luggage, no big deal of space. You will not even know that you are carrying it.

Mind you, the ladies and children will love these souvenirs you are bringing to them.

The Best Souvenir Idea # 4


If you have little nieces or baby sisters, this is a hit!

I remember when I was a little girl that even with my short hair I still like to have a colorful hair clip or a head/hair band to put on my black hair. These are small items but it brings a priceless happiness for the children who receive it.

Hair ties are also a must for little girls with long hairs. This has a versatile use, not only for little ones but for adults as well.

From the past, I received and gave these as souvenirs for my sisters, nieces, and children of my relatives and was really cool.

I can still visualize the children’s infectious smile in my mind.
These hair accessories are also affordable, simple and easy to tuck in your luggage as well.

I always select and go with the small items since it is convenient and not creating hassles on my luggage and safe to bring.

The Best souvenir Idea # 5



These souvenir items are popular for the gentlemen.

Sunglasses is a must for protection from the rays of the sun or used for a fashion or an accessory.
Caps are really useful, either to protect them from the sun or to hide something that is missing or something else. 🙂 Sorry guys:(

But I do know you have to have at least two or more caps in your lifetime.

The belt would be also a knockout, I mean they’d love it! Most men use belt casually and formally, whether in the office or there is a celebration and in any time.

This one souvenir the guys love to have one. Even they own more than 2 or 3 they want one more to add to their collection.


I am thinking of the same items- SUNGLASSES and BELTS (except for the cap), SCARF or PURSE

Well, well, well. This is interesting!

As you can see or picture the images in your mind, these items are simple but elegantly beautiful.

You could always buy one or more and keep one for yourself. Right? 🙂 I will do that because 🙂 I wanted to own one of these items as well.

It would be a good memory coming from the unforgettable place I visited.

These are my favorites (since I really love these accessories); the purse and scarf!
It is one of the best and popular souvenir ideas for teenagers, adults and for our mothers or friends.

Next time of your travels, your family will be eagerly waiting for your return for the reason that YOU have interesting souvenirs for them and of course many stories and adventures to share.

The Best Souvenir Idea # 6


Bringing these personalized items for your family, friends or acquaintances refreshes each memory every time it is worn by the person you have given.
Also, it is has a nice feeling of seeing them using it.

It brings back memories and it contemplates the good travels and journey to that place.

Perhaps, one day you might plan to go back and visit the place once again. You are a good travel planner so you have all the ability to make it happen.

Personalized items are one of the best to have and to give as souvenirs. I personally happen to really like this, too.

The Best Souvenir Idea # 7


Stuff toys are also nice and good as souvenirs. My personal choice is the soft and medium sizes. Before, I know that the popular ones are teddy bears or animal kinds of stuff.

These days, the popular and favorites ones are the one in the Disney characters shows or movies. They are sooo cute. It’s the most lovable stuff toys ever.

I am sure this will be the lovely softest souvenir, especially for your dearest one.

As a remembrance, this is also a long-lasting souvenir, a nice toy or a display.

The Best Souvenir Idea # 8



What would you wish to have as a souvenir for yourself?

I would leave that to you to think about those beautiful items and things you have seen at the shop or places during your travels, visits and your adventures in your life.

You decide!

Finally, these are best souvenir ideas that I can think of. I would love to hear your souvenir ideas as well.

Kindly leave your ideas in the comment box. Thank You!



Jocelyn (



10 Top Best Gift Ideas For Male with Dementia &/ or Alzheimer’s


I have heard and read a beautiful and inspiring poem

by T.H. PALMER about perseverance. It is called “Try Again”. It goes this way…


‘Tis a lesson you should heed,

If at first you don’t succeed

Try, try again;

Once or twice, though you should fail,

If you would at last prevail

Try, try again;

If we strive, ’tis no disgrace
Though we do not win the race;
What should you do in the case?

Try, try again

If you find your task is hard,
Time will bring you your reward,

Try, try again

All that other folks can do,
Why, with patience, should not you?
Only keep this rule in view:

Try, try again.



A great popular poem about determination and perseverance.

With dementia and Alzheimer’s, caregiver requires a lot of patience, perseverance, dedication, and compassion.

And, the client itself needs perseverance and a lot of encouragement, cueing and initiation to be able to do simple tasks for his daily routines.

Best Gift Idea # 10

Elastic Waistband Pant

My selection will be the same as with number 10 with the ladies. The elastic waistband pants or sweatpants is the simplest and easiest when it comes to going to the toilet to void or defecate.

It is warm, cozy, and not complicated for them to put on and when taking it off. When using the toilet to eliminate, the guys have a very easy job, a piece of cake! The simpler their task the better.

WHY? This prevents the feeling of frustration and start of low self-esteem. Frustration or feeling upset is a challenge in managing than just making his tasks simple, plain and no hassles. A belt is not necessarily worn.

But if it is needed, try a very simple one press belt for him.

Keep it simple at all times and that,  their independence is maintained ( most of them prefers to be independent)  and dignity is intact.

The Best Gift Idea #9

Shaving Kit / Electric Shaver

Man’s old-time activity since they started shaving at a young age is to start their day with this daily routine, shave. It is a long time part of their life.

Manual shaver does the job but for men with dementia; their span of attention is shortened thus shaving needs to be brief and efficiently done without hurting or causing a skin breakdown.

An electric shaver is much safer for him to handle than the manual shaver. Caregivers are always advised to stay put for his safety.

The Best Gift Idea # 8

Body Pillow or Soft Stuff Toy Animals

Yap, he likes cuddling. This body pillow is also useful when in bed, it is used as a soft guard against the wall or railing.

It is used as a shield just by merely putting the pillow in bed beside him.


This is one, interactive stuff toy animals, of the best gift ideas for him to just hold onto it.

Try to choose the interactive toys like the ones that have sounds, and movement.

It is sort of like a companion, a soft stuff toy like a cat or a dog. According to study, this helps to soothe and calm them.

The Best Gift Idea # 7

Socks and/or Long Sleeves

When thinking of buying him a shirt, consider long sleeves.

This is necessary for him. This protects or covers his sensitive skin, and provides him warmth as well.

Socks is surely a necessity for the old tired arthritic feet. Warm soft socks with non-slip soles are good.

The non-slip soles at least helps prevents from falls. Keep their gait steady.

The Best Gift Idea # 6

Personalized Photo Album

A compilation of his old photos starting from childhood, his parents or hobbies, pets and old friends. This is an excellent idea to reminisce his old memories. It is also a reason on how to initiate good conversation with him.

In dementia, the new memories are the first to go while the old ones are the last. This personalized photo album gift idea will surely trigger good old memories.

The Best Gift Idea # 5

Fidget Spinner or Puzzle Games

Men are good with their hands, they mostly love to do handiwork around the house or from their former job.

This small toy is for adults and children. Fidget spinners are also good for people who have Alzheimer’s to play with. It is also used as a therapy to lower stress, calms and soothes someone who is anxious or hyperactive.

For active Alzheimer’s clients, fidgets or like to touch surfaces or things. Try this small item. These might leave you thinking, “it works”.

Puzzle Games like large jigsaw puzzles to stay active and engaged are also recommended. It is one of the most popular games for everyone.

The Best Gift Idea # 4

Velcro Type Shoes

Man, to be in control for themselves and their independence is relevant as “now”. At times, men hide their own emotions.

They do not want others to see the weaker side of them.

That was his used-to world. His world now, because of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, has gotten small.

His world has becomingly limited because of the disease involved.

Also, on my post for a female with dementia, I have these as one of the best gifts and one must- have. The simple the better.

If you could simplify their task; we need to do it. Take note, it is a need and must.

Velcro type shoes are manageable and simple for him to flip and flap. It is not a complicated task. Because of some behavior involved, like; feeling upset, easily irritated, frustration due to unable to do a simple task thus this is highly recommended for him.

The Best Gift Idea # 3

Electric Toothbrush

This is on my list for the ladies from my previous post. It is the same purpose; the electric toothbrush does the job efficiently and speedily. The span of attention is commonly short for them. Task needs to be brief, and simple.

Let them hold a towel or something to occupy their hands so you could assist in brushing the teeth. Select or choose a soft brush. It is best if there is a mirror in front of him that he could see himself; this encourages him to continue brushing or finish the task.

Well, a smile is a way of approval but he cannot ask you that. Just smile 🙂

It means that he is doing very well and you are pleased.

The Best Gift Idea # 2

Music CD or Something Related to Music

Music Therapy is impressively effective in soothing and calming approach to clients with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

I am amazed by what can music do to someone who is not musically interested and suddenly enjoying every beat with a soft hum that goes with it but does a magical transformation of his behavior.

Try to bring him a headphone.  Also, have his favorite collection songs in an iPod touch or in a recorder. He can always listen and use it in his quiet time.

Connecting with him through music stimulates or relaxes him. Music provides a meaningful connection even when conversation or communication is limited.


So, my CHOICE for number 1 is…

The Best Gift Idea # 1

Bath Robe or Soft Weighted Blanket ( Soft and Warm Fabric)

One of the troublesome with caregivers is to assume that they (client with dementia or Alzheimer’s) are all right but not considering what really is the reason for the feisty behavior.

One of it is feeling cold, not enough layer of clothes worn.

A soft robe or a small soft weighted blanket to drape on his back will help him settle and keep him warm for that moment.

The robe for him has a versatile use as well. This is one of the best gift ideas for him.

This is it!

These are the 10 top best gift ideas collected. It is not numbered by importance for the reason that most are essential.

He might need at present or want it but as his disease progresses, his needs changes as well as the provision of care.

What can you say, friends, readers, and fellow caregivers?

These are the most top 10 best gift ideas for a male with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Please leave your valuable thoughts and suggestions if you have one so we could help other families, caregivers or friends.

Somehow, this is a debilitating disease that does not only affect senior populations but also the young/middle adults.


All The Best,



10 Top Best Gift Ideas To Co-Workers

Co-workers are people with whom one works, normally it is someone in a similar role or responsibility or level within an organization.

A co-worker is a partner, collaborator, an ally, comrade or a buddy.
I am working in an organization thus I am a co-worker myself. We worked together, collaborate and assist each other. We worked as a team for the sake of reaching and fulfilling the organization’s common goal.

Employees or as coworkers are the people behind every management or administration success. They are vital for the growth and advancement of a company.

 The Best Gift Idea # 10


This is a quick pick but practical best gift idea.

Enjoy coffee with your friends!

When you cannot think of any other gifts for your coworker. Or, if you don’t know any background, these will be the safest and reasonable gift idea.

Mind you, your co-worker prefers this better than clothing. Though, some might be having their second thoughts. But I have more coming up.

Coffee boost someone’s energy at work. Let’s just make that happen! A job might be done instantaneously and efficiently. 🙂 🙂

The Best Gift Idea # 9


Water is essential to everyone. Working or I mean going to work, water bottles is a must have unless you have it served at your office or workplace.

This is one of the best gift ideas for co-workers. I find that If I am hustling here and there, I tend to forget to rehydrate myself. But if I have sighted my water bottle, my body stops and my brain says “hey, your water”.

Water Bottle Thirst Quencher

It is kind of reminder and encouragement to yourself or co-worker to have a sip of water or liquids. Water bottles could be brought anywhere you.

It is easy to clean, size is just enough to keep in your purse, you can bring it with you when you travel and have fun under the sun.

The Best Gift Idea # 8


As follow up with the coffee beans or roast as a gift idea; you can basically add this item or by itself as a gift. If you wish to have an eloquent touch, personalized it.
You know already that this item is already a necessity for an employee or for a person who loves to drink coffee, juice or one who constantly travels by car going to his job site.

This is just a gift idea, I know what you are contemplating that this person already possesses a few of it. But try something that is personalized, this regularly reminds them that a good thoughtful coworker has given that- memorable coffee mug.

The Best Gift Idea # 7



Well, lunch tote/ bags are essential and a necessity when going to work every day. Others may not need it, but for sure, most employees have one or a couple in their house.

This, also encourage people to help save the environment rather than using plastic bags to hold onto there lunches. It is reusable, you can take it with you anywhere, elegant to see and it can hold any stash you wanna put inside.

It is your secondary purse. This is one of the best gift ideas for co-workers in all things considered are practical ways. And, I, myself really have a couple of different colors and styles. I love receiving this kind of gifts 🙂


The Best Gift Idea # 6


Normal skin is not too dry and not too oily. It has no visible blemishes, looks clean and clear. No spots of dry skin and greasy areas.

Human skin is the outer covering of our body, it has multiple layers that protects our internal organs, muscles or bones.

We definitely must care for our skin. Hydrate constantly by applying lotion and of course drinking water or liquids every day. The weather changes drastically that may also affect the condition of your skin. It makes it dry, moist or greasy.

By constantly washing your hands as hand hygiene usually makes your skin dry and scaly. Lotion or emollients helps hydrates and keep your skin refreshed. This is one of the best gift ideas for co-workers and yourself as well.
If you have noticed different color, lumps, lesion or anything not normal to your skin, your best bet is to visit your family physician or a dermatologist for detailed assessment and for best intervention and treatment or approach.

The Best Gift Idea # 5


This is so surprising to you. Our co-workers REALLY need something to remind about time. When working, as an employee myself, or also at home, let us be mindful of time.

Respect time and time will be your friend and to your advantage.

With the clock or watch IE table or wall clock, wrist or android watch or nurse’s watch; as a gift idea for a co-worker is a friendlier approach than blurting out to her to gather her speed and work fast rather than leaving things undone.

Organized time equals positive outcome+ efficiently + productive.

The Best Gift Idea # 4


I love these accessories. These are one of my favorites and one of the best gift ideas for a co-worker. May it be just for fun or imperatively needed.

Socks, socks, socks. How many socks you have that has a hole or ripped, that even your beautifully pedicured toenails is out displayed?

One of the basic accessory when going out to work. Let us take good care of our feet. If you are comfortable doing your job, that means your day is going to be productive and be finished with work not even feeling tired.

Scarf, cap or torque are very useful and versatile. It is used to warmth and comfort you, use as an accessory, to cover up for something you do not wish people to see and just plainly a part of your daily dressed up.

This may not be appealing to you as one of the best gift ideas. But I have more to present, just keep on reading…


The Best Gift Idea # 3


This is grandiose. You need to know your co-worker size, color preference, and anything related to it. I believe your co-worker would be ecstatically excited about your cool present.

The work uniform, some employers provides workplace uniforms so forget about it. But for some, please consider it for your co-worker.

Some professions require employees to buy there own uniform. For instance, health workers and some other profession. Adding one to there collections of uniform will be real appreciation.

Cardigans or sweaters. This always comes in handy when at work and/ or feeling under the weather. The comfort and convenience of it are exceptional.

The Best Gift Idea # 2


Hair Day.

This is an essential must have and a part of our activities of daily living. Your co-worker will be questionless. This is one of the common gifts. It is handy and small. It does not take a lot of space to keep and no hassle.

Our hair needs to look after and ourselves to looks presentable. After every hair washed, blow dry then style it the way you pleased. This uplifts one’s confidence and approach to our day to day work battle.

The more hair to blow the better 🙂

I happen to have a 10 years old plus hair blower dryer, believe me, no one has thought of presenting me this small gadget as a gift. So, my goal is to have this as the best gift idea number 2. There could be other co-workers out there, just like me and my grand hair dryer. Dyson Supersonic™ Iron/Fuchsia limited edition

Well, good timing to update. My son and I went out hunting for a birthday gift for his little cousin last week.

I just happen to pass by this beautiful, sleek, silver Dyson hair dryer. It looks gorgeous, easy and light to handle. It is definitely on my wish list this year.

Gift-giving a hair dryer to a co-worker is just like favoring her big time; like providing her hair indulgence for now.

The Best Gift Ideas # 1


This instant pot cooker is new and buzzing out in every corner last year and early this year. It is great for every household to have and own one.

This comes conveniently specifically when your co-worker is busy all day. Time of cooking is not in her favor, this instant pot cooker is the answer and solution.

You can use it as a slow cooker or a regular pot as well.

This is my number one (1) best gift idea, however, you have your own choices and options. Whatever suitable for your co-worker is always the best gift ever. Most importantly, YOU, the giver had given it wholeheartedly.


It was said and heard;

” According to study, 86% of people say that they have at least one annoying co-worker. The remaining 14% do not realize that they are the annoying co-worker” 🙂 😉

Life in a workplace can be boring without humor at times. When co-workers are enthusiastic, there is teamwork, the workplace atmosphere becomes engaging and fun. You always look forward going to work and meet them. You appreciate and enjoy the camaraderie among your co-workers.

Actually, It improves productivity and work performance because of the enthusiastic teamwork among employees.
I, myself is a co-worker. I have absolutely experienced how an annoying co-worker can be and how a nice humble co-worker is.

Let’s just not forget that our attitudes towards our co-worker impact our teamwork and working relationship.

Let’s keep up co-workers and keep going…what can you say?

 Leave me your thoughts, if you have this most annoying co-worker and what suitable gift could be for that co-worker. Nah, I am kidding :).

 Please leave whatever your thoughts on the 10 Top Best Gift Ideas I have above, I do appreciate your feedback.




10 Top Best Gift Ideas For Female With Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia is a group of symptoms that affect mental cognitive tasks such as memory, communication and the power of reasoning. Dementia has many types and one is Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common type.

This is the common terms when the brain no longer functions properly. This is not only common in the old age but younger people in their early 50s, 60s are also affected. It is no longer the disease of old age or seniors nowadays.

There is no treatment discovered yet but scientist are doing their job for the ongoing research and experiments.

Humans are intelligent and I have positively inclined that with the help our spiritual faith, a treatment breakthrough is on its way.

I have been working with this type of population for years, I have met people and experienced different interactions with being with them.

Most of them are educated, holds a high position in their profession, principal, doctors, scientist, and to name them all is not enough.

That means, that no one is exempted with this kind of disease that affects cognition. It is really sad because this is not reversible. The disease progresses as time passes by.

Working with dementia clients requires overflowing, I repeat, overflowing patience, understanding, and compassion. Workers and families also must have to have these attributes.

Safety is one of the priorities for them. There is always some few factors involved but keeping them safe and comfortable is vital.


Well, before furthering on and on

Let me just bring out some practical thoughts for the 10 top best gift ideas for FEMALE with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease that may help or assist you in the selection of what to bring to your loved ones or someone who have this disease.

Dementia has different stages but I am mostly discussing or talking about the LATE stage here.

I have decided to do female first then I would post males sooner. Just check it out later.


Comfort VS Price$$$


To be able to provide comfort for her, the value or the price of your gift does NOT really matter. May it be less expensive or it cost you a fortune. It is how and what it provides for the use and quality of the gift you brought for her needs. Take note, I said, “her needs”.


Number 10.

ELASTIC PANTS. This might be a shock to you but for people who have dementia, this is a great invention. We want to encourage your loved ones or her to continue on being independent on her daily activities of living. At least, to do the little left on her and that is her independence.

Even a very simple daily activities of living is a daily struggle and challenging for them. These elastic pants are easy and simple for her to pull down and pull up. Sometimes, directions from us or from you will cue her to do that simple task. This prevents frustrations and agitation on their part.

You do not want to complicate her world by bringing or giving her jeans or pants with buttons and zipper or with a belt on. Their world is like getting smaller (due to deterioration of the brain). Just stick on elastic waistband pants, it does not matter what type of fabric.

The simpler the better for them. If you still can simplify it, do it.


Number 9.


Mostly ladies feel cold even with no change in room temperature; even with changes of weather winter, spring, fall or summer.

Long sleeves keep them comfy and warm. Plus, socks for those tired achy arthritic feet.

Gift givers must have to ensure to get one size higher than her normal size. This is to give an extra space when it shrunk or when it is laundered.


Number 8.


As I mentioned earlier, women tend to be feeling cold. So I added sweatshirts or sweater. This is useful and a must-have in their closet. It is one of the basic need, believe me, a couple or more it will do.

There are warm sweaters that are made from a different fabric and different textiles. For instance, the fleece fabric. It is not so costly but provides or do the job, provides warmth, soft and comfortable.

I personally prefer fleece because it does not shrink, keeps its color even with multiples washing, it stays the same, soft and warm.


Number 7.

SHOES WITH VELCRO TYPE Propet Shoes Wide Leather Shoes For Women - Adjustable Closure Shoes

The image at the right side is just an example of Velcro-type shoes for women. It is a sturdy, simple and easy to put on, simply slip on her feet and a simple touched her Velcro and done.

Shoes with lace are not great for her, the task alone to laced up is complicated for her to do. Also, if lace is not done properly, the lace will be a trip hazard.

This is definitely recommended for her and for him. Shoes are for their stability when mobilizing around the house or their home. You also need to check on the non-slip soles; always choose the non-slip soles shoes.


Number 6.



At this stage (last stage of dementia), some still use bra but mostly have abandoned it at this time, or I mean are not using. This is an observation that I also noted in my years of being with clients who have dementia.

I know that having all these accessories on a woman’s body all her life is and has been a part of it. It is a sudden change of her interest leaving us in awe.

On the other hand, us, caregivers, caters her needs now that she depends on certainly on us.

Undershirts replace the bra for her at this point. Undershirts are a must-have clothing for her.

I know what you are thinking 😉

She wears undershirt first (first layer), then her long sleeves (second layer), then her sweater (last layer). Yes, she is warm, comfortable and cozy! With her wearing her elastic waistband pants. Complete it with warm socks on and her Velcro shoes. Can you see the imaginable picture?


Let’s go on, Number 5.


These items are great redirections and activities for her. She draws, scribbles or does an amazing thing you’ve never expected. You will see her triumphant face after she’s with her scribbles.

yes, they are only scribbles but are essential to them in the view that they are happy and contented with what she had just accomplished.

Children’s Books and Colorful magazines, WHY? Children’s books are very visual, the font is larger, the children’s story or content is easy, simple for her to read. It is not condensed though well illustrated.

In dementia, old memories are the last one to go. The newest memory is the first one that is gone or has no memory at all.

Take note, that their memories are back all the way to their childhood as well.

So, children’s book is one of the best gift ideas recommended. She might be able to recall her favorite childhood stories. Try reading it with or to her, you will absolutely witness the priceless facial expressions and reactions.

I’m sure she’d love to hear you read it for her. You are certainly initiating conversation.

Please try these tips, let me know in the comment box below. I would really appreciate a feedback. I love to know how did it go with your approach and when you have tried these.

Number 4.


This gadget is quite tricky, due to the vibration that it creates when using an electronic toothbrush. This might startle her. The toothbrush can easily reach and cleans the teeth without a lot of twisting and less pressure applied as well.

Providing mouth care is a very challenging task for caregivers. For her, if her initial reaction is like withdrawing from it, stop then re-start then re-approach. Repeat.

The manual brush can do the job but not as good as the electronic brush.


Number 3.


Music is the song of our soul. They loved music! From children’s song to hip-hop songs.

Find out what’s their favorite songs, singer or band. You will see some excitement, frenzy emotions and twinkle from her eyes. A small iPod with an earphone to use will do to deliver those popular songs in her time or her love songs.


Number 2.

OK, don’t roll your eyes here; these may be an entertainment to her, a toy or a sort of comfort.


This is a typical gift idea for everyone (all ages). This is mostly used also therapeutically as comfort for our dementia clients. Something to hug and play with.

This is one of the safest best gift ideas for her. Can take multiple washing and something else ( I mean, might be left in a corner or taken by co-clients).

Also, try the cat stuff battery operated and/or the dog stuff battery-operated as well. This is like bringing a real cat or dog to play with them. Image result for cat stuff toysImage result for dog stuff toys


My number 1 is unexpected though I want you to brace yourself.


BABY DOLLS (Battery operated or not)

These may sound absurd but these were tried to my clients and was really working well especially when managing responsive behavior. It is called Doll Therapy.

It helps in calming her down. This is somewhat a comfort for her as well. Hand it to her, you take note of her reaction, she will be so excited to hang onto it.

Do some trials, observe and note how she reacts, you will be amazed, astonished and impressed on what these baby dolls can do to her. Your receiver’s (female with dementia) face lits up and the smile is priceless.


In conclusion,

These are the top best gift ideas so far. Basically, it is based on experience, practical application, and some research. Dementia consists of different characteristics and different approaches for the types of dementia.

I just presented one of the few many and some simple ways on how to manage and approach with best gift ideas to assist you to what really needed for family or givers to bring to a female with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
There is no guarantee that the female with dementia will like it but it is worth a try to your loved ones. Believe me, I have seen it worked effectively.


I really, really, really would love to hear what you think about this. And, in case you tried, please leave me a feedback in my comment section. It is very important for me to know. I wish you good luck and all the best!





10 Top Best Gift Ideas For Newly Married Couple

A Perfect Wedding Song, called “This is The Day”


“This is the day that the Lord has made

And I’m so glad He made you

With each rising sun, you are here by my side

This is a love that the Lord has made

That you and I we are one

Love ‘s mystery is unfolding today

Written for us in the sun

Oh, for better for worse, for rich or for poor Each day that passes

I love you more ’cause this

is the day that the Lord hath made

And I will rejoice, I will rejoice I will rejoice with you”


It is the union between a man and a woman. At present, it is defined as the union of partners in a personal relationship.

Starting Life Together As One

Receiving the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is a promise to God and to procreate is one of its goals.


A new life together as a married couple has its ups and downs. It takes a plentiful heap of patience, respect, trust, understanding, friendship, faith and of course love in a relationship to make it last forever.
It is not racing with each other but working together as a team to reach the finish line triumphantly.

Both couples have their own differences to work on. Together with each other’s unending support and unconditional love, your marriage relationship will work and resolve its own smoothly.

Starting life together with your partner is another stage in your life. There are added responsibilities and an absolute change or modification of lifestyle.

You are greatly blessed with satisfaction, contentment, and happiness in your relationship with all the people surrounding you especially your family.


We All know That The Couple Are Excited With This New Togetherness


How about you?

Well, I am thinking of something BEST for them. The best gift for these lovebirds who are brave enough to face the world that is full of so many promises but with lots of twists, turns, and enthusiasm.

Here’s the 10 Top Best Gift Ideas



This special fine wedding wine glass still is one of the best gift ideas for the newly wedded couple. It is just in time for the celebration.

The couple would love to share a toast together whenever feeling liked it and to celebrate each other love.



It is made of porcelain and earthenware. Some are made out from bone “Bone China” usually from cow bone. It was made finely to use as dinnerware.

One of the best gift ideas for the newly married couple so far that is the most popular. As they lived together and start a family, this is definitely the very first dinnerware that they would use in the household.

Now, throw a couple of silverware to complete your gift set. The couple would not be wandering to shop around for their silverware. Your best gift idea is definitely valuable and noteworthy for them.



For sure, this is one of their wish lists. A complete beautiful smooth fabric bed sheet for the couple’s bed/mattress to always add and ignite their love for each other.

Don’t worry about the color, just find out the couple’s motif and just pick that color. I am sure you can’t be wrong in selecting the truest color for them.



“The way to the man’s heart is through his stomach”. Cooking food for your man is a good way to win his affections. Food is an intimate experience and by cooking good food, it creates memories, forges friendships, and makes the heart grow fonder. It starts good dinner table conversations.

Well, might be in some men? But undeniably, it was agreed by most men that food plays a vital role in the relationship.

I tried the 5-quart slow cooker. I served a super supper for my husband and my two children. They had asked for more and requested to use that slow cooker every day.

The instant pot cooker can be also used as a pressure cooker or can be a regular slow cooker. I personally love this.

The wife absolutely will find this simple, easy and reliable. Just throw everything into the instant pot cooker and, just plug in. It will automatically turn off after setting your preferred time.

Upon arriving home, a meal is ready to serve. Husband is doubtless who had cooked this tasteful dinner and will definitely appreciate this cooker. This is one of the best gift ideas that a newlywed couple must have.



Just thinking, it is all related to food. Why? First of all, meal time is when couple or family get together. Eat altogether, great conversations happen, and to sit and to enjoy each other’s company.

This is one of the essentials in a household kitchen. The couple will absolutely love it.



If the newly married couple is coffee drinkers or either one of them, the coffee maker is one of the much-needed small kitchen appliances in a kitchen. It is easy to access for the host to serve and enjoy a cuppa coffee and for everyone to savor their tasteful freshly brewed coffee.



This is one of my favorites. Personalized gift ideas are so uniquely well thought. It is a priceless memorable token/s.

This is a forever best gift idea to give and hand to a celebrant, newly married couple and/ or to anybody. The love and care of the giver are always thought of.

To receive a personalized gift is a classic reminder of the couple’s endless love and how they started the journey of marriage.



Oh, la, la, la! Both would be super excited about this gift idea; because together they could go for their daily or weekly workouts. For these lovebirds, you expect they are inseparable.

So, what do you think?


2. Furniture

This is number 2 on the top 10 of the best gift ideas. I know it is not exciting at first thought, but, this is also one of the essential commodity when they are to start their household.

As they start and build their own family and start their life together, basically they start from few furniture or none. So, practically, they embark on the gifts given to them. Well, practically speaking, it is.

But, if both are wealthy, have enough money and rich; this might not be a suitable present. BUT, you know, you still can. You choose the uniquely rare small beautiful decorative furniture!

This is definitely an unexpected best gift idea for them.

Are you still with me? ‘Just sharing you some ideas that may give you the best gift ideas in mind.





Robotic vacuum! As generous and modernized as you are; why not? It comes with a remote control and simple to manage. You can also program because it has a timer on it. While the wife is busy with her cooking, the house is spotlessly clean and dust free.

Upright Vacuums. This is most common but with a good vacuum, it will save energy and time. It will certainly do the job and with excellent outcome. Taking time to clean their abode, will surely have the husband coming home eagerly to see the wife.


These are the TOP 10 BEST GIFT IDEAS presented. These are ideas only to give you a view or will somehow help you of what to give or bring to the celebrant.

In addition, I want to share best gift ideas



More and more people are giving cash as a gift these days. In some countries, these are one of their oldest practice. Families and relatives give or oblige to give cash as a gift to newly-weds.

To give cash as a gift is also essential because the couple has spent preparing for their big day. The gift cash could be used as a down payment for their first house together. Or, they may also use to invest for their future in starting a family.

To use monetary as a gift is one of the best gift ideas; if you have limited time to go hunting for those goods or items you wish for gift giving, this is the best idea period.



This is as good as a cash gift as well. The couple can use it wherever and whenever they wish.



This is a must-have in a house. A toolkit consists of a hammer, nails, screwdrivers, duck tapes and others. This toolkit may come in handy when something is broken.

That something needs to be attended to an emergency or a missing screw are needed to be fixed inside the house before calling an expert. A quick fix.


What Do You Think About These Ideas for the New Couple?

So, I am signing out for now. If you have some suggestions and requests; please let me know in the comment section.




10 Top Best Gift Ideas For Women In Their 50’s

A shining golden number. Women in their prime years. Loads of wisdom has been and/is accomplished and successful in their life.

Golden Number, You are 5-0

Celebrating this milestone in women in their 50s happens only once in a lifetime. It may sound big, but it is really BIG. As an accomplished woman in their 50s, who has everything, stable and beautiful inside out. There is more!

The focus and goal in life have changed or modified to more straight-forward ventures that creates a fruitful outcome. Also, it is basically founded on strong and attainable long-term goals.

Women in their 50s have evolved to be smarter and wiser. Their decision is firm and absolutely fulfills that goal. This age is fun, others may find it as carefree, feeling freedom is here finally.

And, it is another stage of life to masticate and enjoy. There are plentiful changes in woman’s life at this stage like for instance; physically, emotionally. Every woman goes through this stage; whether she likes it or not, these hormonal changes happen in each woman’s body.

 Word F-I-F-T-Y Survival Joy Kit


  • Flour: Pound with your fists. So you can start to regain your baking skills. Pound and use your muscles, knead the dough so you won’t waste that remaining youthful strength. Think about all those past beautiful memories. You never realized that you made a tasteful bread or dessert.
  • Fruit. So you can eat any kind of fruit. Full of fibers to help for the digestion. You know that this age, one problem is going to the restroom to eliminate while singing this song “Please release me, let me go” but instead you say “here I come, smooth and easy!”
  • Ice Cream. You need it to calm you down. A little of sugar won’t hurt. It relieves and cools you whenever you’re feeling the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Eating ice cream can help decrease the symptoms the “hot flashes”.
  • Irish Whiskey. A whiskey from Ireland! Have a good drink with your significant someone or somebody you want to enjoy this whiskey. The word “whiskey” means “water of life” from the Gaelic Phrase. Time to unwind, sip and relax!


  • Fingernails. Yes, you definitely need a nail spa after those hard works, nice and freshly manicured nails are all you want at this time.
  • Face and Forehead. Take good care of these areas because it is usually where people see first before they will do eye contact. You don’t want these mini wrinkles showing now and then. So, put a lot and just enough of moisturizer to always hydrate and freshen it.


  • Toes. More often then not this is the part that is least look after to. You can disagree or agree with me but I know for sure. It is time to pay attention to these little digits. Check it out, moisturized and keep it dry.
  • Toenails. Just like your fingernails, your toenails need attention. Arrange and visit your pedicurist to look after your golden toenails. It is time, you are 5-0!
  • Tomatoes. Generally, this should be always included in our diet. Red tomatoes rich in lycopene that helps cleanses the body. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin, mineral, nutrient content.
  • Tomatoes contain lycopene, it is an antioxidant that has been found to promote good general health. According to study, it helps with the prevention of a range of diseases, including cancer.


  • Yellow. Golden Yellow. This is a rich color that is really suitable for somebody like you, someone who is as brightly shining as the star. Wear this happy color, to color your bright future ahead:)

NO worries and be happy! You have reached your GOLDEN moment, cherished every moment of it! Remember, you are young at heart and glowing.

Going on, Without Further Ado,

Here is Number:

10. Books or reading materials

Sometimes reading is one of the best past times or filling out the void. Having the latest and best-seller book on the market is one of the best gift ideas for her.

This special book for the celebrant on her special day sends a positive and encouraging message to her. You want to give this woman a memorable funny birthday gift that is unforgettable. She can forever talk about it and thankful for.

Here is an example:

You Know When You’re Turning 50 and Turning 50: Quotes and Helpful Hints.

9. Personalized Items

These items are either a representation of herself or a kind of humor for her day. It may be a personalized T-shirt, mugs, pens or any items that could be personalized or incorporated that is suited to her personality, likes and dislikes.

8. Silk Scarf and/or Sleep Wear

I love these items. It is soft, silky and smooth fabric to use. It is gentle and so comfortable to the skin. A scarf is convenient to use when feeling somewhat cold or needing a warm hug.

Sleepwear is one of the best gift ideas in general. Being at this age, at times, this is often forgotten or I mean overlooked. Updating her wardrobe of different comfortable sleepwear will be loaded with awesomeness.

7. Sleep Mask

Sleep mask, well, this could be a challenging hunt for her. This is one of the most pursued items. Every each of us wants at least one sleep mask for ourselves. I guess you own one, too.

When feeling tired and had an enduring day, she could put it on and feel the quietness and have a restful night.

6. Skin Care

Yeehaa! This is it, a beauty skin care for her skin to re-glow. Reaching this age has a whole lot of moisturizing to do for the growing old saggy skin. And, this is one of the must-haves.

But, take note if she has a sensitive skin, allergies, and preferences. Perhaps, a certain brand or some kind of beauty ingredients.

5. Purses

Certainly, all ladies owns at least one purse in their lifetime. I know that this is so popular but I still added to my list. This is a must-have list for every woman.

A new and latest purse in the market for a 50th birthday gift idea for this deserving lady is still one of the best.

4. Hair Blower

She owns one but needs an upgrading, I presumed. For a woman’s hair day, a hair blower is essential to begin and face her day.

Even men need to blow dry their hair. So, this works for most of all ages who have hairs to dry 🙂

3. Instant Pot

This is the latest talk of the town, instant pot cooker! Not a magic cooker but it will cook the way it is supposed to do. This lady turning 50 have the right to have this instant pot for sure.

It is time to make her chores easier and spend less time preparing in the kitchen but to have a meaningful quality time to herself or something else. This is one of a kind cooker.

2. Fit Bit Watch

Fit for Health. Watch for Health.

This watch automatically records relevant body’s vital signs. It monitors and tracks heart rate, pulse and if how many calories lost. And this occurs by just merely wearing this watch. What a small technology invented to help people to be fit healthy.

It is a smart bracelet, that you can put or wear around your wrist. It is also used as a pedometer. This can be a sport’s tracker for running, walking and even sleeping.

Fit Bit Watches has different kinds and features to choose from. It also comes in different colors. Fit Bit Watch is one of the best gift ideas recommended for a woman turning 50.

AND the number coming up is:

1. Gold Jewelry

A jewelry with her birthstone on it would be an excellent idea. It represents and emphasizes the meaning of the unforgettable events of her life. Having few hurdles that she faced in her life and how she had surpassed and came out a winner.

These could be a wristwatch, necklace, earrings, pendant, charms, and a variety of gold jewelry that is worthy of a woman like her.

Furthermore, this signifies that this lady has a high regard. When reaching fifty, it is one of the most important birthdays a person has.

It’s a milestone and with great accomplishment of her life. The celebrant deserves the best. I agree this is one of the most appropriate best gift idea ever. So, What do you think?

After all, turning 50 means content, accomplished and have a comfortable life.

.Other Gift Ideas Collected or Shared From Other People

I am excited to share these different gift idea that I collected and compiled. This is not arranged according to choice or popularity; it is random. Brace on, here it is!

  • Golden OPERA ticket or a concert ticket to see her favorite star of all times.
  • Yoga Mat. This is useful and maybe it will become a motivation to start taking her lessons. Joining Yoga’s meditation provides comfort and re-energizes inner self. It is also a stress reliever.
  • Nordic Stick. I definitely love and recommend this as well. If she is active and love sport’s, certainly, this will be a hit.
  • Lastly, 50 items collected and gathered with respect to her life’s journey reaching this stage and milestone. They are items that represent each event that occurred and happened in her lifetime.

For instance:

    • From 1-10 years: Pick a favorite shirt, stuff toy or any items related to these years. These remind her school-age time, her crush or favorite teacher. The list goes on. You know her or ask and maybe connive with the person who knows her that you have a surprise and simple presentation on her birthday.
    • From 20-30 years: Years of a university, peak of career time, meeting her significant other and so on.
    • From 40 years: Life begins at 40. There might be some changes, good ones or any development. Relate and relive those moments of success.
    • 50 years. Give a rundown of her life’s journey until to the very special day. She will appreciate your effort and this unique gift idea you have mustered for her. And, I believe she will.

 Final Thoughts

While all these ideas are working or getting into your mind, diligent planning, searching and hoping to be in the perfect timing of these special events for the celebrant. She is someone dear to you, a friend or may she be an acquaintance.

You may never know the good impact of these gift ideas for her personally. They are simply elegant and unique!

Ladies who are turning fifty may be complicated in their own way and on how they deal and dance with the wheel of life.

At this point, there is a physical and psychological change in a female body. There is a hormonal change that occurs, called the menopausal stage. This stage, a whole lot of changes on the woman’s estrogen and hormonal level. Some women may experience the symptoms but others may not.

Symptoms include; hot flashes, mood changes, sleep disturbances and more.

Attention to husband, partner, boyfriend or significant other or friend: Women in their fifties needs your patience and understanding of what they are going through to these biological changes. And take note, she is your woman.

Well, I am outside of the topic about our best gift ideas. I am just trying to cover so far and what a woman turning 50 is undergoing. And, the best comes at last.

My Conclusion

The greatest best gift idea for the celebrant so far, I think, is YOU! To have and know you and be a part of her life.

That is YOU.

Your gifts are secondary and remember, you are the number one!

I Would Love To Hear What You Think

These are the Top 10 Best Gift Ideas written to assist and give you, readers, some ideas that a woman may want or wish for.

Please leave your comments and thoughts you want to share with me and to other readers. Your ideas shared is well appreciated. Thank you!