Top 6 Best Gift Ideas For A Husband or Partner

He is your better half!

Husband or Partner has different role compared to his better half, the wife, but both are equal in the eyes of God. He has his own responsibilities to his wife to fulfill and to his family. Husband or partner puts his family first before himself!

The following are suggestions only for gift ideas here that may help you come up with for his ideal gift. So, let’s start and roll along.

Best Gift Idea # 1


Similar to my other post, gift idea to give to a wife. I believe that time spent with your wife is the most relevant factor to a relationship as husband and wife. Both of you needs time to work things together and some “time out”.

TIME is not always on our advantage, once it is past, it could not be recycled or recalled.

Fit bit watch has a lot of features. Automatic wrist-based that can monitor heart rate. This could be used as his pedometer, heart and pulse check, calorie count. It is also a lifesaving measure having this technology in a way as a health fitness tracking technology.

With this Fit Bit Watch, you can see who calls, text messages, calendar notification and also tracks the duration of your sleep and how well you sleep.

Also, you can use connected GPS in running mode and can sync automatically to your computers!

Giving your husband this type of watch encourages him to be more aware of his health and his family.

Best Gift Idea # 2

Boys Night with Friends

Sometimes, a little break from the house is therapeutic. Let your husband go out with his friends, (you need to talk about how long and when). This could be a good idea knowing that you trust and love each other. Giving him time to spend with his best friends is also for him to connect with them.

Just a few hours for his friends, brothers or buddies get-together, well, why not?

Best Gift Idea # 3


This is one of the best of the best gift idea for your husband or partner. He needs to relax through the spa. Our body needs pampering. The body needs some sort of treatment to relieve pain and stress. Massage lets the muscles to relax, the person being massaged will be sore after but he will feel better.

A paid scheduled massage appointment with your Massage Therapist ahead of time is your best gift to your husband.

If your husband enjoyed this, he might ask you to book for follow up an appointment. Or, both of you end up scheduling for massage.:)

Best Gift Idea # 4


I truly like this gift idea very much. Actually, if you have the whole family or just you and him, this is an absolutely good way to ride a bike to spent together. Quality time with each other at the same time enjoying nature, having adventures to exciting places. At the same time, maintaining excellent healthy habit and good fitness strategy for good health and longevity!

Best Gift Idea # 5


Like a Drill/Driver kit that your husband or partner can readily use around the house. He will just follow the directions on how to use the manual provided. It has simple and easy directions to follow.

With some work repair inside the house, car or screw that is loose, this toolkit is a savior. Your husband CANNOT even reason out of not knowing how to use it. He can do it!

Tightening a screw or to assemble a new closet or a small furniture you have purchased rather than calling and paying someone to do it for you.

This is a must-have tool for your husband for the house. It also encourages him to fix things or furniture that requires repair around the house.

Best Gift Idea # 6

BLUETOOTH HEADSET. The best gift idea ever. Usually, drivers use their cell phone unintentionally while they are driving, using a blue tooth will solve the issue and at least safer when on the road. Here in Canada, using a cellphone while driving is an offense and when caught a huge penalty is waiting for you.

A Bluetooth headset is also a hands-free device, so the user can multi-task while on the phone, if he can! lol. It is petite and comfortable to wear.

You can’t be wrong when choosing and giving this gift, it is one of the most usable small gadget that is used nowadays. I favor this one, too.

Best Gift Idea +1


This lets you charge, talk and listens to music on your car stereo. I like this one for the reason that it has a lot of features and many functions. Your husband will really love it and enjoys this every day. He might not thank you enough but thank you endlessly.

Multifunction FM transmitter mount is an essential use for your husband car or for your family car. The Bluetooth or multifunction FM transmitter? Hmmm, which one? šŸ™

My overall favorite is the Tool Kit.

In this case, your husband have no reason not to fix what is fixable or repairable. No excuses no more! šŸ™‚

You’ve got your double purpose, his gift, and no alibis NOT to do something inside the house.Ā  He got his toolkit! The house and you will be happy šŸ™‚ :). your safehaven is tacitly safe.

In conclusion,

Both you and your husband or partner is to take pleasure on having quality moments that is meanigful in a relationship. Though, with a very busy schedule, rest assured to prioritized your husband or partner and vice versa. That’s one secret to a forever relationship. Honest communication is one thing and unceasingly have each other’s attention.

Well, choosing a gift to a loved one, like your husband or partner is sometimes effortless or challenging. Hope this top 6 +1 best gift ideas for your husband or partner have given you thoughts on what to give.

Please share and leave your comments or your thoughts about gift ideas for your husband or partner forever.

All the Best,


Top 6 Gift Ideas For Your Wife or Partner

Wife or partner. She is your better half. Having each other is to live for poorer and for richer! You have your promises and vows to love and take good care each other no matter what.

Being with your woman as your partner in life, to create a family or just to be partners is also evident that “no man’s in an island”. Love is the foundation of you’re living together or whatever is your reason for being together is, I called it caring each other.

Gift Idea # 1: Wrist Watch or Android Watch

Time, time is the essence spent together. Do not procrastinate! This is just a symbol or a reminder that if you have planned something special for your wife, partner or girlfriend, NOW is the time to do it, don’t you think?

It is understandable there are many distractions but if you wish to keep the fire burning, put her first! Believe me, she will reciprocate it with double effort than you do. šŸ™‚

Wrist Watch is a nice and beautiful accessory for your wife’s wrist. This may remind her and your romance when you were first dating. Remember, once time had passed by, you cannot buy it!

A silver or gold is great. It does not fade easily and will always look new. She ‘ll love it! Pair it with a surprising card with your sweet message.

Android Watch has many colors to choose. This is modern technology and is used to communicate or the net. Has multiple apps that comes with it. Requires charging nightly or daily compared to a wristwatch that just needs a watch battery changed every 1-2 years.

Gift Idea # 2: Jewelry

I suggest, CHARM bracelet and/or necklace gift ideas for your wife or partner. It is sweeter and lovelier when you personalized it. Most of the jewelers does a personalized item when you request it. It is more of a personal touch and that means a lot to her.

Perhaps, a word of “I love you”, both of your initials, or something that connotes a good memory to her. Charm bracelet jewelry has been around for a long time but this has been always my favorite. Looks good on a woman’s wrist, elegant and beautiful!

Gift Idea # 3: Lovely Jacket or Sweater

Perhaps, you are asking why is it that a sweater or a jacket as a gift idea for her? Go to your wife’s closet, assess or look and count how many does she have? Now, you know!

Most but not all women need a light jacket or light sweater. This is to keep her warm or for comfort, yes, it is like a “comfort hug“, makes her feel better. Perhaps, it is the hormones that are speaking, it is the difference between men and women.

Wondering what color of sweater or jacket? I would choose the neutral color like beige, white or black color. These can go along with any type of clothing when she puts on. Feel and choose the texture or the fabric, go with something smooth, light but does not easily wrinkle. Personally, I do not like fabrics when it is wrinkled easily.

Go back and check out her closet again, take note of her fave color and go for it. Your gift idea for your wife is done!

Gift Idea # 4: Gift Certificate or Card to a Spa

Hair and Nail Spa is the most popular and is always been. Our hair and nails grow every day, therefore, it requires trimming every 6-8 weeks for the most part. This is a good business as well. Know where she usually goes for her hair cut or manicure and pedicure shop, then arranges for her to go and enjoy her spa day!

Sending your wife or partner to a spa is treating her like a queen! Pampering her is a nice treat.

Your wife or partner will appreciate this gesture, not a lot of men will really do this. Some men do not pay attention and not into details. Give yourself a pat on your back! I am elated for your wife or partner if you choose this gift idea for the reason that this has been rare for a man of the house to treat her wife with this. Keep in mind this is just a suggested idea.

Gift Idea # 5: Girl’s night out!

Volunteer, oh yes, volunteer to babysit to let her have a girl’s night out with her girlfriends or sisters. This is a nice time for her to unwind or free from household chores or away from you for just a couple of hours.

To have your wife or partner to go for her girl’s night out once for a while is a way of cooling-off and recharging as well.

Gift Idea # 6: Surprise From Yourself or From the Children

The best gift idea for your wife or partner ever is a surprise from yourself and from your child/ren. Like, bake a cake and decorate it together with the child/ren for your dessert. It is so sweet and nice to do that for her then celebrate with a simple pizza dinner.

Simple surprises are significant to a relationship. šŸ™‚ You did have a quality time with your child/ren.

Cook her favorite food for both of your to enjoy, pop up one of your century wine to celebrate for having each other. It is good to celebrate simple things every day. That’s one of the simplest tricks for a relationship to make it lasting. Life is good!

These are just basic ideas & it is occasionally forgotten as people resort to the modernized technology. Technology today is really good but privacy is lacking whatever it is, it is all posted on the internet. You know what I mean.

Well, with this gift idea, the whole family is involved and hopefully not only your wife will have a blast but the whole gang!

Quality time spent with your wife or partner is one of the secrets for a strong and forever relationship. šŸ™‚ Don’t you agree?

These are suggested gift ideas for your wife or partner. It is simple but affordable. It not only the material gifts but focused on the relationship and quality time together.

Please leave any comment or your thoughts below. I appreciate your time to read and write your thoughts for our readers as well. Thanks again!



D’ Best Gift Ideas

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When Everything is Taken

I have a big family and I worked full time from morning till dawn. Going to the store or shop, I felt so overwhelmed that I could not even stick to my unique ideas as I am being distracted by all these beautiful displays.

One disappointment for me is when I find that when everything is taken and the only left displayed is not the greatest or not the best gift ever; which often happens on the big season(like Christmas) or out of stock.

Finding time to go out shopping for gift and souvenirs is quite a challenge as well. I prefer to stay home to enjoy my days off, do my household chores and browse or surf the net.

One day, I have gift ideas for my children but I can’t find it and spend time looking for that particular item (that took quite a time) it’s like I have no day off at all, seriously!.

So bravely went online and bought it (honestly, I am scared of using my credit cards through online because of hackers or scam but it turned out fine.

First, I checked the site with a “secure” word and or with a padlock sign right beside the website). Seeing the AWE expression and reaction of the receiver, I felt fulfilled and yes, it is a good feeling!

Also, when friends text’s or calls me that their gift was a blast!

What An Alternative!

We have our own unique ideas for gifts and could hardly think which one is the top and the best one.

I just want to present gift ideas to help you decide for your loved ones, family, friends, and acquaintances that you can read on my following post (if ever you’re interested).

As one, I have tough decisions in finding the right, awesome gifts or beautiful souvenirs; so sharing this experience might also give you some ideas that are worth fulfilling.

As the old saying goes, “It is More Blessed to Give Than to Receive”.

This is dedicated to everyone who happens to have a challenging experience on finding dbestgift ever! Thank you for your time and may you be blessed more.

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