About Jocelyn

Hi there! I’m a mother of two; a nurse by profession.  I am full time in my job and I found that writing is one of my ways to “de-stressed”; to write and share my experience and to know yours, too. 

I live here in Ontario, Canada with my family and a very supportive caring husband.

My Motivation

It began on my low days, coming from work.  This gives me an idea to at least share cool ideas for gift and souvenirs giving to people of all ages but most of all to our seniors as well, lest we forget.

Writing was not my best but I want to make it my best so this is also my motivating factor.

My lowest will be my greatest. I never thought of writing not until this day.  Pardon me with some grammatical errors but I know as I go on I’d be okay 🙂

Hobbies and Interest

I love outdoors, nature, adventure and to travel. I have never been in a lot of places but definitely are on my bucket list. I like camping with my family, fishing and viewing the natural amazing creation in this world.

I often thought of cool ideas for gifts and souvenirs that are related to nature that human cares and yet to discover.


I Would Love to Hear From You


I am also interested in knowing ideas from my readers that can be also shared and could help someone.

We may never know that someone out there is overwhelmed with ideas or nothing at all. And this could be the perfect opportunity for your best or cool gift ideas to share with them.

Thank you and God bless you.