10 Top Best Gift Ideas For Women In Their 50’s

A shining golden number. Women in their prime years. Loads of wisdom has been and/is accomplished and successful in their life.

Golden Number, You are 5-0

Celebrating this milestone in women in their 50s happens only once in a lifetime. It may sound big, but it is really BIG. As an accomplished woman in their 50s, who has everything, stable and beautiful inside out. There is more!

The focus and goal in life have changed or modified to more straight-forward ventures that creates a fruitful outcome. Also, it is basically founded on strong and attainable long-term goals.

Women in their 50s have evolved to be smarter and wiser. Their decision is firm and absolutely fulfills that goal. This age is fun, others may find it as carefree, feeling freedom is here finally.

And, it is another stage of life to masticate and enjoy. There are plentiful changes in woman’s life at this stage like for instance; physically, emotionally. Every woman goes through this stage; whether she likes it or not, these hormonal changes happen in each woman’s body.

 Word F-I-F-T-Y Survival Joy Kit


  • Flour: Pound with your fists. So you can start to regain your baking skills. Pound and use your muscles, knead the dough so you won’t waste that remaining youthful strength. Think about all those past beautiful memories. You never realized that you made a tasteful bread or dessert.
  • Fruit. So you can eat any kind of fruit. Full of fibers to help for the digestion. You know that this age, one problem is going to the restroom to eliminate while singing this song “Please release me, let me go” but instead you say “here I come, smooth and easy!”
  • Ice Cream. You need it to calm you down. A little of sugar won’t hurt. It relieves and cools you whenever you’re feeling the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Eating ice cream can help decrease the symptoms the “hot flashes”.
  • Irish Whiskey. A whiskey from Ireland! Have a good drink with your significant someone or somebody you want to enjoy this whiskey. The word “whiskey” means “water of life” from the Gaelic Phrase. Time to unwind, sip and relax!


  • Fingernails. Yes, you definitely need a nail spa after those hard works, nice and freshly manicured nails are all you want at this time.
  • Face and Forehead. Take good care of these areas because it is usually where people see first before they will do eye contact. You don’t want these mini wrinkles showing now and then. So, put a lot and just enough of moisturizer to always hydrate and freshen it.


  • Toes. More often then not this is the part that is least look after to. You can disagree or agree with me but I know for sure. It is time to pay attention to these little digits. Check it out, moisturized and keep it dry.
  • Toenails. Just like your fingernails, your toenails need attention. Arrange and visit your pedicurist to look after your golden toenails. It is time, you are 5-0!
  • Tomatoes. Generally, this should be always included in our diet. Red tomatoes rich in lycopene that helps cleanses the body. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin, mineral, nutrient content.
  • Tomatoes contain lycopene, it is an antioxidant that has been found to promote good general health. According to study, it helps with the prevention of a range of diseases, including cancer.


  • Yellow. Golden Yellow. This is a rich color that is really suitable for somebody like you, someone who is as brightly shining as the star. Wear this happy color, to color your bright future ahead:)

NO worries and be happy! You have reached your GOLDEN moment, cherished every moment of it! Remember, you are young at heart and glowing.

Going on, Without Further Ado,

Here is Number:

10. Books or reading materials

Sometimes reading is one of the best past times or filling out the void. Having the latest and best-seller book on the market is one of the best gift ideas for her.

This special book for the celebrant on her special day sends a positive and encouraging message to her. You want to give this woman a memorable funny birthday gift that is unforgettable. She can forever talk about it and thankful for.

Here is an example:

You Know When You’re Turning 50 and Turning 50: Quotes and Helpful Hints.

9. Personalized Items

These items are either a representation of herself or a kind of humor for her day. It may be a personalized T-shirt, mugs, pens or any items that could be personalized or incorporated that is suited to her personality, likes and dislikes.

8. Silk Scarf and/or Sleep Wear

I love these items. It is soft, silky and smooth fabric to use. It is gentle and so comfortable to the skin. A scarf is convenient to use when feeling somewhat cold or needing a warm hug.

Sleepwear is one of the best gift ideas in general. Being at this age, at times, this is often forgotten or I mean overlooked. Updating her wardrobe of different comfortable sleepwear will be loaded with awesomeness.

7. Sleep Mask

Sleep mask, well, this could be a challenging hunt for her. This is one of the most pursued items. Every each of us wants at least one sleep mask for ourselves. I guess you own one, too.

When feeling tired and had an enduring day, she could put it on and feel the quietness and have a restful night.

6. Skin Care

Yeehaa! This is it, a beauty skin care for her skin to re-glow. Reaching this age has a whole lot of moisturizing to do for the growing old saggy skin. And, this is one of the must-haves.

But, take note if she has a sensitive skin, allergies, and preferences. Perhaps, a certain brand or some kind of beauty ingredients.

5. Purses

Certainly, all ladies owns at least one purse in their lifetime. I know that this is so popular but I still added to my list. This is a must-have list for every woman.

A new and latest purse in the market for a 50th birthday gift idea for this deserving lady is still one of the best.

4. Hair Blower

She owns one but needs an upgrading, I presumed. For a woman’s hair day, a hair blower is essential to begin and face her day.

Even men need to blow dry their hair. So, this works for most of all ages who have hairs to dry 🙂

3. Instant Pot

This is the latest talk of the town, instant pot cooker! Not a magic cooker but it will cook the way it is supposed to do. This lady turning 50 have the right to have this instant pot for sure.

It is time to make her chores easier and spend less time preparing in the kitchen but to have a meaningful quality time to herself or something else. This is one of a kind cooker.

2. Fit Bit Watch

Fit for Health. Watch for Health.

This watch automatically records relevant body’s vital signs. It monitors and tracks heart rate, pulse and if how many calories lost. And this occurs by just merely wearing this watch. What a small technology invented to help people to be fit healthy.

It is a smart bracelet, that you can put or wear around your wrist. It is also used as a pedometer. This can be a sport’s tracker for running, walking and even sleeping.

Fit Bit Watches has different kinds and features to choose from. It also comes in different colors. Fit Bit Watch is one of the best gift ideas recommended for a woman turning 50.

AND the number coming up is:

1. Gold Jewelry

A jewelry with her birthstone on it would be an excellent idea. It represents and emphasizes the meaning of the unforgettable events of her life. Having few hurdles that she faced in her life and how she had surpassed and came out a winner.

These could be a wristwatch, necklace, earrings, pendant, charms, and a variety of gold jewelry that is worthy of a woman like her.

Furthermore, this signifies that this lady has a high regard. When reaching fifty, it is one of the most important birthdays a person has.

It’s a milestone and with great accomplishment of her life. The celebrant deserves the best. I agree this is one of the most appropriate best gift idea ever. So, What do you think?

After all, turning 50 means content, accomplished and have a comfortable life.

.Other Gift Ideas Collected or Shared From Other People

I am excited to share these different gift idea that I collected and compiled. This is not arranged according to choice or popularity; it is random. Brace on, here it is!

  • Golden OPERA ticket or a concert ticket to see her favorite star of all times.
  • Yoga Mat. This is useful and maybe it will become a motivation to start taking her lessons. Joining Yoga’s meditation provides comfort and re-energizes inner self. It is also a stress reliever.
  • Nordic Stick. I definitely love and recommend this as well. If she is active and love sport’s, certainly, this will be a hit.
  • Lastly, 50 items collected and gathered with respect to her life’s journey reaching this stage and milestone. They are items that represent each event that occurred and happened in her lifetime.

For instance:

    • From 1-10 years: Pick a favorite shirt, stuff toy or any items related to these years. These remind her school-age time, her crush or favorite teacher. The list goes on. You know her or ask and maybe connive with the person who knows her that you have a surprise and simple presentation on her birthday.
    • From 20-30 years: Years of a university, peak of career time, meeting her significant other and so on.
    • From 40 years: Life begins at 40. There might be some changes, good ones or any development. Relate and relive those moments of success.
    • 50 years. Give a rundown of her life’s journey until to the very special day. She will appreciate your effort and this unique gift idea you have mustered for her. And, I believe she will.

 Final Thoughts

While all these ideas are working or getting into your mind, diligent planning, searching and hoping to be in the perfect timing of these special events for the celebrant. She is someone dear to you, a friend or may she be an acquaintance.

You may never know the good impact of these gift ideas for her personally. They are simply elegant and unique!

Ladies who are turning fifty may be complicated in their own way and on how they deal and dance with the wheel of life.

At this point, there is a physical and psychological change in a female body. There is a hormonal change that occurs, called the menopausal stage. This stage, a whole lot of changes on the woman’s estrogen and hormonal level. Some women may experience the symptoms but others may not.

Symptoms include; hot flashes, mood changes, sleep disturbances and more.

Attention to husband, partner, boyfriend or significant other or friend: Women in their fifties needs your patience and understanding of what they are going through to these biological changes. And take note, she is your woman.

Well, I am outside of the topic about our best gift ideas. I am just trying to cover so far and what a woman turning 50 is undergoing. And, the best comes at last.

My Conclusion

The greatest best gift idea for the celebrant so far, I think, is YOU! To have and know you and be a part of her life.

That is YOU.

Your gifts are secondary and remember, you are the number one!

I Would Love To Hear What You Think

These are the Top 10 Best Gift Ideas written to assist and give you, readers, some ideas that a woman may want or wish for.

Please leave your comments and thoughts you want to share with me and to other readers. Your ideas shared is well appreciated. Thank you!



Product Review: Best Coffee To Brew



Rise and Shine! Meet your day with a positive aura or energy. Start it with a cup-a-coffee 🙂

This is a 2-Way Coffee Maker with excellent features. A Hamilton Beach coffee maker brews for 12 cups and has a perfect brewing single-serve packs. K-cups can be used or a single cup or travel mug be brewed for just perfectly to start your day to enjoy.

This is an excellent coffee maker that brews fresh coffee every day.

Benefits Of The Product

I have quite a few coffee machines that give up on me after a year or 2 of usage.

So, having a new coffee brewing machine primarily is to start to get to know its features and discovering its flaws.

This 2-way flex brew coffee machine has 2 key features that are beneficial for a single individual or for a group (family or office employees) that brews perfectly for coffee lovers.



It is a great coffee maker, diverse. It does in all formats. In each cup or pot, an exact amount of water poured for the output you want.

The coffee filter (comes with the product) for the ground single cup allows some sediment in the coffee but certainly, it is easy to rinse.
One customer thinks that it is a good product although it is a little limited when it comes to what type of pods to use.

A basket filter (cut down to the size to fit) to the small coffee basket (the one just up the pods). It does make a perfect cup of coffee.

Some carafe pot, when poured, it creates some mess. But, the carafe of 2-way flex brew coffee pot pours perfectly well.


How To Use 2-Flex Brew Coffee Machine


Upon receiving the product, read the manual instruction that is included.

Before first use, wash the removable parts in a warm soapy water, rinse and dry. As per instruction, brew first cycle with water on each side (one side at a time) then discard.

Before use, ensure that your appliance is plugged into the electric outlet.



  • Use the recommended amount of water to get the perfect desired result for grounds. If the amount of water poured more than the recommended amount, it will cause “ERR” message and a long beep.


  • Rotate the brew selection button to select the single serve cup. Then select “Ground” at the “Brew Options” button.


  • Remove the single-serve pack holder to use the permanent filter for your ground.
  • This may seem a little challenging but once you’ve got a hold of it, you can start your coffee machine smoothly & enjoy the desired result.



  • Press the “Brew Option” button to select “single pack photo-appears like a k-cup”
  • Remove the single serve basket to use your pack.



  • Rotate the dial to select “carafe photo”; then press the “Brew Options” to select your the strength mode you desired.
  • Use a non-permanent coffee filter.

Product Description and Features

Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee Maker

This is 2-Way Flex Brew Coffee Maker that boost the easy access to brewing your fresh coffee every day. It introduces more brewing options than other coffee makers.

To use the single-serve side to brew into a cup or brew up to a 14 oz. travel mug is economical. AND, with your choice of brewing with a single-serve pack IE; K-cups or your best choice of ground coffee.

The carafe side makes a full 12-cup pot for everyone to sip and enjoy. So much in a small appliance, this 2-Way Flex Brew Coffeemaker provides the best valuable coffee drinking satisfaction.

So, To Get You Acquainted With The 2-WAY FLEX BREW Coffee Maker…..


  • A single cup or a full pot is easily brewed with your own choice of coffee


  • Maximum enjoyment of brewing flexibility.


  • Automatic shut off 2 hours after completing its brew cycle.


  • Easy use of a single-serve pack or your favorite ground coffee.
  • The single serve side is super compatible with packs.
    • Brews up to 14oz travel mug** (Sadly, **travel mug is not included with the product).
    • Adjustable multilevel/flip cup rest allows for average cups or travel mugs
    • Easy removal coffee brew basket
  • 12 Cups Carafe
    • Brews a full pot of coffee.
    • Brews strength options whether regular or bold.
    • Automatic 2-hour shutoff timer after coffee brew cycle completion.
    • Automatic pause & serve to grab a cup of coffee before the brew cycle is done.
  • Stainless steel features and dishwasher safe, removable parts

What’s Covered under the Warranty?


2-Way FlexBrew (Model 49983C) is being warranted by 5 years from the date of purchase (keep your original receipt).

For any other questions or concerns; call the company at 1-800-851-8900 or visit (www.hamiltonbeach.com)

Who is The Product For?


The product is intended for coffee lovers and cognitively know how to operate the coffeemaker.

What I Like About The Product


  • Honestly, I love the “Brew Options” feature. Compared to the simple coffee makers I owned previously that have no feature as this.
  • It shuts off automatically when brew cycle is completed.


  • Pause and Serve- the drip of coffee stops when the carafe is removed allowing you to pour your first cup of coffee. When placed back, it will continue to drip.                                                                                                                                                        NOTE: It only allows 20 seconds to put back the carafe on the warming plate.


  • Manual Instruction is simple, easy to understand and follow.

What I Don’t Like About the Product

  • It only brews on one side at a time.
  • Programming mode is not used on the single serve side.
  • Even when using the single-serve side, the warming plate at the carafe side will become hot.
  • It only allows 20 seconds for the pause and serves feature.


Final Thoughts

Coffee Lovers for Coffees! This Hamilton Beach 2- way flex brew coffeemaker is one of the top-notch coffeemakers I have. My husband and I enjoy the first fresh brewed coffee early morning before going to our work site.

Let’s put it this way, Good Coffee + Best Coffeemaker = BEST BREWED COFFEE 🙂

This may also be the best gift ideas for coffee lovers.

If you have questions, thoughts, and something to share about this post, kindly leave it in the comments section. I will promise to get back to you promptly.




Gifts For Non Occasions

Depending on occasions, we always have at least few ideas for that particular special person. For non-occasions, gift ideas seemed to be skeptical for what to bring or give. Giving gifts for non-occasions is from us being so thoughtful with or without reasons. This non-occasion gift turns out are always the best.

What an Amazing Feeling to Receive Unexpectedly!

Out of the blue in an ordinary day, a package or a gift just landed on your doorstep or your hands, wow! and it is unexpected.

Or a friend came by and brought you a present. As a caring and thoughtful friend a decision to surprise that special person to bring a present that will astonish and start or finish his/her day brightly. What blessed day!

I ‘d call it “humble treasures”. Personalized accessories, fun printed t-shirts, mugs, books, fresh flowers and/or chocolates or sweets are few ways to express our appreciation, love and for just being simply here or simply you.

Personalized Gift Ideas for Non Occasions

These personalized few gift ideas are fun, brings back memories, creates inspiration or motivation, opens up new opportunities, mends and maintains relationships. And, of course, it is so unique that is only designed particularly for that special person.


A book of knowledge! A book of their interest, let’s say a book about health, life, investments, inspirational books, romance, how to curb your appetite – health books and tips how-to and any trending magazine or reading materials.

My Cool Unique Gift for a Non Occasion

It was a thin booklet! It is about daily inspirational quotes and thoughts to ponder. I am working overseas without my family, alone in a foreign country. Many distractions and challenges that I encounter every day and these tiny booklets appear bigger than any other gift I received in my life. It became my motivation and inspiration. I learned to become tenaciously stronger and my focus is set on my goals.

After All,

The expression of appreciation and thoughtfulness is expressed through gift giving and many more to mention. It is to the receiver’s and/or from giver’s cheerfulness, generous heart and of course the care and love of one’s relationship. These open up and further friendship or relationship.


I Love to Hear Your Thoughts!



Leap For Fit on Trampoline

Little Tikes 7-Feet Trampoline



4.9 out of 5 stars


Ships from and sold by Amazon.ca.

Did You know?

It is one of Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank:

  • #13,180 in Toys & Games
  • #6 in Toys & Games > Outdoor Play > Trampolines
  • #15 in Sports & Outdoors > Exercise & Fitness > Accessories > Fitness Trampolines
  • #32 in Sports & Outdoors > Leisure Sports & Game Room > Trampolines

Product Overview:

It’s important for our children to stay active! This Little Tikes 7-Feet trampoline is both sturdy and durable. It is padded  for protection that includes safety enclosure net. It’s the perfect outdoor play for providing hours of jumping and bouncing fun safely! A great first trampoline for children.

Product Specifications:

  • It is a 7-Feet trampoline.
  • Jumping area is 7.69 ft. in diameter.
  • From ground to jump area measures 17 ft.
  • It is sturdy and durable and has a high-quality pad protector that covers the safety springs to prevent injury when children are jumping and bouncing .
  • The frame is made of durable blow-molded plastic and a high-quality of steel.
  • Supported by heavy-duty steel poles that is enclosed by safety netting all around.
  • Ideally for outdoor active play.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Weight Limit: 105 lbs.
  • Maximum number of children: 1
  • Recommended for Outdoor Use Only!

Some Features and Others

  • Easy installation ( if alone, will take minimum of 2 hours and depends on your movement; with 2 or more help, it will take minimum an hour or less)
  • Very sturdy and hard plastic frame and steel poles hat are padded for safety. These keeps the trampoline sturdy when children are jumping and bouncing.
  • Has a mesh shoes compartment and for other things for organizing.
  • Instructions are fine & easy to follow.
  • Trampoline has its own enclosure net for safety. It will prevent children from falling on the ground.
  • Recommended for ages 3 to 10 years old to bounce and jump on the trampoline BUT with a weight limit of 105 lbs only because it might tear the netting or destroy the trampoline.
  • Some springs are challenging putting in place.
  • Assembly requires 2 or more people.
  • Adjustable zip to close the door for the children to get in and out and that would keep children inside the trampoline and not to bounced out and fall.


The Manufacturer Little Tikes provides a warranty to the purchaser for the frame in materials or workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase and all other parts for 90 days from the date of purchase. Dated sales receipt is required for proof of purchase.

Outside U.S.A. and Canada, please contact place of purchase for warranty service.

What Customers are Saying About Little Tikes 7 Ft Trampoline

Customers who purchased Little Tikes 7-Ft Trampoline has a lot of positive feedback. First, SAFETY. *The enclosure nets, padded poles and sides provides big assurance for children’s safety. Second, *durability and quality of product, one customers commented “built to last”. Third, is pleasure. *This trampoline is appealing to the little ones that their smile or happiness seen are inexplicable. Lastly, exercise and good use of energy.

*Some customers mentioned about the zip issues that can’t be done but overall are satisfied with product. *Others mentioned that after 2 summers of use that padding starts to disintegrate.

*These views are represented by existing customers.


Customers may visit the little tikes website (www.littletikes.com) f or the following:

  • Hardware Bolt
  • Galvanized Spring
  • Trampoline Mat (A) (Includes Spring Covering)
  • Horizontal Plastic Leg (C) (Sold Individually 3 on Unit)
  • Vertical Orange Plastic Leg (D) (Sold Individually 6 on Unit)

Healthy And Fit: Bounce Children!

Bounce Children! Saves the bed (LOL); I remember when I was little that I used to actively do this as well. And of course, my children do endless bouncing, jumping on the bed if not being prevented. With bad weather, the little ones needs to do something otherwise the bed will suffer, watch TV, play their Nintendo or feel bored. When at the peak of energy, to bounce and jump will be one of the channels to do.

According to study, jumping or bouncing actually is beneficial to children. Its stimulates the brain and helps for the development of sensory and motor skills and many more. ( See my other post 🙂  Benefits of Trampoline Jumping).

In Conclusion

Little Tikes 7-Feet Trampoline provides a lot of benefits to our little ones. May it be your best cool gift idea or yet the best decision for a gift.








Random Ideas That May be a Hit!

Millions of ideas are shared and unique thoughts for the celebrants are important. Deciding on something special or memorable are more challenging. I just did some researching and I want to share with you, my friends.

Random Finds One to consider is HEALTH.

How to incorporate healthy nutrients required by our body for someone who is really picky? I came across of a small kitchen gadget, the food processor, this will do the work and finish the messy job in seconds. Yes, seconds! It will be your best friend in the heart of your house, your kitchen!

Babies or children are often the picky eaters. Often the not, it is veggies that are not the most appealing to their eyes. Might just walk out from the table.

But, but the most effective way is pureeing and juicing for our picky eaters to eat, drink and gain the essential nutrients necessary for growth and development. It contains all the rich nutrients.

The little mouths would just be slurping without you noticing it because it is not what they see but what they taste.

My sister’s sons, 4 and 5 years old hated vegetables. She steams, cooks or tried shaping with different animal shapes and tried to even bribe these two but unsuccessful. Then, she mushed them and mixed with their favorite food or snacks and it was a hit! From then on, my sister started using a food processor that does the job for seconds saving her more time to spend with them. She can also prepare food in advance and freeze it and can just get and use it anytime or give it as snacks as well.

For sure, parents and caregivers always hope to have the essential nutrients for our body to be healthy and fit.

TWO is FITNESS or Exercise

Let them loose, play, jump, climb and run! Of course, with parents supervision at all times to ensure their safety and proper guidance. As per research and study, jumping and playing on the trampoline stimulates the brain’s cognitive skill and behavior of growing children.

THE BRAIN. The brain’s ability to assess risk and manage emotion are key factors that shape human’s behaviors and for decision making.

Trampoline jumping and other forms of physical or active play can help children understand their limits physically. Children are less likely to engage in dangerous physical behaviors at school and on the playground.


The jumper has to manage multiple tasks simultaneously when jumping on the trampoline such as balancing, bouncing, maintaining an upright position and to anticipate the next move.

There is a mental multi-tasking involved which is the effective way to practice the skill of concentration. This is essential to problem-solving and working efficiently and will result in a top mark on their tests and exams.

Trampoline jumping is an effective workout because as we know that during exercise or physical fitness this action causes blood to circulate to the heart then circulates oxygenated blood to the brain. Helps circulate oxygen throughout the body to increase energy. Regular jumping on the trampoline energies your body and increases its resistance.

Hey, What’s on Your Mind?  Please drop me a line…..

Thank You for Reading,  Jocelyn

What’s in Store For You This 2018?


Looking ahead on your horoscope here that I read an article that I want to share to all of you. This is just for an amusement read and to impart readers the best gift ideas for the celebrants!

Your Horoscope

ARIES ( March 21-April 19)

This year has positive vibes. Perhaps the most significant change will be the end of unexpected events from the past. Your sixth sense leads you in the right direction.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

Have No Fear! You sparkle and full of enthusiasm. This year is a flourishing one.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

Plans changes often. You are in the spotlight in a positive way. You can create many beneficial changes at home and at work. You are an inspiration.

CANCER (June 21- July 22)

Share with others; if you can think it, it can become a reality. Don’t try to conceal your feelings because your strength comes from your true emotions.

LEO( July 23-August 22)

Leo’s can makes errors but somehow everything will work out in your favor. Daily routine feels easier thus happiness is a reward. Anywhere you go, you always make friends easily.

VIRGO ( August 23- September 22)

Remain Flexible. Because of your excellent communication skills, it will expand your social and work life. Enjoy and love life. Live it up! Your smile goes a long way in helping others relax.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)

An unexplored talent might be discovered. This talent could be a second source of income for you. Say “YES” to new ideas and be ready to try them.

SCORPIO (October 23- November 21)

Remeber that no matter how out of control life gets, Scorpio lands well. Have confidence in your beauty and charm. This year will be a year to remember!

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)

Your spirit soars this year! daily life is full of excitement. You know in your heart that there is nothing you cannot handle. Take time to chat with a friend.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)

Avoid being too serious. Understand that you are in the process of making a big personal change that will redefine your outlook on life that you will have pleasure. Just stay on course. Listen.

AQUARIUS ( January 20-February 18)

You will learn to let go! A new trait for you. Trust that everything will work out just fine. Be imaginative.

PISCES (February 19, March 20)

The ups and downs you experience this year will be worth it. You also are in the midst of realizing a long-term dream. Ask more questions and you will be thrilled with what you hear. Don’t overdo it!

Libra is my Horoscope!


Just So You Know!

Child’s Development & Stages To Help With Gift Ideas


Giving gifts to a child depends on their age. Children of different ages develop their own personalities, learning abilities and of course have different needs. It’s the first 5 years of the children’s life development are the most critical stage; physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. The following age development will just give you some insights into what gift ideas you will give as a present and the best decision that assures you have the best gift ever.


1-2 MONTHS OLD: Babies can support her/his head; more so awake in every hour or so. Drinks milk often, cat-nap sleep mostly, likes to be warm all the time- not happy if feeling cold. She/He loves hugs and kisses. The more she/he is engaged the more she/felt secured and TRUST starts to develop.

3-4 MONTHS OLD: She/He starts to laugh and communicates with soft murmuring sound (Coo) to parents, sibling and/or caregiver. Her/His extremities (hands and feet) mesmerizes his/her attention. Loves to listen when you are talking and read to her/him. Baby needs milk and food are slowly introduced. Loves music (IE lullabies) and when you sing for her/him. Likes something to pull on, soothing animal sound or something comforting and a toy or something to bite on.  

5-8 MONTHS OLD: At this age, babies start to roll over to their side, crawls and sits with support. Reaches to toys (will try many times until successful) handed and holds or grasps tightly. Loves to see her/his image in a mirror. Finishes most of the food given. Babbles to communicate, enjoys being tickle, dance to and fascinated by the surroundings.

9-11 MONTHS OLD: Busy Buddy! Explores everything. Crawls, sits and pulls on to furniture, eats anything (edible or non-edible) that interest her/him. Locks to medicine cabinets, household cleaners and other unsafe things around the house is needed; sharp objects may it be small or big is kept for baby’s safety. Social interaction is essential with other babies, responds well when other babies are happy or sad. Educational toys appropriate for this age stage.

12 MONTHS OLD: Pulls self up and can sidestep around furniture; starts walking. Curious and interested in a lot of things, I mean anything. Touches everything; it is important to have a safe area to move around. Reading, singing or music always captivates his/her attention and enjoys it a lot.

These insights are just to provide some cool and best gift ideas ever to readers for the little ones. Surely, I’d be writing and posting the next stages but for now, THIS IS IT, FRIENDS!

If you have some questions, insights, and suggestions please leave your sincere comments below.








D’ Best Gift Ideas

FRIENDS, WELCOME to dbestgift.com! It’s a privilege that you have stumbled and found my website.

When Everything is Taken

I have a big family and I worked full time from morning till dawn. Going to the store or shop, I felt so overwhelmed that I could not even stick to my unique ideas as I am being distracted by all these beautiful displays.

One disappointment for me is when I find that when everything is taken and the only left displayed is not the greatest or not the best gift ever; which often happens on the big season(like Christmas) or out of stock.

Finding time to go out shopping for gift and souvenirs is quite a challenge as well. I prefer to stay home to enjoy my days off, do my household chores and browse or surf the net.

One day, I have gift ideas for my children but I can’t find it and spend time looking for that particular item (that took quite a time) it’s like I have no day off at all, seriously!.

So bravely went online and bought it (honestly, I am scared of using my credit cards through online because of hackers or scam but it turned out fine.

First, I checked the site with a “secure” word and or with a padlock sign right beside the website). Seeing the AWE expression and reaction of the receiver, I felt fulfilled and yes, it is a good feeling!

Also, when friends text’s or calls me that their gift was a blast!

What An Alternative!

We have our own unique ideas for gifts and could hardly think which one is the top and the best one.

I just want to present gift ideas to help you decide for your loved ones, family, friends, and acquaintances that you can read on my following post (if ever you’re interested).

As one, I have tough decisions in finding the right, awesome gifts or beautiful souvenirs; so sharing this experience might also give you some ideas that are worth fulfilling.


As the old saying goes, “It is More Blessed to Give Than to Receive”.

This is dedicated to everyone who happens to have a challenging experience on finding dbestgift ever! Thank you for your time and may you be blessed more.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,



Cool Gifts and Souvenirs Ideas

Celebration! Celebrating one’s life achievement, milestones, anniversaries, birthdays and/or any kind of what you can think of in the world to celebrate or be happy about for our loved ones, friends and acquaintances matters in each of us.

THOUGHTFULNESS is the word! I want to share some Cool ideas for gifts and souvenirs for celebrants, and to those who are still in doubt or thinking about what makes them smile or love it!

For The Celebrants!

The person celebrating is the main character, the special one, the king, queen, princess, or the “ONE”.

The celebrant/s gets all this attention because it is their day and we are helping them to make their big day special and memorable for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes, the celebrants are too busy or engrossed with someone or something else that you may think that the celebrant did not even care or noticed about.

But, believe me; the celebrant has always ways to notice everything. Of course, they value what you have presented or sent to them.

Your gift and/or souvenir means a million words for them.

 Cool Ideas for the Gentlemen/ Boys: “Johns”

First of all, know something about the celebrant/s; about his habits and likes. I am sure you know something familiar. And it can be based on that then you can always pick something special for him.

Trust your pick because he will love it and be useful for him. I have some ideas that may able help you to and I will consider the following:

  • Hobbies and Interest:

There are gazillions of ideas, small and big.

Does he play indoor or outdoor sports? I will be thinking of handy tools/kit that comes in handy when something is broken or used on an emergency basis.

Or it could be, sports equipment IE bag, an organizer; towel, cap with personal printed words on or something you share in common etc.

These items, water bottles that are light, durable. You can even personalize it with his name on it.

Ask him, does he like to cook?

In that way, I’d think a set of knives, a cool funny apron with chef hat; a shirt printed with his favorite line; and a good mighty pen with a squared notebook to used to scribble his thought of menus/ recipes.:):)

Think about his job; it is something that is small but it reminds him of you (the giver). For instance, a picture frame to put on his the desk or office.

A  tie, a pen, a personalized calendar would go a long way for him to use or put on his desk.

Consider a grooming kit for his hair (hair is a big deal for them), this is an excellent idea to give. I know shaver is already on your mind, that could be too.

I personally like to think and get some ideas from head to toe. We know very well that in every part of our body sometimes requires accessorizing. Right?

Gift ideas and gift giving may be small but leave a big memory.  It could be something of a blast that will last forever!

  • Wish List/Bucket List:

Well, at a certain point, you have a conversation or connection with the celebrant.

We sometimes remember and keep at the back of our mind something he personally mentioned about what he likes or wants and dreaming of.

You may want to fulfill his dream or go all the way to check off that wish list or bucket list of his.

That would be awesome! You might have made his day or your day by just giving.

  • Other:

Sometimes, it is overwhelming for these ideas we have in mind. Considering the time spent going around, browsing and looking for that particular gift item; it’s like time is not on your side.

So, my best gift idea will be to presenting him gift card/s or vouchers to his special or favorite store.  Nowadays, ordering from an online store for his gift that could be delivered in time is one of the best gift ideas.

Ask his favorite resto or place to hang out. A reservation to a restaurant or on a special activity that he may enjoy in his own time or for both of you and other friends to join the fun.

If he is interested in fitness or exercise. A paid lessons of his interest might be also considered as one of the best gift ideas.

So, these are gift ideas for the GENTLEMEN. There are numerous unique ideas to mention but these are just a few gift ideas to read on to start for you to think of what’s the best gift for him.


Cool Ideas for Ladies or Girls: “Janes”

As I have mentioned above, the celebrant is the STAR.

  • The same with the lady celebrants, I will consider their hobbies, interest, special activities and other related-special about her.

As one that belongs to this species, I describe girls are sophisticated and full of creativity. Sometimes, they are so complicatedly positive and beautiful inside and out.

Ideas for gift and souvenirs for the ladies are not that so challenging to choose and look for the ideal gift, I think so, too.

  • First things first, the ladies usually think of how they look, their appearance is a must-be attended to.

Why? Because….if I look on my face in the mirror and noticed a single dry spot or wrinkle, I need to find a way to eliminate or cover that spot. I do not like that my face has a dry area and noticeable by people. It sometimes affects confidence. Because that’s what I feel.

Oh, Lalala! Looking nice, fresh and beautiful boost confidence and can do all the way. So, one gift idea is a beauty kit, makeup set/kit or beauty cream. It is something that defines your smooth skin and it enhances the beauty of a pretty face or body.

  • Next is accessories. Remember, most of the ladies and girls are fond of “bling-bling”.

Jewelry. These beautify and accessorized ladies in high regard. Pieces of jewelry like earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklace,  wrist watch or anything that glitters etc.

Seeing a woman wearing a piece of jewelry makes a woman more sophisticated and beautiful physically. This may also add self-esteem and confidence.

  • Kitchen Small Appliances. She might like this as well for her kitchen. This is used every day to prepare food and it is really essential. Kitchen small appliance is versatile. A single person, family or have a partner; it is one the best gift idea for her. As the saying goes, “the way to one’s man’s heart is through his stomach”.

Cooking for the man in your life or for her family is a big job, but with love, the jobs come easy.

  • Kitchen gadgets, utensils or handheld small appliances to use in her own kitchen to prepare a sumptuous meal is, of course, one of the simplest and best gift ideas.


  • Personalized mugs, sports equipment or agenda book. A personal touch as a gift is a personal reach that is so unique to her.  Having it personalized for her, so far, is the best gift idea for her.

These are only a few simple gift ideas that I have shared. Take note, simplicity is a beauty. The least you expect are the things that are important.

Remember, ladies are expert to multi-tasks :)).

Cool Ideas for Gift and souvenirs for the Little Ones

Children are precious when they show those little teeth and pure smile, it is so adorable and priceless!

The first one that always comes to mind are toys, clothes or cash.

But to give these Little One’s cool gift and souvenirs will be something worth on their part of growing or interaction into the world of reality.

  • Handheld Gadgets

So, handheld gadgets that are interactive and educational. These are small. Parents can always have a parental guidance when children are playing these gadgets. Parents can set or program it to a certain time of when the little ones will play.

  • Games.

Popular family puzzles or games with easy directions and something to play with the whole family or friends to have a quality time.

Having a quality time or hanging out with your family creates the best bonding for our children that they will treasure until their adult life.

Snack Containers. There are quite a lot, nowadays,  of special snack containers, IE snack helmets, water bottles or backpacks. These are fun made for the children to encourage them to eat healthy snacks.

  • Books. There are books that can be personalized and I like this idea as well. You can add their name and character to the story in the book which is awesome.

The children will certainly love this and are feeling really cool that they are a part and included in the story. Actually, they can also keep this forever as a keepsake or as a memorabilia during their childhood.

Little ones are very imaginative, direct and detailed of what they like, naturally. They will let you know what they wish and want, they are straightforward so you could always have a choice.

Some children are insistent and forthright about what they expect. Some children request gift beyond and inappropriately for their age.

Parent or adults are their role models. We are to guide our children for their safety and to the righteous path for a brighter tomorrow.

Of Course, Wise Seniors

Let us not forget our Elders,  “I drank a lot of water than you have” as I heard a conversation when a young adult verbally arguing and having a discussion with an elderly when I was passing by them. The young adult has just been mummed; looking straight to the elderly just listening.

Well, that’s how wise and experienced they are, I think.

  • A note or a card is a good gift idea to hand them. A thoughtful note means a lot to our elders. They regard this to have more value and something special. Just a tip, make sure to write your thoughtful words first before attaching the actual gift.
  • With modern technologies, handheld gadgets like tablets, mobile phone or accessories for their communications IE USB, portable chargers and, earphones.

Seniors are slow because of their age but others are determined to learn about the modern technologies we are enjoying now. Being persistence and determined is no hindrance to learning. It is always a good way of communicating with our elderly as well.

  • A gift certificate for manicure or pedicure is an exciting gift idea for them (I had worked with seniors so this is kind of valuable). Getting their toenails and fingernails done is a must.

I got enough in my mind but will post it in my upcoming post,  I am kind of stuck.

How about you? do you have any gift ideas to suggest that may help our readers? Your cool ideas of giving gifts and souvenirs can help people to create or come up with gift ideas for their loved ones or friends.

Millions of ideas in different ways of giving gifts and souvenirs in this modern world nowadays that excites every celebrant. They usually expect big ones nor small ones. Either way, it is the best gift idea that is fit for them!

If you thought of cool ideas to share & to contribute, please leave them in the comment box below. Your gift ideas may help someone!

Thank you



Jocelyn (dbestgift.com)