10 Top Best Gift Ideas To Co-Workers

Co-workers are people with whom one works, normally it is someone in a similar role or responsibility or level within an organization.

A co-worker is a partner, collaborator, an ally, comrade or a buddy.
I am working in an organization thus I am a co-worker myself. We worked together, collaborate and assist each other. We worked as a team for the sake of reaching and fulfilling the organization’s common goal.

Employees or as coworkers are the people behind every management or administration success. They are vital for the growth and advancement of a company.

 The Best Gift Idea # 10


This is a quick pick but practical best gift idea.

Enjoy coffee with your friends!

When you cannot think of any other gifts for your coworker. Or, if you don’t know any background, these will be the safest and reasonable gift idea.

Mind you, your co-worker prefers this better than clothing. Though, some might be having their second thoughts. But I have more coming up.

Coffee boost someone’s energy at work. Let’s just make that happen! A job might be done instantaneously and efficiently. 🙂 🙂

The Best Gift Idea # 9


Water is essential to everyone. Working or I mean going to work, water bottles is a must have unless you have it served at your office or workplace.

This is one of the best gift ideas for co-workers. I find that If I am hustling here and there, I tend to forget to rehydrate myself. But if I have sighted my water bottle, my body stops and my brain says “hey, your water”.

Water Bottle Thirst Quencher

It is kind of reminder and encouragement to yourself or co-worker to have a sip of water or liquids. Water bottles could be brought anywhere you.

It is easy to clean, size is just enough to keep in your purse, you can bring it with you when you travel and have fun under the sun.

The Best Gift Idea # 8


As follow up with the coffee beans or roast as a gift idea; you can basically add this item or by itself as a gift. If you wish to have an eloquent touch, personalized it.
You know already that this item is already a necessity for an employee or for a person who loves to drink coffee, juice or one who constantly travels by car going to his job site.

This is just a gift idea, I know what you are contemplating that this person already possesses a few of it. But try something that is personalized, this regularly reminds them that a good thoughtful coworker has given that- memorable coffee mug.

The Best Gift Idea # 7



Well, lunch tote/ bags are essential and a necessity when going to work every day. Others may not need it, but for sure, most employees have one or a couple in their house.

This, also encourage people to help save the environment rather than using plastic bags to hold onto there lunches. It is reusable, you can take it with you anywhere, elegant to see and it can hold any stash you wanna put inside.

It is your secondary purse. This is one of the best gift ideas for co-workers in all things considered are practical ways. And, I, myself really have a couple of different colors and styles. I love receiving this kind of gifts 🙂


The Best Gift Idea # 6


Normal skin is not too dry and not too oily. It has no visible blemishes, looks clean and clear. No spots of dry skin and greasy areas.

Human skin is the outer covering of our body, it has multiple layers that protects our internal organs, muscles or bones.

We definitely must care for our skin. Hydrate constantly by applying lotion and of course drinking water or liquids every day. The weather changes drastically that may also affect the condition of your skin. It makes it dry, moist or greasy.

By constantly washing your hands as hand hygiene usually makes your skin dry and scaly. Lotion or emollients helps hydrates and keep your skin refreshed. This is one of the best gift ideas for co-workers and yourself as well.
If you have noticed different color, lumps, lesion or anything not normal to your skin, your best bet is to visit your family physician or a dermatologist for detailed assessment and for best intervention and treatment or approach.

The Best Gift Idea # 5


This is so surprising to you. Our co-workers REALLY need something to remind about time. When working, as an employee myself, or also at home, let us be mindful of time.

Respect time and time will be your friend and to your advantage.

With the clock or watch IE table or wall clock, wrist or android watch or nurse’s watch; as a gift idea for a co-worker is a friendlier approach than blurting out to her to gather her speed and work fast rather than leaving things undone.

Organized time equals positive outcome+ efficiently + productive.

The Best Gift Idea # 4


I love these accessories. These are one of my favorites and one of the best gift ideas for a co-worker. May it be just for fun or imperatively needed.

Socks, socks, socks. How many socks you have that has a hole or ripped, that even your beautifully pedicured toenails is out displayed?

One of the basic accessory when going out to work. Let us take good care of our feet. If you are comfortable doing your job, that means your day is going to be productive and be finished with work not even feeling tired.

Scarf, cap or torque are very useful and versatile. It is used to warmth and comfort you, use as an accessory, to cover up for something you do not wish people to see and just plainly a part of your daily dressed up.

This may not be appealing to you as one of the best gift ideas. But I have more to present, just keep on reading…


The Best Gift Idea # 3


This is grandiose. You need to know your co-worker size, color preference, and anything related to it. I believe your co-worker would be ecstatically excited about your cool present.

The work uniform, some employers provides workplace uniforms so forget about it. But for some, please consider it for your co-worker.

Some professions require employees to buy there own uniform. For instance, health workers and some other profession. Adding one to there collections of uniform will be real appreciation.

Cardigans or sweaters. This always comes in handy when at work and/ or feeling under the weather. The comfort and convenience of it are exceptional.

The Best Gift Idea # 2


Hair Day.

This is an essential must have and a part of our activities of daily living. Your co-worker will be questionless. This is one of the common gifts. It is handy and small. It does not take a lot of space to keep and no hassle.

Our hair needs to look after and ourselves to looks presentable. After every hair washed, blow dry then style it the way you pleased. This uplifts one’s confidence and approach to our day to day work battle.

The more hair to blow the better 🙂

I happen to have a 10 years old plus hair blower dryer, believe me, no one has thought of presenting me this small gadget as a gift. So, my goal is to have this as the best gift idea number 2. There could be other co-workers out there, just like me and my grand hair dryer. Dyson Supersonic™ Iron/Fuchsia limited edition

Well, good timing to update. My son and I went out hunting for a birthday gift for his little cousin last week.

I just happen to pass by this beautiful, sleek, silver Dyson hair dryer. It looks gorgeous, easy and light to handle. It is definitely on my wish list this year.

Gift-giving a hair dryer to a co-worker is just like favoring her big time; like providing her hair indulgence for now.

The Best Gift Ideas # 1


This instant pot cooker is new and buzzing out in every corner last year and early this year. It is great for every household to have and own one.

This comes conveniently specifically when your co-worker is busy all day. Time of cooking is not in her favor, this instant pot cooker is the answer and solution.

You can use it as a slow cooker or a regular pot as well.

This is my number one (1) best gift idea, however, you have your own choices and options. Whatever suitable for your co-worker is always the best gift ever. Most importantly, YOU, the giver had given it wholeheartedly.


It was said and heard;

” According to study, 86% of people say that they have at least one annoying co-worker. The remaining 14% do not realize that they are the annoying co-worker” 🙂 😉

Life in a workplace can be boring without humor at times. When co-workers are enthusiastic, there is teamwork, the workplace atmosphere becomes engaging and fun. You always look forward going to work and meet them. You appreciate and enjoy the camaraderie among your co-workers.

Actually, It improves productivity and work performance because of the enthusiastic teamwork among employees.
I, myself is a co-worker. I have absolutely experienced how an annoying co-worker can be and how a nice humble co-worker is.

Let’s just not forget that our attitudes towards our co-worker impact our teamwork and working relationship.

Let’s keep up co-workers and keep going…what can you say?

 Leave me your thoughts, if you have this most annoying co-worker and what suitable gift could be for that co-worker. Nah, I am kidding :).

 Please leave whatever your thoughts on the 10 Top Best Gift Ideas I have above, I do appreciate your feedback.





4 Replies to “10 Top Best Gift Ideas To Co-Workers”

  1. Wow! Jocelyn, you’ve mentioned all the best gifts that could be given to a coworker. I agree with everything that you have said especially the part that says “The remaining 14% do not realize that they are the annoying co-worker”…

    1. Hello Jhigs,
      Thank you for returning back and reading my other blogs. I am glad you’re enjoying to read all about it. Oh yes, sometimes we are even not aware that we are the “annoying co-worker”.
      Let us just be aware of it. Positive attitude at work makes it easier to pass the day.

      Keep on!

  2. This is great read and definitely fantastic ideas to give to great co workers..any of these items would superb to receive as gift… most particularly for the 3water bottle as I work as health care aid I know that taking a few minutes to go and get water a lot can happen within the few minutes, so having a water bottle to carry around is great and it also means that your thinking about her well being… keeps up the good work Jocelyn and I really enjoyed reading these ideas of yours… might have to give cool water bottles as Christmas gift this year…???

    1. Hi Robin,
      I am glad you have enjoyed my blog about gift ideas for a co-worker. Definitely, most of the gift ideas I have on my blogs are essentials. They are so simple and unquestionably useful not only at work but everywhere.
      It’s time to start collecting unique water bottles for your gifts on Christmas. Thank you for your time.

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