10 Top Best Gift Ideas For Women In Their 50’s

A shining golden number. Women in their prime years. Loads of wisdom has been and/is accomplished and successful in their life.

Golden Number, You are 5-0

Celebrating this milestone in women in their 50s happens only once in a lifetime. It may sound big, but it is really BIG. As an accomplished woman in their 50s, who has everything, stable and beautiful inside out. There is more!

The focus and goal in life have changed or modified to more straight-forward ventures that creates a fruitful outcome. Also, it is basically founded on strong and attainable long-term goals.

Women in their 50s have evolved to be smarter and wiser. Their decision is firm and absolutely fulfills that goal. This age is fun, others may find it as carefree, feeling freedom is here finally.

And, it is another stage of life to masticate and enjoy. There are plentiful changes in woman’s life at this stage like for instance; physically, emotionally. Every woman goes through this stage; whether she likes it or not, these hormonal changes happen in each woman’s body.

 Word F-I-F-T-Y Survival Joy Kit


  • Flour: Pound with your fists. So you can start to regain your baking skills. Pound and use your muscles, knead the dough so you won’t waste that remaining youthful strength. Think about all those past beautiful memories. You never realized that you made a tasteful bread or dessert.
  • Fruit. So you can eat any kind of fruit. Full of fibers to help for the digestion. You know that this age, one problem is going to the restroom to eliminate while singing this song “Please release me, let me go” but instead you say “here I come, smooth and easy!”
  • Ice Cream. You need it to calm you down. A little of sugar won’t hurt. It relieves and cools you whenever you’re feeling the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Eating ice cream can help decrease the symptoms the “hot flashes”.
  • Irish Whiskey. A whiskey from Ireland! Have a good drink with your significant someone or somebody you want to enjoy this whiskey. The word “whiskey” means “water of life” from the Gaelic Phrase. Time to unwind, sip and relax!


  • Fingernails. Yes, you definitely need a nail spa after those hard works, nice and freshly manicured nails are all you want at this time.
  • Face and Forehead. Take good care of these areas because it is usually where people see first before they will do eye contact. You don’t want these mini wrinkles showing now and then. So, put a lot and just enough of moisturizer to always hydrate and freshen it.


  • Toes. More often then not this is the part that is least look after to. You can disagree or agree with me but I know for sure. It is time to pay attention to these little digits. Check it out, moisturized and keep it dry.
  • Toenails. Just like your fingernails, your toenails need attention. Arrange and visit your pedicurist to look after your golden toenails. It is time, you are 5-0!
  • Tomatoes. Generally, this should be always included in our diet. Red tomatoes rich in lycopene that helps cleanses the body. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin, mineral, nutrient content.
  • Tomatoes contain lycopene, it is an antioxidant that has been found to promote good general health. According to study, it helps with the prevention of a range of diseases, including cancer.


  • Yellow. Golden Yellow. This is a rich color that is really suitable for somebody like you, someone who is as brightly shining as the star. Wear this happy color, to color your bright future ahead:)

NO worries and be happy! You have reached your GOLDEN moment, cherished every moment of it! Remember, you are young at heart and glowing.

Going on, Without Further Ado,

Here is Number:

10. Books or reading materials

Sometimes reading is one of the best past times or filling out the void. Having the latest and best-seller book on the market is one of the best gift ideas for her.

This special book for the celebrant on her special day sends a positive and encouraging message to her. You want to give this woman a memorable funny birthday gift that is unforgettable. She can forever talk about it and thankful for.

Here is an example:

You Know When You’re Turning 50 and Turning 50: Quotes and Helpful Hints.

9. Personalized Items

These items are either a representation of herself or a kind of humor for her day. It may be a personalized T-shirt, mugs, pens or any items that could be personalized or incorporated that is suited to her personality, likes and dislikes.

8. Silk Scarf and/or Sleep Wear

I love these items. It is soft, silky and smooth fabric to use. It is gentle and so comfortable to the skin. A scarf is convenient to use when feeling somewhat cold or needing a warm hug.

Sleepwear is one of the best gift ideas in general. Being at this age, at times, this is often forgotten or I mean overlooked. Updating her wardrobe of different comfortable sleepwear will be loaded with awesomeness.

7. Sleep Mask

Sleep mask, well, this could be a challenging hunt for her. This is one of the most pursued items. Every each of us wants at least one sleep mask for ourselves. I guess you own one, too.

When feeling tired and had an enduring day, she could put it on and feel the quietness and have a restful night.

6. Skin Care

Yeehaa! This is it, a beauty skin care for her skin to re-glow. Reaching this age has a whole lot of moisturizing to do for the growing old saggy skin. And, this is one of the must-haves.

But, take note if she has a sensitive skin, allergies, and preferences. Perhaps, a certain brand or some kind of beauty ingredients.

5. Purses

Certainly, all ladies owns at least one purse in their lifetime. I know that this is so popular but I still added to my list. This is a must-have list for every woman.

A new and latest purse in the market for a 50th birthday gift idea for this deserving lady is still one of the best.

4. Hair Blower

She owns one but needs an upgrading, I presumed. For a woman’s hair day, a hair blower is essential to begin and face her day.

Even men need to blow dry their hair. So, this works for most of all ages who have hairs to dry 🙂

3. Instant Pot

This is the latest talk of the town, instant pot cooker! Not a magic cooker but it will cook the way it is supposed to do. This lady turning 50 have the right to have this instant pot for sure.

It is time to make her chores easier and spend less time preparing in the kitchen but to have a meaningful quality time to herself or something else. This is one of a kind cooker.

2. Fit Bit Watch

Fit for Health. Watch for Health.

This watch automatically records relevant body’s vital signs. It monitors and tracks heart rate, pulse and if how many calories lost. And this occurs by just merely wearing this watch. What a small technology invented to help people to be fit healthy.

It is a smart bracelet, that you can put or wear around your wrist. It is also used as a pedometer. This can be a sport’s tracker for running, walking and even sleeping.

Fit Bit Watches has different kinds and features to choose from. It also comes in different colors. Fit Bit Watch is one of the best gift ideas recommended for a woman turning 50.

AND the number coming up is:

1. Gold Jewelry

A jewelry with her birthstone on it would be an excellent idea. It represents and emphasizes the meaning of the unforgettable events of her life. Having few hurdles that she faced in her life and how she had surpassed and came out a winner.

These could be a wristwatch, necklace, earrings, pendant, charms, and a variety of gold jewelry that is worthy of a woman like her.

Furthermore, this signifies that this lady has a high regard. When reaching fifty, it is one of the most important birthdays a person has.

It’s a milestone and with great accomplishment of her life. The celebrant deserves the best. I agree this is one of the most appropriate best gift idea ever. So, What do you think?

After all, turning 50 means content, accomplished and have a comfortable life.

.Other Gift Ideas Collected or Shared From Other People

I am excited to share these different gift idea that I collected and compiled. This is not arranged according to choice or popularity; it is random. Brace on, here it is!

  • Golden OPERA ticket or a concert ticket to see her favorite star of all times.
  • Yoga Mat. This is useful and maybe it will become a motivation to start taking her lessons. Joining Yoga’s meditation provides comfort and re-energizes inner self. It is also a stress reliever.
  • Nordic Stick. I definitely love and recommend this as well. If she is active and love sport’s, certainly, this will be a hit.
  • Lastly, 50 items collected and gathered with respect to her life’s journey reaching this stage and milestone. They are items that represent each event that occurred and happened in her lifetime.

For instance:

    • From 1-10 years: Pick a favorite shirt, stuff toy or any items related to these years. These remind her school-age time, her crush or favorite teacher. The list goes on. You know her or ask and maybe connive with the person who knows her that you have a surprise and simple presentation on her birthday.
    • From 20-30 years: Years of a university, peak of career time, meeting her significant other and so on.
    • From 40 years: Life begins at 40. There might be some changes, good ones or any development. Relate and relive those moments of success.
    • 50 years. Give a rundown of her life’s journey until to the very special day. She will appreciate your effort and this unique gift idea you have mustered for her. And, I believe she will.

 Final Thoughts

While all these ideas are working or getting into your mind, diligent planning, searching and hoping to be in the perfect timing of these special events for the celebrant. She is someone dear to you, a friend or may she be an acquaintance.

You may never know the good impact of these gift ideas for her personally. They are simply elegant and unique!

Ladies who are turning fifty may be complicated in their own way and on how they deal and dance with the wheel of life.

At this point, there is a physical and psychological change in a female body. There is a hormonal change that occurs, called the menopausal stage. This stage, a whole lot of changes on the woman’s estrogen and hormonal level. Some women may experience the symptoms but others may not.

Symptoms include; hot flashes, mood changes, sleep disturbances and more.

Attention to husband, partner, boyfriend or significant other or friend: Women in their fifties needs your patience and understanding of what they are going through to these biological changes. And take note, she is your woman.

Well, I am outside of the topic about our best gift ideas. I am just trying to cover so far and what a woman turning 50 is undergoing. And, the best comes at last.

My Conclusion

The greatest best gift idea for the celebrant so far, I think, is YOU! To have and know you and be a part of her life.

That is YOU.

Your gifts are secondary and remember, you are the number one!

I Would Love To Hear What You Think

These are the Top 10 Best Gift Ideas written to assist and give you, readers, some ideas that a woman may want or wish for.

Please leave your comments and thoughts you want to share with me and to other readers. Your ideas shared is well appreciated. Thank you!



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