10 Top Best Gift Ideas For Male with Dementia &/ or Alzheimer’s


I have heard and read a beautiful and inspiring poem

by T.H. PALMER about perseverance. It is called “Try Again”. It goes this way…


‘Tis a lesson you should heed,

If at first you don’t succeed

Try, try again;

Once or twice, though you should fail,

If you would at last prevail

Try, try again;

If we strive, ’tis no disgrace
Though we do not win the race;
What should you do in the case?

Try, try again

If you find your task is hard,
Time will bring you your reward,

Try, try again

All that other folks can do,
Why, with patience, should not you?
Only keep this rule in view:

Try, try again.



A great popular poem about determination and perseverance.

With dementia and Alzheimer’s, caregiver requires a lot of patience, perseverance, dedication, and compassion.

And, the client itself needs perseverance and a lot of encouragement, cueing and initiation to be able to do simple tasks for his daily routines.

Best Gift Idea # 10

Elastic Waistband Pant

My selection will be the same as with number 10 with the ladies. The elastic waistband pants or sweatpants is the simplest and easiest when it comes to going to the toilet to void or defecate.

It is warm, cozy, and not complicated for them to put on and when taking it off. When using the toilet to eliminate, the guys have a very easy job, a piece of cake! The simpler their task the better.

WHY? This prevents the feeling of frustration and start of low self-esteem. Frustration or feeling upset is a challenge in managing than just making his tasks simple, plain and no hassles. A belt is not necessarily worn.

But if it is needed, try a very simple one press belt for him.

Keep it simple at all times and that,  their independence is maintained ( most of them prefers to be independent)  and dignity is intact.

The Best Gift Idea #9

Shaving Kit / Electric Shaver

Man’s old-time activity since they started shaving at a young age is to start their day with this daily routine, shave. It is a long time part of their life.

Manual shaver does the job but for men with dementia; their span of attention is shortened thus shaving needs to be brief and efficiently done without hurting or causing a skin breakdown.

An electric shaver is much safer for him to handle than the manual shaver. Caregivers are always advised to stay put for his safety.

The Best Gift Idea # 8

Body Pillow or Soft Stuff Toy Animals

Yap, he likes cuddling. This body pillow is also useful when in bed, it is used as a soft guard against the wall or railing.

It is used as a shield just by merely putting the pillow in bed beside him.


This is one, interactive stuff toy animals, of the best gift ideas for him to just hold onto it.

Try to choose the interactive toys like the ones that have sounds, and movement.

It is sort of like a companion, a soft stuff toy like a cat or a dog. According to study, this helps to soothe and calm them.

The Best Gift Idea # 7

Socks and/or Long Sleeves

When thinking of buying him a shirt, consider long sleeves.

This is necessary for him. This protects or covers his sensitive skin, and provides him warmth as well.

Socks is surely a necessity for the old tired arthritic feet. Warm soft socks with non-slip soles are good.

The non-slip soles at least helps prevents from falls. Keep their gait steady.

The Best Gift Idea # 6

Personalized Photo Album

A compilation of his old photos starting from childhood, his parents or hobbies, pets and old friends. This is an excellent idea to reminisce his old memories. It is also a reason on how to initiate good conversation with him.

In dementia, the new memories are the first to go while the old ones are the last. This personalized photo album gift idea will surely trigger good old memories.

The Best Gift Idea # 5

Fidget Spinner or Puzzle Games

Men are good with their hands, they mostly love to do handiwork around the house or from their former job.

This small toy is for adults and children. Fidget spinners are also good for people who have Alzheimer’s to play with. It is also used as a therapy to lower stress, calms and soothes someone who is anxious or hyperactive.

For active Alzheimer’s clients, fidgets or like to touch surfaces or things. Try this small item. These might leave you thinking, “it works”.

Puzzle Games like large jigsaw puzzles to stay active and engaged are also recommended. It is one of the most popular games for everyone.

The Best Gift Idea # 4

Velcro Type Shoes

Man, to be in control for themselves and their independence is relevant as “now”. At times, men hide their own emotions.

They do not want others to see the weaker side of them.

That was his used-to world. His world now, because of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, has gotten small.

His world has becomingly limited because of the disease involved.

Also, on my post for a female with dementia, I have these as one of the best gifts and one must- have. The simple the better.

If you could simplify their task; we need to do it. Take note, it is a need and must.

Velcro type shoes are manageable and simple for him to flip and flap. It is not a complicated task. Because of some behavior involved, like; feeling upset, easily irritated, frustration due to unable to do a simple task thus this is highly recommended for him.

The Best Gift Idea # 3

Electric Toothbrush

This is on my list for the ladies from my previous post. It is the same purpose; the electric toothbrush does the job efficiently and speedily. The span of attention is commonly short for them. Task needs to be brief, and simple.

Let them hold a towel or something to occupy their hands so you could assist in brushing the teeth. Select or choose a soft brush. It is best if there is a mirror in front of him that he could see himself; this encourages him to continue brushing or finish the task.

Well, a smile is a way of approval but he cannot ask you that. Just smile 🙂

It means that he is doing very well and you are pleased.

The Best Gift Idea # 2

Music CD or Something Related to Music

Music Therapy is impressively effective in soothing and calming approach to clients with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

I am amazed by what can music do to someone who is not musically interested and suddenly enjoying every beat with a soft hum that goes with it but does a magical transformation of his behavior.

Try to bring him a headphone.  Also, have his favorite collection songs in an iPod touch or in a recorder. He can always listen and use it in his quiet time.

Connecting with him through music stimulates or relaxes him. Music provides a meaningful connection even when conversation or communication is limited.


So, my CHOICE for number 1 is…

The Best Gift Idea # 1

Bath Robe or Soft Weighted Blanket ( Soft and Warm Fabric)

One of the troublesome with caregivers is to assume that they (client with dementia or Alzheimer’s) are all right but not considering what really is the reason for the feisty behavior.

One of it is feeling cold, not enough layer of clothes worn.

A soft robe or a small soft weighted blanket to drape on his back will help him settle and keep him warm for that moment.

The robe for him has a versatile use as well. This is one of the best gift ideas for him.

This is it!

These are the 10 top best gift ideas collected. It is not numbered by importance for the reason that most are essential.

He might need at present or want it but as his disease progresses, his needs changes as well as the provision of care.

What can you say, friends, readers, and fellow caregivers?

These are the most top 10 best gift ideas for a male with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Please leave your valuable thoughts and suggestions if you have one so we could help other families, caregivers or friends.

Somehow, this is a debilitating disease that does not only affect senior populations but also the young/middle adults.


All The Best,




2 Replies to “10 Top Best Gift Ideas For Male with Dementia &/ or Alzheimer’s”

  1. Hey there! I just had a pleasant time reading your article. I’m 26 and have 2 grandparents with us yet and they both suffer from dementia. I’ll definitely keep these gifts in mind. Say, does the fidget spinner affect those with arthritis, meaning will it hurt them? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello Michael,

      Thank you for your time reading my blog about dementia. I work with them full time. So, one of the suggestions from our Behavior Specialist that I work with is that it will help them calm or settle. Just to keep them busy but with simple tasks. 

      Dementia clients are unpredictable, in one minute they will be hyper or agitated then in a second it is something else. You have to have an overflowing patience to care for them.

      For the fidget spinners, try to choose the one with un-removable parts and/or possible small holes. It should be okay with people with arthritis because he can lay it on a flat surface and use the other hand to spin.

      I am so proud of you that you’re one of the caregivers of your grandparents. 

      Thank you and all the best to you!


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