Best Sellers in Children’s Toys & Games June 2018

1. VTech Turn and Learn Driver

Children learn fun to drive with this Turn & Learn Driver toy by VTech. That little hands will have fun pretending to drive using this toy’s steering wheel that will move the dog character back and forth. By pressing the 5 buttons with different colors will have this toy introduced different animals and vehicles.

The toy car has also had three different modes to play.  Your child learns animals, driving & music. It does need AA batteries. This toy is intended for ages 6 months to 3 years old.


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: APPROX 8.9 X 10.8 X 4.3 inches

Weight: 1.9 lbs.

MODEL NUMBER: 80-166600


  • # 1 in Toys & Games-Electronic Learning Toys & Systems
  • #1 in Toys & Games- Cars, Trucks, Boats & Planes
  • #70 Top 100 in Toys & Games
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars


The shapes & sharing picnic basket are a great learning process for the little ones to explore. The shapes & colors are fun and exciting. This also develops early good manners, courtesy, giving and sharing. There are 30 audio responses that encourage pretend play. This also helps develops & builds their motor skills. Intended for children ages 6- 36 months.


PRODUCT DIMENSION: APPROX 7.8 X 13.7 X 8.5 inches


MODEL #: 80-1917E


  • #2 in Toys & Games-Learning
  • #2 in Toys & Games_ Electronic Learning Products/ Toys
  • #148 in Toys & Games-Top 100 in Toys & Games
  • Has 4.8 out of 5 stars


Lumistick Glow Sticks- Illuminates, celebrates & captivates. it is the best brand in the market. It has 100 Lumistick brand luminescent light bracelets that each tube contains a mix of 5 colors. You will be having also a 100 connectors so you could connect each end and can make a bracelet or necklace or whatever shape you want to create of your own. The glow will last between 8-10 hours, then it will start to fade but will still emit light up to 36 hours as per manufacturer.

The glow sticks are not radioactive, non-toxic and not flammable. They have a shelf life of two years if you have not used them all, so can still keep and use the remaining on other occasions.


Best Seller Rank:

  • #2 in Toys and Games>Light-up toys
  • #5in Toys and Games>Electronics for Kids
  • Has 4.1 stars out of 5 stars

4. Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle Target Toss Game With Four Self-Stick Bean Bags 

This kid’s toys promotes motor skills, interpersonal skills, counting skill and hand to eye coordination. This functions on the floor, wall or freestanding and it works both indoors and outdoors.

This ideal for team play, great for parties or individual play. It is easy to keep for a storage, just fold and store. You can also bring on your camping, or any location you want your kids to be entertained.

Has a sturdy non-wobbling stand and 4 color-coded self-stick bags.  Your child or children will find a sense of satisfaction and excitement by merely tossing their bean bag to there target. Aiming to the specific number will also add more enthusiasm and appreciates numbers.



WEIGHT: 1.35-1.37 LBS




  • #1 in Toys and Games>Learning & Education>Early developmental Toys
  • #4 in Sports & Outdoors>Sports & Fitness>Outdoor Games & Activities
  • #11 in Toys & Games>Baby & Toddler Toys

5. Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

It is a junior chemist introduction & exploration to the world of science to your child or children. It is a Do-it-yourself Science kit but with adult supervision. No expertise required to do this small experiments.

This is a 20-piece kit that allows your child or children to explore their basic curiosity on Science, from chemical reactions to basic science tools.

Represents STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principles.

Chemicals included in the kit are Red cabbage powder, citric acid, baking soda, 3 color tablets, vegetable oil, cornstarch and crosslinked polyacrylate copolymer.

These Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing kit supplies include 2 cotton swabs, 3 test tubes with stands, 3 plastic cups, pipette, 2 sticks, 2 measuring scoops, and activity guide.

Recommended for children 6 years old and above with adult supervision.

The kit is equipped with almost everything you need to create in a mind-blowing exciting & colorful experiment.






  • #1 in Toys & Games >Learning & education>Science
  • #88 in Toys & Games (Top 100 in Toys & Games)
  • Has 4.5 stars out of 5 stars


These toy dinosaurs bring fun & excitement to toddlers and older kids.  It starts to develop their motor skills through play. These toys are built to last!

You can bring these toys for your child/children to anywhere you go, bring with you when you travel, camping or even beside his/her bed. It is safe for the children and environment. It is BPA free, lead-free.

It is a great gift for boys & girls. It comes with different cool and exciting colors that easily attracts the little one to eagerly play with it. It has NO sharp edges so it is safe for the little hands to play with.

It is durable and can be kept for the younger siblings to enjoy as well.




RECOMMENDED AGE: 24 months & up


  • #1 in Toys & Games>Learning & Education>Science
  • #135 in Toys & Games>Preschool
  • #278  in Toys & Games(Top 100 in Toys & Games)
  • 4.8 stars out of 5 stars


This Stomp Rocket JR glow-in-the-dark so it will be seen through the dark night when stomped. It is totally kid-powered. Children run, jumps and stomps on it to launch this rocket up in the air.

It is an all-foam rocket that is great for the kids; ages 3 & up or a solo play game. It glows in the dark and it is fun on the day. It is strong and durable, it is also great & active outdoor play.

In the package, it includes a stomp launcher and 4 glow stomp rockets. You do not need batteries to operate the toy. It is easy to assemble.

This is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) toy. it is a core subject that develops your children’s interest in robotics, computers, and science.

Stomp Rocket has received many awards which include the “The Creative  Child and Top Toy of the Year Award for 2017”.


  • #1 Toys & Games>Hobbies>Rockets>Model Rockets
  • #2 Toys & Games>Sports & Outdoor Play>Blasters & Outdoor Play
  • #1 Toys & Games>Learning>Education>Science
  • 4.3 stars out of 5 stars
  • Recommended to 8 years old and up

MODEL #: 20005

DIMENSIONS: 1 X 1 X 10 in




This is a 2-in-1 basketball hoop and soccer net for toddlers to play. Two way to play for your toddler. Presence of animated LED lights up the scoreboard when your toddler or your child makes a score. It scores to 10.

It has different colors and music that also encourages the child to keep on playing or continue. This develops your child’s motor skills, interpersonal skills, and positive behavior.

It has different colors, shape buttons, 50+ songs, sounds, and phrases for your child to discover and explore. It includes basketball to use for shooting and a soccer ball for your child to kick to enjoy.


PRODUCT DIMENSION: 16.5 X 22.8 X 24 in

WEIGHT: 1.28 oz

MODEL #: 80-156300

RECOMMENDED AGE: 12 months- 3 years old


  • #1 Toys & Games>Preschool>Counting in Math
  • #1 Toys & Games>Systems & Accessories
  • # 1 Toys & Games> Preschool>Toddler Toys>Learning>Hand & Eye Coordination.
  • #94 Toys & Games (Top 100 Toys & Games)
  • 4.5 stars out of 5 stars
  • Requires 3AA batteries


There are electrical parts with hands-on experience designing and building models of working electrical circuits for your child. This just snaps together and does not require tools to play and ensure right connections.

This includes 30 parts and instructions for over 100 projects. It includes how to build working models of a photosensor, flashing light, and adjustable siren sound or volume.

Has received an award from The National Parenting Center-Seal Approval, Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products,  Dr. Toy Best Educational Products.

This is where your child/ children learn while having fun, bring out their creativity by designing their own electronic circuits.  It helps develops their motor skills,  brings out ideas and encourages more learning.

Recommended for 8 years and up



WEIGHT: 1.55 lbs



  • #1 Toys & Games>Learnining & Education>Science>Electronics
  • 4.8 stars out of 5 stars
  • AA Battery required


Your child discovers crystals treasure when breaking these rocks to find breathtaking crystals inside. It has a colorful variety of hand-selected geodes for the experiment.

Geodes are 100% natural. The sizes vary, that may fit perfectly well for your child to keep his/her hands on.

Learning Guidelines is included inside the box for your child to learn how geodes are formed and found in nature.

This inspires your child to be the next scientist, but one of the greatest in the future.  It is fun for the whole family to do and an educational treasure game as discovering crystal treasure enthusiasts.

As one parent reviews, use caution with eye protectors as they have used a hammer to break it open. Nevertheless, other people believed they are real gems!

This is a National Geographic Toys provides 100%  satisfaction guarantee, which inspires people to love & care for the planet.

NOT recommended for children under 3 years old.

Manufacturer recommended age: 6 to 15 years old



WEIGHT: 2.9 lbs



  • #1 Toys & Games >Nature & Exploration Toys
  • #1 Industrial & Scientific>Science Education>Specimens
  • #2 Toys & Games>Learning & education>Geology & Earth Sciences
  • 4.3 stars out of 5 stars

Nutri Ninja Pro Blender: The Nutritious Way To Make a Smoothie!


Nutri Ninja Pro Blender

A powerful blender to extract a drink that contains vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. The extractor blades crush seeds, ice, skins/stems of vegetables and fruits to an even consistency and deliciously drink. Put on and twist the lids to go and you can take with you everywhere. You can have it for breakfast to dessert and snack, anytime you want.

Product Name:  Nutri Ninja Pro Blender, BL456

Ninja Pro Blender BL456

Product Overview

  • Price: $ 57.99- $59.99 (varies from store)
  • Website/Where to buy?:;;
  • 900-watt motor base
  • (1) 18 oz Nutri Cup
  • (1) 24 oz Nutri Cup
  • (2) Spout lids: twist on, take and go, sip & seal lids
  • Please also refer to your manual that comes with your product.

Get the product at the lowest price here…

Product Description and Features

  • Model:  Nutri Ninja Pro Blender-BL456
  • Size/Dimension:  6x6x14 inches
  • Weight:  8.33 lbs
  • Extractor Blade is made of stainless steel
  • Colors: Silver, Black
  • Delivery Cost/Time:  Free Shipping (Amazon), Varies from store
  • Warranty Information: 1-year warranty
  • Manufacturer: Ninja Kitchen


  • 4.4 stars out of 5 stars (
  • # 1 in Personal size blenders
  • #3 in Countertop blenders
  • #29 inTop 100 in Kitchen and Dining Dept

Benefits of the Product

  • Nutri Ninja Pro Blender extracts hidden healthy & nutritious juice and smoothies.
  • Manually pulse for control to easy ice crushing, seeds and other frozen ingredients you want to add to your concoction.
  • Blending whole vegetables and fruits which also includes portions that are usually discarded is possible.
  • Has chop function, ice crush, and smoothie function.
  • Healthy and deliciously juiced or smoothies fruits and vegetables (whether fresh or frozen) extracted to get the complete nutrients needed for the body.

How to Use the Product?

  • Please refer to your manual that comes with your product.
  • Wash the products that are washable except the base (machine). Do not submerge unit (machine) in water.
  • Use a regular dish detergent then rinse well and dry it before using the product.
  • Dishwasher safe for the cups & lids. I usually wash the blade manually but carefully, right after use to prevent the food from creating a gunk inside or at the gasket area.
  • Also, use a drop or 2 of dish detergent then you may fill the jar with lukewarm water, pulse it 3-5 times then rinse.
  • Lid or blade is hard to remove from the cup: You may need to wipe off any liquids or moist at the exterior of the cup. Then, you need to carefully twist blade counterclockwise to remove. You may use a towel or a gripper for a better grip.
  • Do not hit or pry open because this may break or cause damage to your unit.
  • Extractor blade is better to wash manually & carefully then let it air dry.
  • Always unplug before cleaning.

Click here if you have queries about this product then scroll

Who is the Product For?

The Ninja Pro Blender is for people who are seeking a quick way possible to at least get all the nutrients and vitamins from fruits and vegetable not wasting a portion.

Also, for children, who are very selective or I mean picky about what they eat. Most parents know, that some kids do not want to eat vegetables. In this way, children will consume the right amount of daily nutrients and vitamins for good health.

A parent commented, “By blending fruits or vegetables, this is how I get my children to eat their vegetables and fruits”.

A mother added, “This blender does blends perfect creamy smoothies perfect for the family”.

What I like About the Product

  • The Ninja Pro Blender cuts, blends, grinds, and dices. It is great for chopping and crushing ice.
  • You can use frozen fruits and vegetables.
  • You can make your own smoothie or juice so some money is saved instead of buying it.
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe (except the machine)
  • Easy to clean
  • It is powerful and convenient, fast and quick
  • It liquefies everything into a delicious drink
  • “Have lost 10% of body weight by using at least one meal a day”, a stated by a Ninja Pro Blender user
  • You can randomly concoct your own recipe for a delicious and healthy meal or snack.

What I don’t like about the Product

  • It is loud during the process of blending. It creates a loud noise.
  • The Ninja Pro Blender needs to be press down for the blender to work
  • The Nutri jars/cups are made up of hard plastic
  • “It is extremely loud and keeps shaking” as one comment from a Ninja pro blender user.
  • It leaks if it is not screwed on tightly

Final Thoughts

To have most of the vitamins, fibers, and minerals in our body, there are different ways to extract it.  There are ways such as blending, juicing and liquefying to term as a smoothie.  Extracting the nutrients from fruits and vegetables to get the servings required.

According to the Food Guide, our daily body needs 2-4 servings of fruits and 3-5 servings of vegetables.

Owning even one Ninja Pro Blender is one addition to reaching and maintaining good health.

So, what do you think? If you have comments, please drop me a line. I’d love to read your thoughts, suggestions or comments.  Thank you.




Top 6 Best Gift Ideas For A Husband or Partner

He is your better half!

Husband or Partner has different role compared to his better half, the wife, but both are equal in the eyes of God. He has his own responsibilities to his wife to fulfill and to his family. Husband or partner puts his family first before himself!

The following are suggestions only for gift ideas here that may help you come up with for his ideal gift. So, let’s start and roll along.

Best Gift Idea # 1


Similar to my other post, gift idea to give to a wife. I believe that time spent with your wife is the most relevant factor to a relationship as husband and wife. Both of you needs time to work things together and some “time out”.

TIME is not always on our advantage, once it is past, it could not be recycled or recalled.

Fit bit watch has a lot of features. Automatic wrist-based that can monitor heart rate. This could be used as his pedometer, heart and pulse check, calorie count. It is also a lifesaving measure having this technology in a way as a health fitness tracking technology.

With this Fit Bit Watch, you can see who calls, text messages, calendar notification and also tracks the duration of your sleep and how well you sleep.

Also, you can use connected GPS in running mode and can sync automatically to your computers!

Giving your husband this type of watch encourages him to be more aware of his health and his family.

Best Gift Idea # 2

Boys Night with Friends

Sometimes, a little break from the house is therapeutic. Let your husband go out with his friends, (you need to talk about how long and when). This could be a good idea knowing that you trust and love each other. Giving him time to spend with his best friends is also for him to connect with them.

Just a few hours for his friends, brothers or buddies get-together, well, why not?

Best Gift Idea # 3


This is one of the best of the best gift idea for your husband or partner. He needs to relax through the spa. Our body needs pampering. The body needs some sort of treatment to relieve pain and stress. Massage lets the muscles to relax, the person being massaged will be sore after but he will feel better.

A paid scheduled massage appointment with your Massage Therapist ahead of time is your best gift to your husband.

If your husband enjoyed this, he might ask you to book for follow up an appointment. Or, both of you end up scheduling for massage.:)

Best Gift Idea # 4


I truly like this gift idea very much. Actually, if you have the whole family or just you and him, this is an absolutely good way to ride a bike to spent together. Quality time with each other at the same time enjoying nature, having adventures to exciting places. At the same time, maintaining excellent healthy habit and good fitness strategy for good health and longevity!

Best Gift Idea # 5


Like a Drill/Driver kit that your husband or partner can readily use around the house. He will just follow the directions on how to use the manual provided. It has simple and easy directions to follow.

With some work repair inside the house, car or screw that is loose, this toolkit is a savior. Your husband CANNOT even reason out of not knowing how to use it. He can do it!

Tightening a screw or to assemble a new closet or a small furniture you have purchased rather than calling and paying someone to do it for you.

This is a must-have tool for your husband for the house. It also encourages him to fix things or furniture that requires repair around the house.

Best Gift Idea # 6

BLUETOOTH HEADSET. The best gift idea ever. Usually, drivers use their cell phone unintentionally while they are driving, using a blue tooth will solve the issue and at least safer when on the road. Here in Canada, using a cellphone while driving is an offense and when caught a huge penalty is waiting for you.

A Bluetooth headset is also a hands-free device, so the user can multi-task while on the phone, if he can! lol. It is petite and comfortable to wear.

You can’t be wrong when choosing and giving this gift, it is one of the most usable small gadget that is used nowadays. I favor this one, too.

Best Gift Idea +1


This lets you charge, talk and listens to music on your car stereo. I like this one for the reason that it has a lot of features and many functions. Your husband will really love it and enjoys this every day. He might not thank you enough but thank you endlessly.

Multifunction FM transmitter mount is an essential use for your husband car or for your family car. The Bluetooth or multifunction FM transmitter? Hmmm, which one? 🙁

My overall favorite is the Tool Kit.

In this case, your husband have no reason not to fix what is fixable or repairable. No excuses no more! 🙂

You’ve got your double purpose, his gift, and no alibis NOT to do something inside the house.  He got his toolkit! The house and you will be happy 🙂 :). your safehaven is tacitly safe.

In conclusion,

Both you and your husband or partner is to take pleasure on having quality moments that is meanigful in a relationship. Though, with a very busy schedule, rest assured to prioritized your husband or partner and vice versa. That’s one secret to a forever relationship. Honest communication is one thing and unceasingly have each other’s attention.

Well, choosing a gift to a loved one, like your husband or partner is sometimes effortless or challenging. Hope this top 6 +1 best gift ideas for your husband or partner have given you thoughts on what to give.

Please share and leave your comments or your thoughts about gift ideas for your husband or partner forever.

All the Best,


Top 6 Gift Ideas For Your Wife or Partner

Wife or partner. She is your better half. Having each other is to live for poorer and for richer! You have your promises and vows to love and take good care each other no matter what.

Being with your woman as your partner in life, to create a family or just to be partners is also evident that “no man’s in an island”. Love is the foundation of you’re living together or whatever is your reason for being together is, I called it caring each other.

Gift Idea # 1: Wrist Watch or Android Watch

Time, time is the essence spent together. Do not procrastinate! This is just a symbol or a reminder that if you have planned something special for your wife, partner or girlfriend, NOW is the time to do it, don’t you think?

It is understandable there are many distractions but if you wish to keep the fire burning, put her first! Believe me, she will reciprocate it with double effort than you do. 🙂

Wrist Watch is a nice and beautiful accessory for your wife’s wrist. This may remind her and your romance when you were first dating. Remember, once time had passed by, you cannot buy it!

A silver or gold is great. It does not fade easily and will always look new. She ‘ll love it! Pair it with a surprising card with your sweet message.

Android Watch has many colors to choose. This is modern technology and is used to communicate or the net. Has multiple apps that comes with it. Requires charging nightly or daily compared to a wristwatch that just needs a watch battery changed every 1-2 years.

Gift Idea # 2: Jewelry

I suggest, CHARM bracelet and/or necklace gift ideas for your wife or partner. It is sweeter and lovelier when you personalized it. Most of the jewelers does a personalized item when you request it. It is more of a personal touch and that means a lot to her.

Perhaps, a word of “I love you”, both of your initials, or something that connotes a good memory to her. Charm bracelet jewelry has been around for a long time but this has been always my favorite. Looks good on a woman’s wrist, elegant and beautiful!

Gift Idea # 3: Lovely Jacket or Sweater

Perhaps, you are asking why is it that a sweater or a jacket as a gift idea for her? Go to your wife’s closet, assess or look and count how many does she have? Now, you know!

Most but not all women need a light jacket or light sweater. This is to keep her warm or for comfort, yes, it is like a “comfort hug“, makes her feel better. Perhaps, it is the hormones that are speaking, it is the difference between men and women.

Wondering what color of sweater or jacket? I would choose the neutral color like beige, white or black color. These can go along with any type of clothing when she puts on. Feel and choose the texture or the fabric, go with something smooth, light but does not easily wrinkle. Personally, I do not like fabrics when it is wrinkled easily.

Go back and check out her closet again, take note of her fave color and go for it. Your gift idea for your wife is done!

Gift Idea # 4: Gift Certificate or Card to a Spa

Hair and Nail Spa is the most popular and is always been. Our hair and nails grow every day, therefore, it requires trimming every 6-8 weeks for the most part. This is a good business as well. Know where she usually goes for her hair cut or manicure and pedicure shop, then arranges for her to go and enjoy her spa day!

Sending your wife or partner to a spa is treating her like a queen! Pampering her is a nice treat.

Your wife or partner will appreciate this gesture, not a lot of men will really do this. Some men do not pay attention and not into details. Give yourself a pat on your back! I am elated for your wife or partner if you choose this gift idea for the reason that this has been rare for a man of the house to treat her wife with this. Keep in mind this is just a suggested idea.

Gift Idea # 5: Girl’s night out!

Volunteer, oh yes, volunteer to babysit to let her have a girl’s night out with her girlfriends or sisters. This is a nice time for her to unwind or free from household chores or away from you for just a couple of hours.

To have your wife or partner to go for her girl’s night out once for a while is a way of cooling-off and recharging as well.

Gift Idea # 6: Surprise From Yourself or From the Children

The best gift idea for your wife or partner ever is a surprise from yourself and from your child/ren. Like, bake a cake and decorate it together with the child/ren for your dessert. It is so sweet and nice to do that for her then celebrate with a simple pizza dinner.

Simple surprises are significant to a relationship. 🙂 You did have a quality time with your child/ren.

Cook her favorite food for both of your to enjoy, pop up one of your century wine to celebrate for having each other. It is good to celebrate simple things every day. That’s one of the simplest tricks for a relationship to make it lasting. Life is good!

These are just basic ideas & it is occasionally forgotten as people resort to the modernized technology. Technology today is really good but privacy is lacking whatever it is, it is all posted on the internet. You know what I mean.

Well, with this gift idea, the whole family is involved and hopefully not only your wife will have a blast but the whole gang!

Quality time spent with your wife or partner is one of the secrets for a strong and forever relationship. 🙂 Don’t you agree?

These are suggested gift ideas for your wife or partner. It is simple but affordable. It not only the material gifts but focused on the relationship and quality time together.

Please leave any comment or your thoughts below. I appreciate your time to read and write your thoughts for our readers as well. Thanks again!



Top 10 Best Gift Ideas & Souvenirs to Former High School Friends

High school life is somehow one of the most memorable in a student life. You had your crushes, your childhood sweetheart, close friends, best friends and some classmates that you just feel simply as classmates.

It’s full of life, the laughter you shared, a lot of jokes that are funny to you but somehow annoying to your classmates, a lot of excitement and fun! Though high school subjects/courses are quite challenging. Congratulate yourself you have managed to achieved your dream and finished till the end and now successful career-wise and family wise.

High school is where it starts. You develop, discovers your likes, and even know something more about yourself, and know better about yourself!

Being a teen and in high school is quite a life, yes it is and it is all in 4 years time!

Both my husband and I have the same high school Alma mater but graduated in different years.

My inspiration to write about this blog was our recent high school’s alumni homecoming event in our hometown Kapangan, in the Philippines. It is such an inspiration and motivation to see those videos, images or photos that are posted on Facebook, IG by high school friends who have attended.

Going further, this sweet emotional high school memory has to have something to talk about when meeting each other. Wherever, whatever and whenever you are; is indeed a good recollection of our past life.

So here it is;

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 10


Personalized items such as T-shirts, key chains, mugs, can openers and other small items. These are at least small items and easily tucked into your luggage or in your backpack. It is also affordable if it is bought on sale or take a couple of it at a discounted price. These T-shirts are perfect and lovely to hand to former high school friends as souvenirs or gifts.

Don’t you agree?

CAPS/HATS. This has been an old timer gift ideas for both the ladies and gentlemen. Has much usage whether it is to shade, for therapeutic use or plainly just an accessory.

Caps/Hats are a light, small and stylish outfit that creates a different calming aura when used.

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 9

For the Girlfriends: MAKE-UP KIT, LIP GLOSS or LIPSTICK

It is an excellent gift and souvenir ideas for your girlfriends. Must be a delightful present; it is a must-have accessory for the ladies as we know it. When choosing a makeup kit, be mindful of skin sensitivities. You need to choose the non-sensitive, neutral color or bright colors that suit their skin tone or perhaps their preference. If you are familiar with them, that is so easy to pick.

If not, you may pick the neutral colors that are simple but elegantly beautiful if it’s put on. When having trouble and doubting what to picked, take and grab a red lipstick or lip gloss. 🙂 Your trouble is solved! Most women love to wear or apply red lipstick or red lip gloss.

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 8


This is one of the best gift or souvenir idea for your former high school buddies. This is also a must-have for the boys for their daily grooming unless they go to the parlor every 4-6 weeks for their hair and mustache/beard. 🙂

I think hair gel is a must with the boys as the same with the lips gloss for the ladies, right? Hair gel is a must for my husband’s hair, he thinks!

These are small items that are just simple ways to let your friends feel that they’re a part of your growing up and who you are today.

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 7

GOODIES/ TREATS. Like chocolates, special biscuits or cookies or a signature food from the place or area you came from or you have traveled, stayed or visited.

This is also one of the best gift ideas to gift your friends. With chocolates, this is the most popular treats to hand to friends. You can buy it in bulk and will save you a bit.

Looks like that most of us have a sweet tooth. It is so rare to meet someone who does not care about sweets or chocolates.

Therefore, I think, this is supposed to be the # 1  best gift idea or souvenir to hand to your former HS friends. But, it is my number 7 as the best gift idea. ‘Cause it is for me. Read on and you will know…

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 6

COFFEE is the best “tool” for communication with friends to start with. It is a universal language when meeting up friends, families or acquaintances. Coffee or something to drink would go along way for a conversation.

It may sound simple nevertheless it meant a lot to someone to share a cup with!

Coffee ground or instant coffee in containers are the type of coffees that I know of. Wait, pod coffees, however, this type is not that I suggest of because you need to have a coffee machine brewer that has the size & type that fits of the coffee pods. Let’s just keep it simple!

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 5

A BOTTLE OF WINE TO SHARE. Yes, a bottle of red wine or a signature wine/something special to share with your old friends. Just to forget work or stressful day, it is beneficial to talk and unwind. Thinking about your high school memories, your escapades, and naughtiness. 🙂 It is super awesome to look back & fun to talk about.

The spirit of alcohol might create pleasant feelings, thoughts or not what you have expected. So, a bit of “holding your horses” when somethings’ come up is necessary.

A wine opener is one best souvenir idea to give to friends, too. There are personalized wine openers that can be purchased perfectly for gifts.

FLOWERS/ROSES. For old time sake, a bunch of flowers to your girlfriends are sufficient. Well, I know it is very common of bringing in some of this fresh flowers but, if you are in a hurry, this is an excellent acceptable present, of course!

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 4

SCARFS for the Ladies or TIES for the Men. I choose a scarf that is sort of like thin/light and long to give to the ladies considering its versatile use. You may use as a warmer, of course, could also use as a head covering, an accessory to your daily costume to work, office or when attending a party. And, it can be a belt or to hold onto your pants/dress when you need one.

Ties for men is a lasting souvenir to your friends. Ties can be fancy yet a small accessory for a good purpose. In some countries, ties are not worn or not a part of a costume. Nowadays, it is becoming a universal part of a formal costume.

Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 3

EMOLLIENTS, PERFUMES OR COLOGNE. These are also one of the best and straightforward souvenir ideas.

These beauty products have pretty, cute, and small bottles or containers perfected for gifting.

Bringing it with you is another story. If you are flying, ensure that it is inside your luggage and it is sealed properly to prevent spillage. And, check out the rules and regulations of the country you are taking these items, just to be safe.

The best ideas to gift are perfumes, too. Some people are sensitively allergic to strong perfumes or smell thus knowing whom to give or present is easy than doubting if your gift is possible or not.

Here’s The Best Gift Idea & Souvenir # 1 & 2

BOOK A SPECIAL DINNER AT A RESTAURANT OR BAR. This is it! YOURSELF to meet and greet your old high school buddies/friends face to face. Reminiscing your past happy memorable high school days, having dinner with each other is a big deal of happiness.

Sharing your past and present life is a bond between you as friends for life.
This is truly an amazing high school reunion!

Don’t you think?


I wish to hear your high school memories or if you ever attended one of your high school reunions. Please leave it in the comment section to share.

Thank You,



Top 7 Gift Ideas for Overweight Children

Overweight children are becoming rampant here in the western part of the world. If we do not watch for our children’s diet they will end up obese or so have health problems then ending up with another problem or complications. In other words, it is harder to manage when they gain more weight.

“Prevention is better than cure” a slogan in one of the countries I have been.

As our children grow, parents need to watch and pay more attention to what, when and how children are consuming food. The choice of food, the amount and of course the quality of food eaten by the child.

Most of us are aware that one factor is eating junk foods, this plays a big role in gaining weight. Let me asked you, what’s in your pantry? Foods and other supplies for the whole week. Do you think chips, sodas or juices are a part of the supply to stock? These are just some questions to ask ourselves. To help children who are overweight in our household, our goal is to discourage them not to start eating junk foods but to have a healthy start in life. And it starts with a healthy diet, good habits and does physical exercise.

Choosing gift ideas for overweight children is quite an odd selection of topic. For me, this is the way how I want to inform other parents and make them aware that they are not alone. I wish to emphasize the relevance of keeping an eye to what’s going into your child’s mouth. Their snacks and lunches at school. Having to eat their greens, fruits and hydrating themselves with water but not soda. Children grow and learn new things every day.

I have a son, he is a regular built just last year, I have not been paying attention to what I put in my pantry and there he goes, he just takes and eats it. After 6 months or so, I noticed that he had become plump. After one year, we visited the doctor’s clinic for an annual check. The doctor confirmed that he was overweight and needed to shake off some of that belly fat.

I am shaken and worried. How did I not even tried to stop the bad habit of eating junk foods? He is only 10 years old, I thought to myself that if this continues, he will have health problems and of course a lot of scary thoughts going on in my mind. My son and I have a heart-to-heart talk, and with the whole family to help him. He promised to give up chips, fewer sweets. He is working on eating fewer carbohydrates like bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta.

Gifts for overweight children really requires a good selection. Consider his activities (home and school) whether a passive or an active activity. We do not want gifts that encourage weight gain like; video games or something that is stationary in nature (sitting).

Children have no control of it, so it is left to the adults to remind, educate and give them the appropriate healthy and nutritious foods. Also, reminders to help with the tasks to do household chores, exercise, and walking or doing things that require moving of their body but not stationary.

Let’s start with the Best Gift Ideas:

Gift Idea # 7

Toys or gadgets that are physically interactive or requires moving EI Remote control toy cars, airplane toy remote controlled. Kites, this needs a running movement to make it fly. The child lets him/her run against the wind to fly the kite. That is certainly fun!

The child runs without even knowing but having fun playing the kite. Burning calories unknowingly while doing exercise.:)

Hula hoops! Boys and girls can use these. Body twisting or movement is required to play these toy. I love it.

This hula hoop is not only for children but for adults as well. It is a challenge to use for first timers but you will learn it eventually. It is physically exciting and exhausting to play with but full of fun. Your body twists and keeps rolling that hips, the hips is where is supposed to keep the hula hoop going and going around your body 🙂

The whole family will definitely enjoy playing hula hoop, consider this, as a time well spent with your family.

Gifting these type of toys will also encourage them to enjoy outdoor activities but not only watching or playing video games.

Gift Idea # 6

Bicycles. This is one of the best gift ideas for children who are overweight. Parents are the models of their children. Biking around the neighborhood is a good way to bond with them.

Passing and stopping by the children’s park is one way to use his or her muscle to the monkey bars or the play structure. Your companionship, being with them and seeing them do things that they want to show you, uplifts your child’s confidence and proud of it.

As a parent myself, l support and guide them (sometimes with a fight:(), whew! sometimes it is called tough love!

Riding your bike is an outdoor activity, a helmet is a must-wear for the child’s safety. In some parts of Canada, it is a by-law to wear helmets when riding your bike, roller skates, skiing etc.

Gift Idea # 5

Skating Shoes, Roller skates, Skating boards. These sports wares are either indoors or outdoors. These are also exciting and enjoyable fun sports.

At school, students are encouraged to join any sports they are interested in. And at winter time, children go out during recess time, to take a walk or breathe fresh air.

To lose weight and not being overweight affects their mood, behavior and most especially their self-esteem. To reach and maintain the age weight or appropriate weight for them boosts the child’s confidence and self-esteem improves.

Gift Idea # 4

Shoes with roller wheels called Heelys Shoes

These pair of shoes are popular with those boys and girls who are growing up, it is pretty and cute to look at to be worn by his/her growing feet. It looks comfortable and so simple to walk on with the wheels at the heel part of the shoes.

By having these heelys shoes this encourages the child who is overweight to do some activity outside and not only staying inside playing video games and to watch movies or do passive activities. He may not lose the weight but that will encourage him and strengthens his muscles.

Well, let’s just think of the purpose why we are gifting this kind of gift. You have a double purpose, it is for him to enjoy and have fun while losing weight. So, it is a win-win situation! 🙂

Gift Idea # 3

Enroll him or her in sports or lessons of interest like; Taekwondo, Soccer, Basketball, Gymnastics, and others

Like, Taekwondo, this takes probably 45 minutes -1hour training and 2 to 3 times a week. This is one best gift idea for children to lose weight while enjoying their sports of interest. It is also one best way of utilizing their energy.
Through sports, it promotes positive traits in children. Integrity, loyalty, good behavior, compassion, teamwork/team building, sportsmanship and strong spirit! In sports, the child could also develop and set and/or start their own goals wetware in life or career.

Gift Idea # 2

Wii Sports, Just Dance Videos, Fit Bit Android Watch

Wii videos have been around for a while and I believe you own one or you are planning to get one. Wii has a lot of features as well. Playing this game also requires you as a participant to move or act constantly to be in the game.

This is a physical interactive game which your child plays while having fun. The whole family can pitch in and will certainly have the fun way to the moon!

I included Fit Bit Android Watch because this also allows the child to monitor vital signs and other features like heart rate, pulse, calories count, pedometer and so on. It is one way for the child to be taught the responsibility of taking good care of his health.

Gift Idea # 1


The camera is my number 1 gift idea as this opens up a lot of interesting behavior and characteristics of a child. What I mean is, you may see how your child sees, interacts, interpret or feels towards things and other people.

Owning their own camera gives them a sense of purpose, passion, and self-discipline. Also, when taking photos, the child won’t just be sitting but will move constantly. Taking photos is a good way for the child to walk, explore and be alert at all times to be able to photograph good images or to take your picture!

This is one of the best gift ideas I have compiled for my readers to enjoy and just have some ideas.

In closing, our children’s safety and their health are always our priority. Let’s be sensitive to their needs and pay close attention to what is not good that sways their attention. And, guide them to decide and come up with a better choice.

I do also have a suggestion, look for a book about weight loss for children that may also give us, parents, on how to follow up with children’s progress in a healthier way.

Wise decision or choice leads to lasting positive attitude and good health.

Any thoughts you can share? Leave it in the comment section below.


Thank You,


*Disclaimer: This post is only the thoughts of the author and her alone. It does not intend any harm. Thank you.

Top 10 Best Gift Surprises To Mothers

“God could not be everywhere so He created mothers” Jewish Proverb.

A quote from Mother Theresa, ” Some people comes in your life as blessings. Some come in your life as lessons”.

Best Gift Surprise #1: YOU!

YOU, and you and you!

Have you seen your mother lately? or if you are living near her, have you told her that you love and miss her?

Your mother will be awestruck upon learning that you are going to see and visit her.

Or better, surprised her:)! Just bring the basics, a bunch of her favorite flowers, a bottle of wine for you and her to share, and perhaps a date to you memorable restaurant.
Cake! my son blurted out a “cake”. Yes, she needs that sweet deliciously & freshly baked cake to celebrate. Also, to have you and her is a surreal grateful feeling and a blessing.

Best Surprise # 2: Plant

Plant. It is a live plant, you know her preference and favorite plant or flowers. Something for her to nurture and care every day is perfect. She won’t get bored.

A mother put her children’s interest first before hers, it rarely happens the reverse. Mother is always a mother!

Gifting her a plant is one perfect idea.

Best Surprise # 3: Purse/Bag

Purse/Bag. Accessories are very important to women at all times. It is one of the greatest inventions of mankind that benefits all of us, men, women, and LGBT. Without purse or bag, it ends up in the pocket or none…lost!
Perhaps, a designer purse for your mom is an excellent idea and if your budget allows it. If not, a beautiful wallet or a coin purse will be one of the gift ideas. Couple it with you made up simple surprises like preparing and serving her favorite breakfast/ meal. She will love that simple but surprisingly sweet gesture from you.

Best Surprise # 4: Jewelry

Jewelry. This is one of the most popular Mother’s gift. I am thinking of not including on my list but my other side of me says to write it on, so here it is.

Mothers are always grateful for whatever you gave to her. Also, to personalize the jewelry you are giving is even more exciting. Let say, engraved her children’s name or grandchildren name, birthstone or initials, favorite mother’s quotes, and/or a simple “heart shape”.

Best Surprise # 5: Cellphone

Cellphone with a case. All over the world, this is the most popular gadget used. A cell phone is an almost must-have for people but a must have to our mothers. I know that your mom has one or two but an outdated version. Why not update her cellphone :)?

Yes, update it to a newer version. You can show her and catch up with this fast-paced generation of technology.

Also, it is good to connect and get in touch with her often. If you are living a fair distance away from her, you both can use a video call using her cell phone.

Best Surprise # 6: Travel

Book her to travel or send her to a gate away short vacation. You already know what I mean!

She will grab her stuff any minute to travel. That’s what I am feeling right now seeing this view! There are travel agencies who can assist you to get the best deal packages for you dear mother.

Best Surprise # 7: Camera

Camera. I always thought of these small gadgets for this is a basic need for traveling. It is easy to pack, to keep (just takes a small space in her table or closet). Not only for traveling, but for any time used to capture memorable moments.

A video cam might be also a good idea for a surprise gift for her, why not. This is not so popular as cellphone has its own camera and videos as well.

Best Surprise # 8: Book

One of the best mother’s day gift is her favorite book. You may find you mother in good mood for her favorite author or a bestseller book of her interest.

An e-book is also a surprise gift idea.

Best Surprise # 9: Laptop or a Tablet

Laptop or a Tablet. This is one unique gift for a mother on Mother’s day. She’ll be thrilled and euphoric when she opens and sees her gift. She could bring it with her wherever she goes.

I have a hand me down laptop that I am using at present and I have to run the cleaner so it will smoothly work better and faster. So, just a heads up, make sure you install a cleaner that will automatically clean the laptop whenever it is scheduled.

Here comes one of my favorites!

Best Surprise # 10: Ticket to a Live Concert/Opera

Ticket to a Live Concert/Opera. The Best mother’s gift also is to purchase a concert/ opera ticket to watch. Bring your mom to watch live a concert of her favorite band or singer! Mother always has their own specials, you may never know, but still, she has at least one hobby.

As a mother myself, I like good surprises. The simplest one always gets me emotional. Myself, I do not expect big or something fancy. But I do have my dreams that are left hanging or I put it aside for the reason that I have my obligation and my children’s needs as the priority. I believe most mothers feel that too.

Children to surprise their mother to watch her favorite band or singer perform live is a unique gift for a mother in a lifetime. It is a memorable enjoyment of her life. Perhaps, one check off from her bucket list.

Mothers are Created and Not Made!

What can you say? Leave your thoughts. Thanks.


Top 7 Electronic Gift Ideas of 2018

Presenting the Top 2018 Electronic Gift Ideas that will help you guys to come up with a surprise for your loved ones, friends, comrades or for yourself. The ranking of number is of your own choosing that you feel it is what you are for IT!

1. Wireless Headphone or Earphones

This is one of the basic and simplest best gift ideas for all ages except children ( parents can decide if their children are ready to use this kind of electronics). It has been improved and modified over the years to deliver the best quality product that you can enjoy thus still one of the best.

A wireless headphone is usually used when you don’t want any wire or cable hassles. One reason, for me, is Ido not want to disturbed somebody with the theatrically sound of what I am watching. It is easy to do the setup and to put on those headphones.

You can use your headphone or earphone when someone is sleeping & do not want to wake and disturbed that person with the loud music or sound. Also, when you are listening to a “secret” or confidential matters, you may use headphones. Doing any household chores, writing, or whatever you are doing, you use it to listen to your favorite music while you do your routine tasks.

Earphones: I like these, too. My son who’s 10 loves to put on this. He thinks it’s cool. I allow him to use so he could also listen to the music the likes. But, before that, I need to do what other parents do to find out first what he’s up to.

Both of these are simple gift ideas that are adorable and super easy to find. You can easily find in the store or just have to order online.

2. Dash Camera

Dash camera is made for our safety but not a luxury. I find this as one of the best gift ideas as it has its practical use and purpose. For the driver, this acts as a second pair of their eyes to prevent from accidents and definitely for safety issues.

Vehicles nowadays are most equipped with all of these new gadgets. You can self-install in your car if you do not have one that is built in or if it is defective, you can let somebody who knows will install it for you.

I think and feel that dash cameras will be a must-have to all vehicle one day in the coming future.

Keep in mind that these small gadgets but beautiful are one of the best gift electronic ideas.

3. Blue Tooth Beanie

Wow, I have not heard this until my son interrupted and suggested to me this gadget. He says “How about a Bluetooth beanie?”. I wonder & asked myself what could this be? It turns out to be the most super cool best gift ideas. Bluetooth beanie, I will get one for myself.

This is one of the coolest gift ideas that is simple but elegant. You will never suspect that it has a tiny electronics embedded in it. Finding the item might be a challenge but there is always a way! It is one of the gadgets you, adults, teenagers and for the seniors to definitely try.

You know, when the weather is blue, you could be entertained and kept solidly warm by wearing it. It has a double purpose. I am certainly getting this as a gift to one of my family this Christmas or birthdays.

Blue tooth beanie has also different styles, has removable parts so you could launder if it smells of sweat and something more.

4. Hair Blower/Dryer

This is one of the most popular best gift ideas to both man and women. I actually like to receive one of these and still have my 16 years old hair blower working, can still do the job it supposed to do. I may need a replacement for my hair blower anytime soon.

Dyson hair bower is a durable hair blower that is worth giving as a gift.

The other day, I was listening to a local radio. He just reported that a “young adult cooked a crispy chicken with the use of her Dyson hair blower”. I don’t know if this is true but honestly, this hair blower is a beauty and power.

Using this blower may speed up the time to hair blow and style your hair. Manual must be read and directions are to be followed for the safety of the user.

5. Bank Charger or portable power bank charger.

You need to keenly look for what is compatible with the gadgets you have. These are excellent best gift ideas for its use. It is light, sleek and easy to pack, you can bring it anywhere you travel. This is one of the must-haves if you travel frequently or if someone is forgetful to charge their own mobile or electronic gadgets.

It is perfect to use when your small gadgets are out of power. Having a spare to use is sometimes a lifesaver or I must say IT is a lifesaver. But before packing it, you must have to check if it is charged. That is why it is called power bank.

Having it with you means that you have a reserved power at all times. And that is one less worry.

6. Vacuum Robot

This is like having extra hands or a house helper to do all the vacuuming in your house. There is a timer to set and off it goes to do the sucking of the dust. It needs charging though before doing all the vacuuming task around your living room.

A remarkable housemaid we have in town at present that does not complain and easy to manipulate:). It does not talk back either.

I know for sure, one of the best and coolest gift ideas to a mother, wife, girlfriend or to yourself. There are many types of robot vacuums in the market that you can choose from and of course, the prices vary as well.

This has been long enough to the market but much improved now with extra features and much safer to use.

7. Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless camera is a darling, it is light, smaller and has a better photo takes or images taken compared to a standard camera.

The best gift idea to a person who is fond of taking photographs as a hobby, family use & others.

One of my top wishes is to own one of this mirrorless camera. My daughter bought this camera and loves it. It is her gift to herself from her first job wage she had. She brings her camera everywhere and takes beautiful fine photos.

8. Other

Your choice!

Wireless Electronic Cellphone Charger. Isn’t it great? You don’ t need to plug your phone, you can just put it on top of the charger. Life is getting better, and people are very innovative. New ideas are popping out everywhere. It is really exciting for people to try it out. One of the best gift ideas I have in mind.

Cat Eye Stainless Road Stud. These are stainless road stud to use at night. Neon lights are charged naturally by sunlight. Soon as dark hits, the neon lights automatically light up each night up to 10 hours.

This is designed for safety when you are out of the road. These can be used also on a wall or fence that will reflect or lights up at night so vehicles or people will be cautioned. This is a unique gift idea.

Perhaps, I have mentioned this already from my previous blogs, Nintendo Switch.

This is perfect for growing boys or girls. It can accommodate one or two players and can switch to a larger screen (example TV screen). This has been a hit to teenagers but generally for all ages.

Here’s the Top 7 Electronic Gift Ideas This 2018.

It is all up to you what is your best bet to give to the celebrant. That’s all up to you… I have just laid options, cost wise vs trending vs needs vs quality.

Please leave your thoughts and I will get back to you!


Thank you


What Not To Give as a Gift

It makes it unique when you choose a suitable and individually chosen gift for that certain person you wanna give a gift. This gift you present to a family, friend or an acquaintance is well likely chosen exclusively for that person.

But, there are items or things that are not supposed to give. You, mind you will not approve it, too.

Let us start…

# 1 Never recycle your gift. Never re-gift it.

Doing this is an expression of not being appreciative or not acknowledging the goodness of the gift-giver. It is understandable that you may have this item already or you just hated it. Remember, the gift that was handed to you was specifically picked for you.

Thinking about it is impolite to re-gift.

I once received a re-gift item and I felt that the gift-giver is just doing it because she/he has to. You do not need to give gifts if you are obligated. People give gifts because they want to and they desired to give.

# 2 Never give gifts when you are having ambivalent emotions. 

Hold on, hesitant to hand out a gift because of the known or unknown reason is a moment that you will regret after.

Though at times,  gifting is done through reciprocity. 

Find peace in your inner self. Then, determine what the best gift to give to that person you are planning to or not to hand a gift.

Understanding many reasons for your momentarily gift ideas will lead you to the right decision.

# 3 Never hand a damaged good or a gift that requires obvious fix/repair.

Gifting goods that obviously need repair can be damaging as well to your reputation. May it be known by yourself or not has the same outcome.

Including a gift receipt with the gift item is excellent. The receiver can always go back to the store/shop to have an exchange or switch to other goods.

# 4 Never hand a used item, goods or gift unless that item has a sentimental value for that person.

Yes, some people do this. The giver gifts a family or close friend something that is old but carries a meaningful and memorable event to the life of that certain person.

Though gifting is an act of giving, love or sharing, put yourself as a receiver & how will you feel to have handed a used gift.

Used gifts are not gifts at all. The giver is branded as being thrifty or whatever you call it.

# 5 It is called an unwanted gift. 

These are gifts that the receiver does not need or does not want it ever.

The receiver may put it in the garbage, donate to charity, give it away and some may re-gift it (no, no, no).

Regifting is # 1 not to give as a gift.

In Conclusion

Gifts are willingly given to someone without expecting a payment or return. A gift is given to provide happiness, excitement or a smile to that person. Though at times, a gift is reciprocated.

Gifting is done to because you enjoy to give, share your wealth, spread love, establish friendship and, it is a tradition or custom.

You, the giver have the intent of giving.

Any ideas to add? Or any experiences that you want to share? Drop me a line to the comment section and I will gladly share it. Thank you.